The DT-Russia-Putin Treason-Collusion Story Is NOT Going Away: UP-DATED

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Image result for Trump-Putin Ties

No matter how DT and his Hard-Left Cabal of Marxist Morons try to defend, deflect, ignore, and deny there is any wrongful, and illegal ties to Putin-Russian Mob…not only is the research and reporting NOT going away, BUT the scandal and cloud of treason GROWS!

WITNESS just these three stories alone! [NOTE: Each article has a link to full and original source.]



The Trump-Putin-Russian Mob Ties In 7 Charts


All of the Trump Administration’s Ties to Russia (That We Know About)

Now with more Junior!


Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump

Explore our updated, comprehensive Trump-Russia Timeline — or select one of the central players in the Trump-Russia saga to see what we know about them.


What prompted this was this Twitter Storm by Casey Michel:


A couple quick findings from ‘s bombshell report on Russian social media operations during the US election:

Photo published for Russian journalists publish massive investigation into St. Petersburg troll factory's U.S. operat...

Russian journalists publish massive investigation into St. Petersburg troll factory’s U.S. operations

03:28, 17 October 2017


1. The social media accounts run by Russia’s troll factory reached some 30 million people each week during the height of the 2016 campaign:

2. About 100 unwitting Americans were paid to help stage some 40 events across the U.S., organized by these Russian social media accounts:

3. The main topics targeted by these Russian social media accounts included racial animosity; see , and Texas secession-

4. One of the fake Russian accounts the  focuses on is BlackMattersUS, which    broke last week:

Photo published for EXCLUSIVE: Website targeting black Americans appears to be elaborate Russian propaganda effort


5. One of the fake Russian accounts saw its tweets work their way into stories from Yahoo, Al Jazeera, Business Insider, BBC:

6. Many of the largest fake Russian accounts have been identified so far, but has identified a few more – these are the accounts focused on race:

7. Among the largest fake Russian accounts focused on politics, the “Army of Jesus” and “South United” accounts hadn’t been previously reported:

8. Fake Russian social media accounts even targeted Native Americans:

9. And while it hasn’t gotten much attention thus far, Instagram (in red) was just as abused as Facebook and Twitter by these fake Russian accounts:

10. The most popular Twitter account identified as Russian by the RBK investigation was , which had previously made its way into The Daily Beast, HuffPo, Fox News, Vocativ, etc.

SPREAD THE WORD. was suspended for no reason! is the backup account. RETWEET this and give them a follow!


11. And for , I wrote about what it was like to follow one of these fake Russian accounts since early 2016: SOURCE

12. Coda: Russian operatives tested out organizing protests in the U.S. via … free hot dogs in Times Square.

13. Last month, Trump publicly thanked a Twitter account that said it was run by the folks behind what we now know are Russian accounts:

14. Here’s Posobiec celebrating the return of a fake Russian Twitter account:


15. . deleted the tweet, but here he is cheering the return of that Twitter account revealed today as Russian: SEE ABOVE. ^^^


Photo published for Trump personally thanked fake Twitter account linked to Russia

Trump personally thanked fake Twitter account linked to Russia

The account, which was suspended by Twitter, received public thanks from the president.





While DT is engaged and embroiled in scandal after scandal the world is still menacing and threatening US…and DT is ONLY aggravating it and make it worse!

Witness this:

North Korea: Nuclear War May Break Out ‘Any Moment

Official says diplomacy not an option until missile perfected

By Rob Quinn,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 17, 2017 4:23 AM CDT
Updated Oct 17, 2017 5:57 AM CDT
The nuclear-powered submarine USS Michigan approaches a naval base in Busan, South Korea, amid North Korea’s nuclear and missile provocations on Friday.   (Ha Kyung-min/Newsis via AP)

(NEWSER) – North Korea had hoped for a nuclear-free world, the country’s deputy United Nations ambassador claimed Monday—but because of the “extreme” threat from the US, the country has been forced to become a “full-fledged” nuclear power. Kim In Ryong, speaking to the UN’s disarmament committee, warned that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is now so tense that “a nuclear war may break out any moment,” the AP reports. “The entire US mainland is within our firing range, and if the US dares to invade our sacred territory even an inch, it will not escape our severe punishment in any part of the globe,” said Kim, who warned that North Korea “possesses the delivery means of various ranges, including the atomic bomb, H-bomb, and intercontinental ballistic rockets.”

Kim said that until the “nuclear threat of the US is thoroughly eradicated,” Pyongyang “will never put our nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets on the negotiating table under any circumstances.” A day earlier, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that despite North Korean threats, “diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops.” A North Korean official tells CNN that Pyongyang hasn’t completely ruled out diplomacy—but before entering talks, it wants to perfect a long-range intercontinental missile capable of reaching the US East Coast. Sanctions, meanwhile, are still tightening: Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday that Moscow is cutting ties to North Korea to comply with new UN sanctions. (President Trump might visit the DMZ on his Asia trip next month.)

So, while we are facing THE BIGGEST bait-n-switch, smoke-n-mirrors, dog-n-pony show EVER to distract us the world is racing toward Armageddon.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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