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This will be a posting of headlines, links, memes, evidence, and the like in a short, concise manner, followed with a “the trumpet blast” of truth, hence the article’s title.


Jeff Sessions has sold out Donald Trump to Robert Mueller

[NOTE: This is so good I will post excerpts, let it speak for itself, with minimal commetary.]

All along we’ve known two things about Jeff Sessions:

  1. He loves using the Attorney General job to carry out his racist agenda,
  2.  And his early recusal meant that he was never going to show Donald Trump any loyalty when it came time to protect himself.

That meant Sessions was always going to keep the AG job as long as he could, and then sell out Trump to Robert Mueller as soon as he had to. It turns out that moment was last week.

It was clear something was up last night when it leaked that Trump and Sessions had asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to fire FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, in an attempt at obstructing the Trump-Russia investigation. This meant that Mueller had Sessions nailed not just for famously lying to the Senate a year ago, but also for obstruction of justice. In other words, Mueller had Sessions nailed, meaning Sessions was going to have to flip on Trump – and he has.

Sessions gave a voluntary interview to Mueller last week which lasted several hours, according to the a new report from the New York Times today (link). The fact that the interview took place at all means that Sessions decided to cooperate. The fact that it lasted for several hours means that Sessions did indeed give Mueller much or all of what he wanted; otherwise the interview would have been rather short and Mueller would have instead hit Sessions with a grand jury subpoena. SOURCE

As we explained, Jeff Sessions was always going to sell out Donald Trump in the end to save himself. That part isn’t a surprise. But it’s a big deal that it’s happening right now. Mueller has managed to get Sessions on board with the prosecution before Mueller’s interview with Trump takes place. This means Mueller will go into that interview armed with far more evidentiary ammunition.


How many Trumpanzees have now been charged, indicted, and flipped?

Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman. CHARGED.

Rick Gates, one of Manafort’s business partners. CHARGED.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief of staff, and right hand man. FLIPPED

George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign adviser. CHARGED AND FLIPPED.

Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser. CHARGED AND FLIPPED.


Jeff Sessions has NOT been indicted- yet- and may not be because he preemptively went and VOLUNTARILY MET AND COOPERATED with Mueller…i.e. FLIPPED AND CUT A DEAL.

Watch for Jared Kushner and Donnie Trump, Jr. to be next.


Besides Flynn, Sessions, and Papadopoulos, who else has been interviewed and is cooperating with Mueller? Oh, just THIS GUY:

Breaking: Trump Panics As Mueller’s Secret Interview with James Comey Comes to Light


Probably the ONLY time DT was HONEST (other than when he expressed HIS TRUE feelings about certain countries calling them “Sh*tholes”) was when in an LIVE INTERVIEW admitted he fired Comey because Comey wouldn’t drop the Russian investigation…how’d that work for you “Dumpster Fire” Donnie?


When a porn star, or ANYONE (Putin) for that matter, have dirt on you they WILL use it to blackmail, and manipulate you into doing what they want, witness this:

Trump’s Porn-Star Scandal Just Took a Worse Turn

If the nation weren’t already in the midst of a historic crisis created by a mentally unstable racist traitor illegally occupying the office of President of the United States, the fact that he’s being blackmailed by a porn star would be getting bigger headlines. 

BREAKING: We just filed a complaint with the & alleging ‘s $130,000 hush money to Stormy Daniels is a violation of federal campaign finance law:


Mike Pence certainly didn’t help Trump out today, and in fact he may have been purposely trying to hurt Trump, when he made a point of denying the allegations – but that’s not the big story here. It turns out Trump violated campaign finance laws with the method he used for paying the $130,000 to Stormy Daniels.

Now a criminal complaint has been filed against him (Trump) by an activist group called Common Cause, and we’ve learned from past sex-and-hush-money scandals that this is where it gets ugly for him.

When John Edwards tried paying off his mistress years ago, he ended up facing criminal charges for violating campaign finance laws. Those charges ultimately didn’t stick, but as it dragged out in the court of law, it ensured that the scandal stuck to Edwards in the court of public opinion. Now that Trump’s payoff to Daniels is a criminal matter, it’s going to be around for quite a while. The criminal developments regarding the money will force it to remain in the news; the media will respond by focusing on the salacious aspects of it.


German Bank Rats Out Jared Kushner to Robert Mueller



A Florida Newspaper Just Exposed Trump In A Massive Tax Evasion Scheme



FBI Just Found $30M Money Funnel Into Trump’s Campaign – White House Panics


Mueller Just Uncovered Over 50 Checks Made Out To Trump’s Russian Contacts



Former Top FBI Investigator: Kushner Is ‘Criminally Exposed’ on Russia and Money Laundering




The SAME is true on Twitter. REAL Conservatives are talking issues and current events surrounding the FRAUD/LIAR/CON Trump…then the FAUX “Conservatives” show up. They begin to name call, post unsubstantiated lies, reject ANY THING that doesn’t fit their narrative, regardless of the MOUNTAINS OF PROOF given them. Then these phony-baloney “Conservatives” get mad, report US and we get suspended or banned.
NOT your propaganda. NOT your racist agenda. NOT your unfounded OPINION.
Jesus said: Ye shall KNOW THE TRUTH and THE TRUTH shall make you FREE.




