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“Leading The Charge” is a new ministry endeavour that takes a literal and originalist view of The Bible and America’s Founding Documents and 1) sets the standard, 2) is proactive, rather than reactionary.

The R.O.E. :



  1. This will be a setting forth of Principles and Values supported by quotes, facts, evidence from history, evidence from science, and evidence from eye-witnesses. As such if anyone honestly disagrees, then set forth the reasoning supported by countermanding facts and evidence. Any and all disagreements NOT rooted in facts, evidence, reason, quotes…to support it will be summarily and duly ignored as the foolishness that it is.
  2. IF a disagreement, even based on facts and reason, descends into nothing but petty sniping, silliness, name-calling, flame-baiting and otherwise being a “spam troll” then your line of reasoning will be summarily and duly ignored as the foolishness that it is. NO exceptions ever. We can, and I do use humor to make a point, but silliness is any attempt to obfuscate and muddy the issue and derail the discussion, and will NEVER be tolerated.
  3. A man must know his limitations. Stick with what you know. Stick with what is knowable. Don’t make authoritative statements based on opinion, conjecture, or flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. Opinion IS opinion. And should be presented as such.
  4. NO off topic rabbit-chasing. Stay on topic. If you have a question or comment not on topic, start a discussion for that elsewhere, or ask for it to be started in another discussion (later) here. I enjoy humor and kidding around. Do it plenty. But “Leading The Charge” is reserved for honest and serious discussion. remember that as you reply and post. So while the use of humor to make a point is fine, this is NOT a comedy club.
  5. Lastly, because this is a Biblical-Christian and Constitutional-Conservative site: NO PROFANITY. NO NUDITY. NO PORN. This should not even need be stated in a polite society, but we do NOT live in a polite society so it IS stated and enforced fully.


  1. Biblical-Christian. Christianity as defined SOLELY BY AND WITHIN The Bible.
  2. Constitutional-Conservative. Conservatism as defined SOLELY BY AND WITHIN the Founding Documents: Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, The Constitution, and Bill of Rights, including the 11th Amendment.

For sourcing see:

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This Is Not Then


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A good friend, Christian, Conservative, and Patriot, and I were talking this morning about several crises/issues among which were:

  1. Why did any church/christian support Donald Trump that claims to be  Traditional, Conservative, Biblical Christianity?
  2. What would make otherwise long-time Conservative stalwarts of the Christian faith support, endorse and defend Donald Trump?
  3. IS there a such a thing as Conservative and Conservatism anymore? Yes. See links above.
  4. Is there a defining of  Conservatives and Conservatism? Yes. See links above.

In Closing And Summation.

Bank tellers and those who make it their job to work with money to be able to identify a counterfeit do NOT study all the various, different and ever changing means and types of counterfeiting. No. They study THE TRUE, THE REAL, THE ORIGINAL.

That is how we determine what is Liberal and Liberalism.

We become so well acquainted WITH TRUTH that anything NOT true is Liberalism.

Liberalism goes by many names and aliases, such as:










In short, what is NOT Conservative, NOT for Liberty, is Liberal, aka Tyranny.


This inaugural edition starts a daily issuance of articles that stays ahead of the curve and sets the standard.

Stay tuned….


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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