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Quick Hits will be concise snippets of articles/news with a “smidgeon” of commentary…then on to the next Quick Hit.


Turkey’s Erdogan Turns On Trump Administration

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The honeymoon between President Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodgan appears to be coming to an end.

In a blistering speech on Thursday, just two weeks after meeting with Trump in the Oval Office, Erdogan aired a lengthy list of grievances against the Trump administration.

According to a translation provided by Washington Hatti, a U.S.-based Turkish news site, Erdogan complained that the State Department recently decided to bring an end to an annual event celebrating Ramadan, the Islamic holy month. He also blasted the administration for refusing to extradite Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania.

Erdogan, a former political ally of Gulen’s, accuses the imam of masterminding last July’s failed coup attempt…



Never mind that Turkey and Erdogan are feigning to be upset over what an American President SHOULD do.

Never mind that Trump is boorish, bullish and egotistical even in doing something right he finds the most wrong way to do it.


Never mind any of that.


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The real problem is THIS:

The powder-keg that is the Muslim and Marxist dominated middle-east has just become more volatile.

Consider the unrest and turmoil ALREADY in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and now add Turkey.

Russia, China and N. Korea involved in this toxic stew only adding intrigue and more multi-faceted danger…of a WORLD WAR III level.

Toss in that Trump is as much a real Leader as a  drunk, blink ape on PCP, constantly alienating our allies and cozying up to our enemies…and stirring up unrest here at home…

Let me just two things:

  1. We REAL Conservatives WARNED YOU,
  2. This will NOT end well.


So, unless Trump and his cabal of Ruskie-ites is arrested and removed post haste get ready for WWIII.


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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