Things NOT To Do To Solve These 4 Problems

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Though humor will be employed in this lesson, this will still be a serious look at four of the “Hot Button” issues that are presently making the (same, tired) rounds again. Liberals, whether Dem or R.I.N.O., always trot out their repeatedly debunked straw-man arguments, engage in circular “thinking”; and then when they are, once again, confronted with such things as logic, reality, facts, truth, evidence, and expert testimony, they begin their (tired, weak) campaign of name-calling, cursing, and general demagoguery, ( which is an appeal to people that plays on their emotions and prejudices rather than on their rational side, a manipulative approach — often associated with dictators and sleazy politicians — that appeals to the worst nature of people, can you say #TrumpTrolls ).

Let us commence shall we.

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Things NOT to do to Fight Crime.

  1. “Have LOTS of “NO Gun Zones”. “ I use to be a thief, vandal, arsonist, and involved in many B&E’s…I, NOR ANY CRIMINAL, would EVER knowingly confront an armed person or and armed household. Criminals fear/respect one: thing violent, deadly force. AND NO criminal would EVER be deterred by a “NO Gun” sign! Contrariwise, a place, building, zone, or as in the case of Fort Hood, a MILITARY BASE, that is a NO GUN ZONE is a TARGET FOR CRIME! 
  2. “Have/pass laws that grant more rights and protections to criminals than to their victims.” To do so only emboldens the criminal/one contemplating a crime to ACTUALLY commit a crime because even if they go to court, they may get off with a slap on the wrist. And IF perchance they go to prison it usually is on a lighter charge and lighter sentence, and most view prison as “school”, a place to think and plan on how to commit crime and get away with, OR plot their revenge on the ones who sent them there.  Instead, make trial dates quicker, ONLY ONE appeal, after that DO THE MOST TIME POSSIBLE. And make prisons/jails PRISONS/jails again. NO more country clubs that the “bad widdle criminal” can’t leave! FORGET “rehabilitation”! That’s what churches, counselors, families, and charities/ministries are for. Prison is for PUNISHMENT- make it the worst possible. 
  3. “Ban Guns, or at least the “scary” ones, like AR15’s”.  THE 2ND AMENDMENT IS BOTH THE ONLY GUN LAW WE NEED, AND THE ONLY ONE THAT IS CONSTITUTIONAL. First, Criminals do NOT obey laws, not even the 1,700″+” anti-gun/anti-2nd Amendment laws we ALREADY have on the books. PLEASE, Libs, consider THIS: It is already ILLEGAL to: steal, rape, commit arson, assault, and murder. Those with criminal intent do NOT care about laws, and certainly do NOT care about your Liberal anti-gun “laws”. ALL laws that make it hard(er) for legal, law-abiding, peaceful citizens to get, have and carry a gun are on their face un-Constitutional, an act of TYRANNY, and 100% COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE. NO gun or ammo registration! NO bans on clips, ammo, stocks, or semi or fully automatic. WHY? Two reasons: Because legal, law-abiding, peaceful citizens do NOT and will NOT commit crimes, and Because CRIMINALS do NOT obey laws…that’s what makes them a criminal, being a law breaker. The ONLY things/laws that are Constitutional regarding gun laws would possibly be 1) background check (have a national-data base to see if someone is a druggie, insane, felon, or VERY ill-tempered and violent history), 2) Gun safety/handling class. Make them thorough, but quick.
  4. “Leave ALL crime fighting and self-defense to Law Enforcement.” Real Life Scenarios: An intruder breaks into your home…an intruder approaches you in an alley with a knife or gun, or club….you’re cornered by someone threatening assault or rape… DO YOU: call 9-11 (arrival time for LE is 20-30 minutes or MORE, a bullet is pretty dad burn QUICK)? wet yourself and stammer hoping they’ll leave you alone (actual Liberal advice)? get out your “rape whistle” (real thing) and toot on it? IF you chose ANY of the three things other than YOUR OWN SELF-DEFENSE…your dead.
  5. “Moralise every shooting as an opportunity to get on your soap-box and extoll life, children, and denounce ALL gun owners.” 99.99% of the time the same Liberals making the emotional plea to ban ALL guns are also the SAME Liberals with whom abortion is just fine and dandy. Emotions do NOT solve problems NOR save lives. I thank GOD for emotions, love them. BUT what IS needed, and what WORKS are practical, common-sense applications of logical, well thought out answers. Libs are good at cursing the darkness. Solution though? LIGHT A CANDLE OF REASON AND LOGIC AND DO WHAT IS PRACTICAL TO FIGHT CRIME, LIKE ACTUALLY PUNISH CRIMINALS AND NOT AN INANIMATE OBJECT.


