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Is It Too Late?


This Series of Articles, chapters as it were, is brought on by the day in, day out defense of the indefensible, Little, Lying, Liberal Donnie El Trampo.

It begins and then goes summarily as follows:

  1. I am in a civil, yet serious discussion with other Conservatives, Patriots, many if not all of us are Christians,
  2. We are concerned and talking about the corruption and fraud that is DT, how he is NOT now, NOR ever was a (real) Conservative by any stretch of one’s fevered imagination,
  3. Then in pops someone who begins to defend, and deflect, and detour, with the intent to derail the discussion,
  4. These people are one of three nefarious groups: A) Genuine deluded TrumpTards, they are either deceived Libs or deceived Conservatives, but they ARE deeply and seriously deluded, OR they are B) Are Fence-Sitting/Smoke-N-Mirror /Stealth TrumpTurds, again from either Dem or GOP, who at least feign to be “undecided”, taking a “wait and see approach”, saying they’ll “criticise DT when he’s wrong- and support DT when he’s right; the singular, uniting trait both have always defend DT- always attack whoever/whatever is presented as facts and evidence against DT, OR C) The JPS, “Just Plain Stupid”,
  5. Facts, evidence, direct quotes from the horse’s mouth (or other end as the case may be) VIDEO even is proffered to show that: A) DT is a life-long Lying, Liberal, Fraud, Con-Man, with many ties to Putin and The Russian Mob that are ILLEGAL, and A CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY AND SOVEREIGNTY, and B) That the ties DT has to and with Russia that go back over 30 years,
  6. The inhabitants of the 3 groups listed in Point #4 then deny, excuse, say “everyone does it” (which IS a lie), or say “but Hillary/Obama/insert any other name would have been worse”,
  7. We Conservatives try to keep these TrumpTurds ON topic, stick TO the issue(s) being discussed, do NOT change the subject, do NOT deflect, or dodge, STAY ON TOPIC ,OR GET EITHER Muted or Blocked, in extreme cases Reported and then Blocked,
  8. The “DT Truth Deniers” refuse to stay on topic, refuse to present any smidgeon of evidence from a reliable, verifiable source, and continue their deflect-n-defend/smoke-n-mirrors campaign of protecting a lying, scheming, backstabbing, NY Liberal, and egotistical, Marxist Moon-Bat, DT,
  9. At THIS point we begin to Mute, Block, or Report and then Block the bone-headed, dense-as-a-fence-post, Liberal Drool-Monkey,
  10. And then wonder WHY can’t they either actually STAY ON topic in a discussion, AND use actual, credible FACTS?!!

The above has gone for a LONG time.

It was the S.O.P. of The ObaMarxist Cult, The Hitlery Cult, and, like all leftist, is now employed by Cult Trump.

I think I could speak for ALL Real Conservatives when I say the following, but let me simply speak for myself when I say:

I am sick and tired of Liberal jackasses carrying the water for even bigger Liberal jackasses who are hell-bent on destroying America, Our Constitution, Our Liberty, Our Prosperity, and Our National Sovereignty with ever increasing, ever encroaching Marxist, Big Government, Tax and Spend, Micro-managing Regulations, and sheer corruption and utter stupidity!



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“Well, what are you going to do about it?”

What I’ve always have done.

  1.  Present truth, facts, evidence, and reason to support WHY a) we need to 100%, utterly, and forever REJECT Liberalism/Marxism, and Big Government “solutions” b) to passionately and completely embrace Constitutional-Conservatism and Free-Market Capitalism, and Private Sector solutions,
  2. Pray,
  3. Educate as many others in Biblical-Christianity, Constitutional-Conservatism, Free-Market Capitalism, and “LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.
  4. And PRAY some more.

What I’m NOT going to do is:

  1. Back down from these blathering idiots defending, protecting, and promoting Liberalism,
  2. Quit presenting and proclaiming truth,
  3. Quit warning about the imminent danger facing America due to the strangling Liberalism we are battling,
  4. Shut up.

So, TrumpTards, aka LibTurds, aka Marxist Moon-Bats…you aint seen, nor heard nothing yet!

This is the first in a four part/four chapter series. The remaining three will be as follows:

  1. What I Fight AGAINST.
  2. What I Fight FOR.
  3. My Reasonable Expectations: A Biblical & Conservative View, (Some Twists Included).


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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