“Where-the-Rubber-Meets-the-Road” Truth About DT’s ties to Putin and Russian Mob

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BEFORE we get into Flynn’s spilling the beans to Mueller let’s look at the DT pick of EXXON-MOBIL’S CEO for Secretary of State, where we’ll see that DT and Tillerson BOTH promised Putin that the U.S. sanctions would be DROPPED/ENDED if DT were elected…thereby freeing up $500,000,000,000 in Russian-Exxon OIL. Yes, a HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS IN OIL MONEY for DT-Tillerson-Putin and his Mob!

Did Putin help elect Trump to restore $500 billion Exxon oil deal killed by sanctions

Follow the money: Will Trump repay Putin by ending Russian sanctions and killing the Paris climate deal?

The “Russian hack news … is delegitimizing,” explained former George W. Bush speech writer David Frum in a recent article. The conservative Frum was famous for authoring Bush’s controversial “axis of evil” speech about the danger posed by Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.But it appears our democracy and our children have a new axis to worry about: Putin, Trump, and ExxonMobil, whose CEO Rex Tillerson — an extreme Russophile and long-time director of a US-Russian oil company — is Trump’s puzzling choice for Secretary of State.
I say “puzzling” because the long-serving Exxon employee (from age 23!) has no qualifications to be secretary of state — other than a history negotiating major oil deals with countries like Putin’s Russia, which in any sane world would actually disqualify him or at least force a recusal from all State Department dealings with Russia.But that puzzle disappears if we follow the famous dictum from the Watergate era for uncovering a tangled web of covert campaign acts: “Follow the money.” And perhaps another puzzle is also solved: Why did Putin take such a “fearful risk,” as Frum put it, to “mount a clandestine espionage and disinformation campaign on behalf” of Trump and against Clinton, “when Putin had every reason to expect that he probably would end up facing a President Clinton,” and a tremendous backlash.You can certainly make a plausible case, as U.S. intelligence agencies do in their bombshell new report, that Putin had plenty of motivation to interfere. He wanted to undermine the legitimacy of U.S. elections and a Clinton Presidency, he blamed Secretary Clinton for “inciting mass protests against his regime,” and he was angry with the U.S. for the Panama Papers leaks. Those leaks showed a $2 billion trail of offshore accounts and deals that traced back to Putin and his cabal of kleptocrats, who, among other things, were getting rich “trading shares in Rosneft,” Russia’s state-owned (i.e. Putin run) oil monopoly.

But a half trillion dollars to line their pockets and prop up the Russian economy offers a much more tangible motivation for team Putin to get Trump elected. And it was Tillerson who had made the $500 billion oil deal with Putin that got blocked by sanctions.

Blocking the deal did not just “put Exxon at risk,” as the Wall Street Journal reported in 2014. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow explained last month the biggest oil deal in history was “expected to change the historical trajectory of Russia.”…



DT and Tillerson had their sites on their “share” of half a TRILLION DOLLARS…as soon as the sanctions against Putin, Russia, and the Russian Mob were lifted!

Now to the more recent revelation by Michael Flynn to Mueller:

Flynn texted partners about nuclear plan during inauguration, whistleblower says

House Democrats say the whistleblower approached them in June, but Mueller asked them to not to make the information public until now.


Congressional Democrats said Wednesday they have evidence from a confidential whistleblower that within minutes of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, then-national security adviser Michael Flynn sent assurances to former business partners that a plan to build nuclear reactors across the Middle East was “good to go.”

Democrats on the House Oversight Committee said in a letter dated Wednesday that the whistleblower reported attending an Inauguration Day event with Flynn’s former business associate Alex Copson, the managing partner of ACU Strategic Partners.

The whistleblower said Copson gushed that Trump’s inauguration was “the best day of my life” because it meant his company’s effort to create a U.S.-Russia energy partnership in the Middle East, which reportedly would have included more than two dozen nuclear plants in the region, was moving forward. Copson said Flynn was making sure Obama-era sanctions, which he claimed threatened the nuclear project, would be “ripped up,” according to the whistleblower.

And the whistleblower said Copson flipped his phone around to reveal a text message he said came from Flynn describing the nuclear reactor project as “good to go.” According to the account, the whistleblower didn’t see the substance of the text but recalled seeing a 12:11 p.m. time stamp. At that time, Flynn was on the dais during Trump’s inaugural address.=======

Oh, another “thing” about DT’s Inauguration…remember the oft chanted, oft promised “Lock her up!”??????

Trump: ‘Very honored’ that Clinton attended inauguration




“I was very honored — very, very honored — when I heard that President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton was coming today. And I think it’s appropriate to say. And I’d like you to stand up. I’d like you to stand up,” Trump said, urging the Clintons to acknowledge the lawmakers and dignitaries in attendance.

“And honestly, there’s nothing more I can say, because I have a lot of respect for those two people,” he added.

And then on “60 Minutes” after DT was elected he said THIS about the Clintons:

‘They’re good people,’ Trump says of the Clintons in ’60 Minutes’ interview

…An enormous amount of the 2016 election cycle focused on Clinton’s email server, leading Trump to promise during the second debate that he’d appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the issue if elected president.He took a softer approach when Stahl asked him about it.“I’m going to think about it,” Trump responded. “I want to focus on jobs. I want to focus on healthcare.”

Stahl inquired about the “lock her up” chants at his rallies, which prompted perhaps the most surprising response of all.

“I don’t want to hurt them,” he said, referring to the Clintons. “They’re good people.”

Trump then promised Stahl he’d give her a definitive answer during their next “60 Minutes” interview….

Just like the wall, getting tough with China, deporting all the illegals, and repealing Obama-Care…DT LIED.

But you who support and defend-and-deflect for DT were warned by all of us, and by DT himself:

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So, the EVIDENCE, even confessions from DT’s own mouth, were ALL there for DECADES, aka PRIOR to his nomination, let alone his election…you were warned repeatedly- YOU CHOSE, AND STILL CHOOSE, TO IGNORE THE WARNINGS.

My question to you who still support Trump is this:

“Just how much do you HATE America? and why?”

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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