Leading The Charge: Vol. 3

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The Rules Of Engagement (R.O.E.):

How To Deal, Discuss, And Debate Liberals


  1. “A man has got to know his limitations”, a quote from “Dirty” Harry in the movie “Magnum Force”.
    Stick with what you KNOW.
  2. Have a working knowledge of the facts, quotes, evidence and such to set forth and validate your point and/or expose and obliterate the Liberal point.
  3. STICK TO THE FACTS, quotes, and evidence.
  4. Do NOT let the enemy choose the parameters and method of discussion/debate. NEVER let the enemy choose the ground that best suits them. And stick to rules 1-3 tenaciously.   
  5. Explain your position thoroughly and plainly ONCE.
  6. Answer whatever questions arise. BUT answer each question ONLY ONCE.
  7.  The point is to set forth a view/principle(s) that are right, work, and win. NOT get dragged down into an argument. ALWAYS STRICTLY FOLLOW RULES 1-3. 
  8. Always be studying, researching and re-studying your world-view, faith and core principles. LEARN from each encounter. What works with different people. And what doesn’t work, maybe doesn’t work at all. NO sense in having tools and weapons that are ineffective in communicating a winning, working and RIGHT view.  
  9. LISTENPAY ATTENTION to weaknesses and holes in the Liberal’s “reasoning” (such as it is). There are PLENTY of them, USE them tom YOUR advantage. When they make a false assumption, false statement, and/or attempt to jump and come to a false conclusion…USE THAT AGAINST THEM. Use what THEY say as a means to expose and defeat them with their own flawed “reasoning” and views. 
  10. When and/or IF they ever convert to Conservatism BE READY TO MENTOR/DISCIPLE THEM IN CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES AND VIEWS. Keep in mind they’re NEW to this and start where THEY are, NOT where YOU are, and lead them to where you are and where you’re headed.

There. That’s “The R.O.E. Debating Liberals”.

Stick to these rules ALWAYS and you’ll avoid being embroiled in useless, pointless, and worst of all, mind-numbing-migraine-inducing-eye-rolling talks that lead nowhere.


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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