Trump Groups Raised Millions, Then Paid It Out to Loyalists and a Trump Hotel



WASHINGTON — A pair of groups supporting President Trump say they raised $30 million last year, then spent tens of thousands of those dollars at the Trump International Hotel here and on payments to a few Trump loyalists like the former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and the former Milwaukee County sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., according to new campaign finance reports and news reports.

Of the millions raised, at least $1 million came from a coal company that has gained extraordinary access to the Trump administration to push for pro-coal policy changes.

The campaign finance reports shed light on a network of groups that were formed to support Mr. Trump, but have spent less than other groups bolstering his agenda, while steering money to the president’s businesses and his most ardent surrogates.

One of the groups — a “super PAC” called America First Action — spent nearly $33,000 at the Trump International Hotel, primarily on events for donors, and paid tens of thousands of dollars each to Mr. Lewandowski; Brad Parscale, a digital strategist for Mr. Trump’s campaign; and Katrina Pierson, a campaign spokeswoman. Those figures were revealed in a report filed on Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission, which shows that the group raised $4 million last year.

An affiliated nonprofit group, America First Policies, raised $26 million last year, according to a report by Axios. That group is registered under a section of the tax code — 501(c)(4) — that allows it to shield most information about its finances, including the identity of its donors…

…Republican operatives have grumbled that the amount the groups say they have raised have dwarfed the amount they have spent to support Mr. Trump’s political and policy goals during his first year in office.

Reports filed with the election commission show that the groups combined to spend about $3.2 million — just over 10 percent of what they raised — supporting Republican candidates in special elections, including former Senator Luther Strange and Roy S. Moore, who lost their bids for an Alabama Senate seat, and Karen Handel, who won her House campaign in Georgia.


A Primer on the Foreign Agents Registration Act—and Related Laws Trump Officials May Have Broken


April 3, 2017



Now, for a look at two wholly “unrelated” Lists:



Lastly, for now anyway…

Is Trump’s presidency finally becoming normal?

There seems to be something of an anti-anti-Trump backlash underway in GOP circles.

by Charles Sykes / 



…[Erstwhile and tentative supporters are saying]In his recent column, Brooks argues that it is “almost as if there are two White Houses.” There is the reality television White House and “the Invisible White House,” which is quietly effective “at managing around the distracted boss…aka Trump.”

Ironically, by raising questions about Trump’s basic mental fitness, the book (Fire and Fury, by Michael Woolf) has also encouraged some in the media to lower the bar for Trump [even lower]. At a meeting with congressional negotiators on immigration, for example, Trump was clearly unfamiliar with the details of his own position on proposed legislation. But, expectations were apparently so low for the president some reviewers passed over his ignorance and praised him for his coherence. [Meaning that they were just glad be wasn’t a babbling, drooling idiot.]

Here is the problem with that perspective: You don’t have to think that Trump is crazy or suffering from pre-dementia to recognize him as a dishonest, erratic, narcissist who is demeaning the presidency and potentially rendering conservatism toxic for a generation. We absolutely should beware the kind of mindless oppositionalism that lowers our intellectual and journalistic standards.

But to regard Trump’s presidency as normal, or something approaching normal, conservatives would have to ignore:

The president’s many rationalizers would like to believe that objections to Trump are merely matters of taste or style or the president’s “personality.” But as this list (which is hardly comprehensive) suggests, the objections are far more serious. Even with tax cuts and Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, the Trump presidency continues to pose a moral, political and perhaps even existential challenge to conservatives. That has been true from the beginning and there is no sign that will change anytime soon.


Let me sum this up, IF possible:

  1. Trump IS, above and before ALL else, a life-long NY Liberal,
  2. Trump IS a racist, ONLY position, power, $$$, or heaps of flattery get him to see beyond color, nationality, creed, and religion,
  3. Trump IS a pagan. Imagine a 70 year old telling THE LORD JESUS CHRIST that he has NEVER thought, believed, said, or did ANYTHING wrong that he NEEDED to EVER ask FORGIVENESS for NOR repent of!!
  4. Trump has ONLY ONE Core “Principle”: What’s in it for me?” ALL ELSE, as HE has said he is “totally, very, very flexible on”. That’s why DT can say he’d nominate HIS Hard-Left, Ultra-Pro Choice sister to THE SUPREME COURT, and then say he’s “pro-life”. It is simply a matter of WHAT will make “Captain Chameleon” fit in and get HIM what HE wants at the time.
  5. Trump, hence, based on all the above, IS an incoherrant, lying, blathering, nincompoop, a bully, cheat, liar, fraud, con, and uber insecure, arrogant jackass.



So, as I prepare to go take a long, hot shower to wash all this “Trump” off me let me leave you with this:




HOW is such an unmitigated LOSER going to “Make America Great Again”???

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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