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Let me close this part with this:

  1. A gun has NEVER killed anyone.
  2. A gun has NEVER injured anyone.
  3. A PERSON using a gun HAS killed and injured many countless millions of people through out history.
  4. NOT all killing is murder, (times of war, self defense).
  5. Since it is a PERSON using the gun that commits the crime punish the person: arrest, try, upon conviction lock up or execute the PERSON. QUICKLY.
  6. Allow ONLY ONE appeal. MUST be within 3 months of original conviction.
  7. AFTER 2nd conviction either LOCK UP, OR EXECUTE- that day.
  8. Dead people do NOT commit crimes- NOR do inanimate objects.
  9. Punish CRIMINALS- NOT inanimate objects.


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Things NOT To Do To Solve Our Economic Woes.

  1. “Tax your way to prosperity, keep raising taxes until prosperity abound via a robust economy, with everyone paying their “fair share”. ” Businesses can NOT hire more people, give them raises, benefits and retirement… IF Government keeps taking more and more $$$ via taxation. Here’s the REAL break down on taxation: The Top 1% pay 33.89% of ALL taxes. The Top 5% pay 53.25% of ALL Taxes. The Top 10% pay 64.89% of ALL taxes. The Top 25% pay 82.90% of ALL taxes. The Top 50% pay 96.03% of ALL taxes. That was in 2003, SOURCE . BUT by October of 2017, just 5 months ago, The Top 20% paid 95% of ALL Taxes!! SOURCESOURCE .
  2. “SPEND our way out of debt. The Government keep “investing” OUR tax $$$ in public and private sector jobs/businesses, keep them solvent, and voila! They’ll “gain traction”, take off and the economy will be booming, and jobs created.” TRY to do THAT as a private citizen, or a family, or private business. SPEND, and spend, and spend, and spend…and one morning you just wake up and “BOOM!!” you are “somehow” out of debt. THIS NEVER works in reality. It CAN’T work.
  3. “The Government needs to get involved, to regulate and manage the economy and make sure the “Fat Cats” at the top don’t shaft the little guy and make money.” UGH!! 1] Name ONE business that government does BETTER THAN the private sector/free market. 2] Name ONE time that government meddled in the private sector/free market where it A) Created jobs? B) Lowered costs? C) Made a REAL profit? When government began getting involved in, aka MEDDLING WITH, health-care, insurance, and drug manufactures (Pharmacy) costs went UP, efficiency went DOWN, coverage EVAPORATED, premiums and co-pays went UP, and the waiting and referring TOOK LONGER. Government took over the passenger train business, WHY? Because from 1917-1070 the government was so regulating, micro-managing, taxing, and penalising the privately owned railroad businesses that THEY KEPT GOING BANKRUPT! So in 1970 Congress took over passenger rail service.What happened when government took over a formerly PRIVATE SECTOR/FREE MARKET BUSINESS THAT WAS DOING VERY WELL BEFORE GOVERNMENT?? Amtrak has NEVER made a profit, has ALWAYS operated in the RED, and has mediocre/poor service, LOSING OVER A BILLION $$$ A YEAR!! SOURCE . What other businesses have suffered or disappeared because of meddling government? Nuclear power plants. Coal (which IS clean and generates electricity). Oil and Gas drilling and production. And countless TENS OF THOUSANDS of Pop-n-Mom businesses.
  4. Lastly on this: Name ONE POOR person that ever created ONE job? ever hired so much as ONE person and paid them a wage they could live on? Name ONE POOR person who ever made capitol improvements to their business? I’ll wait…oh, and while waiting inform those with COMMON-SENSE that the POOR do NOT do those things, it’s the “eViL rICh” that create jobs, hire people, giver raises/benefits/retirement packages, and make capitol improvements that the business better, more efficient, and more profitable FOR ALL.  


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Things NOT To Do To Achieve And Insure National Security.

(The logic here will be similar to that used for anti-gun laws, only at a National level).

  1. “America needs to be the world leader and disarm first. If we set the example then other nations like Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, Pakistan, et al will disarm as well.” Senator Diane Feinstein has ACTUALLY said that if “legal, law-abiding, people would lay down their arms that the CRIMINAL would too”!!! Just as that is soooo NOT true for individuals it is NOT true for nations, WHY? Sit down for this: Because nations are made up by and ran by…wait for it…INDIVIDUALS. We MUST ask the questions: A) What makes a CRIMINAL a CRIMINAL? Many factors come in to play- upbringing, background, mental, emotional, and spiritual disposition among them- BUT it boils down to this: A CRIMINAL IS a person, persons, or Nation(via it’s leaders) that does NOT have any regard for law, and IS determined to BREAK the law…whatever it may be. B) What actually DOES deter a CRIMINAL and/or a BULLY, whether a person, group or nation? Words do NOT work. Criminals and bullies are NOT swayed, appeased, NOR stopped by MERE WORDS, that includes promises, bargaining, negotiating, or empty threats that the Criminal/Bully KNOWS you WILL NOT back up WITH ACTION. The ONLY thing that stops a criminal or bully IS FORCE.
  2. “America should NOT be the world leader. The solution for global peace is for a coalition of many nations working together to have peace and security around the world.” BUT…NOT so fast. The overwhelming MAJORITY of U.N. member nations are either socialist, dictatorships, Islamist, Communist, or some other form of authoriantarianism, SOURCEAs such this MAJORITY does NOT like, support, NOR in any way promote: Liberty, free/open elections, Capitalism/Free Markets, honesty in negotiations or treaties; NOR do they promote a free and secure Israel (actually MOST blame and denounce Israel, and want Israel diminished, even DESTROYED), NOR do they want a strong and free America (they often and openly advocate for a Globalist control of America, and One World Government/Governance…BY THEM!) . Does ANY real, serious, and honest U.S. Patriot-Citizen honestly think that such a rabble would have OUR “best interests” in mind?? People who IN their own nations want and HAVE some form and some degree of GOVERNMENT CONTROL are NOT our friends! They are OUR ENEMIES AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH! Notice how we/America SHOULD be the leader in becoming WEAK (disarmament), but should NOT be the leader in Liberty, Freedom, and true Constitutional governance. This by design- NOT an accident or “by-product” of the U.N.’s goal. WE/America SHOULD always advocate for LIBERTY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, FREE/OPEN ELECTIONS, AND CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE WHEREVER A FREE PEOPLE CHOOSE IT.

