Gun Logic, 2nd Amendment Style

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This was first posted as a Tweet-Storm on Twitter by a independent, Patriot and Investigative reporter:


Socialist/Marxists are ALWAYS violent: Oswald was Marxist, Sirhan Sirhan (Palestinian), Lenin, Stalin (Great Purge), Mao, Guevara, Castro /1


What makes #ScaliseShooting any different? Maybe the fact that the shooters wife said he left 2 months ago…when the news wrote this? /2


Maybe because he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter…Who Honeymooned in Communist Moscow in ’88? Who backed the Sandinista’s in Nicaragua? /3



Who’d have ever thunk that some Marxist with no moral compass would be so worked up over an opposing view that they’d shoot up US Reps /4

Image result for liberals who were murderers

He didn’t purchase an M-4 Rifle from VA and go though VA background measures…because he came from Illinois./5

Don’t mistake my position:Didn’t vote Trump. But the “Trump Hate” was simply Rabble Rousing Ejection of Violent Sanders Protests at Rally /6

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This was a symptom BEFORE Trump. Baltimore, Ferguson, all ratcheted up by Marxist Left simply to set the stage of unrest- Cloward & Piven /7

It’s slowly becoming fever pitched. Until BOTH parties decide 2 promote unity N support of AMERICA & not special interests, it’ll continue/8

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The Democrat Party of JFK is Dead. The Democrat Party of Marxism and Muslim Brotherhood subversion is its replacement /9

I wasn’t born and raise a global citizen, on par with Venezuelan and Cuban Socialists. I was born & raised an AMERICAN /10

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The Beacon an example of Freedom to other Nations. They can follow OUR example! We don’t follow theirs. #AmericanExceptionalism /11

If you want idiots like Hank Johnson Or Shelia Jackson Lee making life choices for you as they live high on the tax hog, you’re a moron /12

But if you want the abiliy to carve your own path to success with MINIMAL Government intervention, you’ll see why I believe the way I do /13

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A civil society cannot exist without a conscience. A republic cannot survive without virtuous citizens. THATS what we look to “Conserve” /14

The “Conservation” of values and principles that the Founder’s not only understood were inherent, but essential to a Republic /15

If you lack these traits or plain out reject them, it’s YOU who are the problem and the reason for the current crumbling of society FIN /16

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Image result for liberals who were murderers



Image result for liberals who were murderers



 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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