War For The Heart, Soul, And Future Of America, Pt. 4: Finale

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Today, July 31, 2017, on Twitter I saw and responded thusly to an article posted by my dear friend, and fellow Patriot, Solomon Grundy. The Twitter-Storm that followed has been on my heart for years. I had spoken to it before, and will link to them at the end of this article.

This will be a hard read for Liberals. It is they, and their principles, “values”, views, and  policies that KILLED America, wiped their feet and ass on the Constitution, and undermined every God-Given Liberty along the way. Liberals used our Constitution and The God-given rights and Liberties it codifies to daily smear,  lie about, undermine and supplant our Constitution and The God-given rights and Liberties it codifies. Libs wrapped themselves in patriotic jargon to destroy America…this began in 1913 with Marxist President Woodrow Wilson instituting:

  1. The Federal Reserve.
  2. The IRS.
  3. The Income Tax.
  4. The League of Nations.

Thus began the unmooring from The Constitution, and worse, from God.

Conservatives will have a hard time with this because we ARE Patriotic through and through. And we do not want to see that it may just be this bad.

The previous three parts:





WHAT Do I REASONABLY Expect Moving Forward?


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Here is the Twitter-Storm:

The article that Started it: 

Reince Priebus Helped Bring Us Trump, So Good Riddance To Him



Since The Clintons (at least) the Libs have used “Alinsky’s Triangulation” to defeat America/The Constitution. 1/

2/ The Libs set up 2 or more Libs that feign to “spar” with each other. It seems ugly…BUT WHOEVER WINS IS A LIBERAL.

3/ In the name of “fairness” Libs argue for OPEN Primaries, and then flood the RNC with DEM/Lib VOTES so as to nominate ONLY LIBS.

4/ Then they pretend to argue/clash over minor points all while STILL ADVANCING A LIBERAL AGENDA.

5/ With R.I.N.O.s it seems to take longer, BUT at the end of their term(s) America is MORE Socialist/Liberal than before, which IS their goal

6/ Recent examples: GHWB’s tax hike after saying “no new taxes”; GWB’s TARP and Bail-Outs, WHICH BHO CONTINUED. [NOTE: With Liberal Nixon we got the Marxist Minimum Wage, and Price and Wage Freezes, among other things, ALL of which IS Liberal.]

7/ ONLY when we get REAL Conservatives IN office(s) do we see this slowed, temporarily stopped, and reversed, which is NOT often.

8/ The Last Conservative we had was Reagan, who had a Dem/Lib Congress. He only slowed & stopped/reversed ONLY some for ONLY a while.

9/ Reagan out and GHWB & Clinton then reinstated/reversed much of the gains Reagan made.

10/ The key is that Libs may fight amongst tmesleves but STILL advance Liberalism. WE/Conservatives have been naive & gullible.

11/ We/Conservatives too often & for too long operated under the false view that all R’s were like Coolidge/Reagan…

12/ …when MOST R’s are like Nixon, Liberal. [NOTE: See also above.]

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  1. Increased funding for food stamps
  2. Supported and Funded EPA
  3. Formed OSHA
  4. Advanced Affirmative Action


13/ What do I REASONABLY expect in America going forward?

14/ I see NO ONE with the will, courage, AND Constitutional-Conservative principles/values to stop the Marxist March,

15/ Hence I see America becoming more & more Socialist/Marxist and the America of our Founders dies- VERY SOON. If not already dead.

16/ ONLY Divine & direct intervention BY God can save us. BUT do we have enough PRAYING people left who ARE praying?

17/ Apart from Divine intervention on behalf of God’s PRAYING church I see America dead in 3-5 years, if not so already.

8/ Libs reading this will scoff and poo-poo it. The Bible speaks of them,


19/ Until my LAST breath I will proclaim, defend and fight FOR BOTH Biblical-Christianity & Constitutional-Conservatism.

20/Fine The two are immutably intertwined. To BE a real Bible believer one WILL BE a Constitutional-Conservative, they are mirror twins.

Then, over the week-end, we see another death throe and hear another death rattle from the NY Liberal, blowhard, con man, fraud and liar- DT:

With One Tweet, Trump Dismisses Anyone Who Ever Helped Him Get Where He Is Today

I love reading about all of the “geniuses” who were so instrumental in my election success. Problem is, most don’t exist.  News! MAGA

When I read and study America’s Founding Fathers and Founding Documents and THEN look about me at the America we have today…IF we are not dead as nation already, barring Divine intervention from The Lord God of Heaven and Earth, we WILL be dead inside 3-5 years.
ONLY a MASSIVE move of states NULLIFYING un-Constitutional Laws and/or Secession will save those who want to be saved…and THAT will take Divine intervention on behalf of God’s PRAYING people.
I do not see this EVER happening.
Too much talk for too many DECADES…with way too LITTLE action.
I’ve made my preparations for my Heavenly home through faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and God’s grace and mercy.
I hope I’m wrong…but as I study the signs of the times I do not see anything but judgment, slavery, tyranny, chaos, and destruction to soon begin, see:

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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