Conclusion: To our many enemies, some feigning to be allies, we/America MUST BE strong, INDEPENDENT, Free, and moral/just. We MUST NOT BE weak, dependent upon others, especially the vast majority that WANT TO WEAKEN/DESTROY US, controlled, and degenerate/unjust.



Things NOT To Do Promote And Secure Life, Marriage, And Family.

  1. “Have legal and ‘safe’ abortions for any reason and any point during, or even shortly AFTER the birth of THE CHILD.” FIRST) America’s Founding Fathers codified the God-given RIGHT TO AND OF LIFE INTO CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: SOURCE . SOURCE . SOURCE . And let’s STOP the utter rubbish of “when does life begin?” or “when does it become human?” That IS Marxist GARBAGE and NO WHERE found among the thinking of America’s Founders, NOR of ANY rational, sane people! SECOND) Life as been defined by scientists/doctors BEGINS AT CONCEPTION . THIRD) And, of course, it IS HUMAN LIFE!! What banal, insipid, blathering drivel to say otherwise. Two humans have sex and CONCEIVE A HUMAN BABY, NOT an ape, chimp, dog, cow, skunk, BUT IT IS HUMAN LIFE, a human baby/child. FOURTHLY) “safe abortions”?!! HOW is it safe to THE HUMAN BABY to burn, chop, crush, or poison the child so it DIES?!! Remember: Words mean things. They are ALREADY CLEARLY DEFINED. It’s called a DICTIONARY. To cut to the chase, abortion is murder. Period.
  2. “Marriage is between any two or more consenting people, whether of same-sex or opposite, regardless of age. To define sex/gender is sexist and bigoted.” Um, NO, it is NOT “sexist or bigoted” to use DEFINITIONS for words that date back in every civilization to ADAM AND EVE. Yes, in most of these same civilizations one WILL also find sodomy, incest, adultery, fornication, pedophilia, bigamy/polygamy, bestiality, necrophilia, and other depravity. BUT those are ALWAYS evidences of moral decay, depravity and corruption, AND were soon followed by tyranny, slavery, and destruction, see ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, ancient Syria, the Hittites, the Hivites, the Philistines, Persia, ancient Greece, Rome, Nazi Germany, modern Europe, and now, America. EVERY society and civilization that strays from the Traditional definition and view of Marriage goes into depravity and slavery/destruction. EVERY. Again, words mean things.
  3. “Family can any number/group of people who consent to live together, whether related by birth, adoption, “marriage”, or just living together.” NO. Again: Words mean things. Family is ALREADY LONG DEFINED as: Husband/father+Wife/mother+their children (birth or legal adoption)= FAMILY. It is IMPOSSIBLE for ONE person to have children. It is IMPOSSIBLE for two people of the SAME sex to have children. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a person and an animal or plant to have children. Hence, those are NOT families. Those have traditionally, and historically been called: fornication, adultery, incest, rape, sodomy, pedophilia, bestiality, and depravity.

You may ask, “WHY include the discussion of Life, Marriage, and Family in the discussion of such ‘more important and vital issues like gun control, the economy, and National Security?”

Here’s WHY:

  1. Our Enemies think it’s IMPORTANT/VITAL to attack them, SOURCE . 19 of the 45 stated Marxist goals to weaken and take-over America are either direct or indirect attacks on Life, Marriage, and Family. A strong, independent, resolute America is a road-block that the entire world can not hurdle, so they MUST weaken us, they have a plan, THEY ARE SUCCEEDING.
  2. Weaken the Foundational Building Block of society=Weaken the Society. Meaning, the inability to resist ever encroaching Liberalism/Marxism; the inability to adequately protect ourselves, and eventually NOT be able to protect ourselves; the inability to protect and maintain Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness/Property.
  3. Let the above two happen and WE/America is NO LONGER free and Sovereign.

As for me, I am NOT willing to surrender LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness/Property to ANYONE ANYWHERE, ANY TIME- PERIOD. EVER.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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