Quick Hits: The PRO-2nd Amendment Edition

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Liberal Logic, such as it is, on display.

Humor will be used, but this will also be a rather comprehensive and hard-hitting, PRO-2nd Amendment article…buckle-up buttercup….it’s fixin’ to be a bumpy ride if you’re any kind of Liberal.


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By definition Conservatives are NOT criminals, especially NOT murderers. Conservatives by definition ARE law-abiding, strong Constitutionalists, very pro-family, pro-morals, and pro-Life.

It sickens me when the media, even some (so-called) “Conservatives” blame violence, terrorist attacks, and even war on “right-wingers”, “Right-wing extremists”, “Far Right”…when in FACT you examine the lives, views, beliefs, politics, and values of the perp they are IN FACT Liberal, usually Democrat. Historical note: It was the DEMOCRATS in the south that were PRO-SLAVERY and fired the 1st shot of the Civil War.

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Let me say that EVERY city and state with strict anti-gun/anti-2nd Amendment “laws” also HAS the highest CRIME RATES, especially VIOLENT CRIMES. Why?? Um, because CRIMINALS do NOT obey laws, THAT is the definition of CRIMINAL, aka LAW BREAKER. Duh!

Here are but a few of the facts pundits, politicians, and journalists continually fail to get right:

On automatic vs. semi-automatic firearms: 

An automatic weapon continuously fires rounds as long as the trigger is pressed and there is ammunition. Automatic weapons are already highly regulated and only legal to possess after obtaining approval from the ATF.

Semi-automatic weapons are more freely available and fire one round with each trigger-pull. Most modern guns are semi-automatic.

The “AR” in “AR-15” stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it, not for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” AR-15s are semi-automatic, and they use a common ammo type (.223). Rifles contribute far less to gun deaths annually than handguns.

The term “gun show loophole” is misleading and should be taken out of the media’s vernacular: 

What is frequently referred to as a “loophole” is, in fact, a private, intrastate sale. That sale can take place at a gun show, garage sale, or moving sale, and there is almost zero crime associated with such sales. However, any Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer at a gun show who conducts a sale of a firearm must complete a background check at the gun show just as if he or she were selling the firearm in an ordinary storefront.

The NRA:

The NRA is not powerful because of its money; it is powerful because it is supported by millions of Americans and promotes an agenda that even millions more support.

According to the NRA, the organization has 5 million members.

Elected officials do not change their Second Amendment views or sell their votes because of the NRA; Conor Lamb is a Democrat running for office who does not support new gun control laws — because his district does not support gun control laws.

And pro-gun Republicans do not only hold such views because of the NRA; their beliefs are so strong that even after Republicans were shot at last summer while practicing for a baseball game, their opinions on gun control did not change. “We all want to do what’s right. We just have different philosophical viewpoints,” said Texas Representative Joe Barton — who was present at the shooting of the Republican baseball practice, as was his 11-year-son, who hid under a car during it.

The NRA did not “help fund” the training of the Douglas mass shooter. The NRA donated funds to the U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program — whose members used the JROTC Kevlar sheets to shield students from gunfire and held the door open to let other students escape.

Bad reporting on guns should stop. 

When politicians and members of the media repeatedly get such basic facts wrong in one direction or fail to acknowledge the realities of gun control, it is difficult for gun advocates to believe that they don’t have an agenda.

Every news organization should employ, or at least consult, a gun expert, such as Stephen Gutowski at the Washington Free Beacon or Lois Beckett at the Guardian, in an honest attempt to reduce the spread of such misinformation and to restore credibility. Gutowski even developed and maintained a Google doc as a firearms resource for reporters to use.

Such behavior by those with significant platforms will improve the discourse around guns and will help to bring America closer to civil discussions on how to reduce mass shootings, which is the standard goal shared by all.



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America’s Founding Fathers would be screaming AGAINST The Marxist agenda to DISARM legal, law-abiding citizens, AND screaming for the swift imprisonment, and/or execution of CRIMINALS! A gun has NEVER hurt or killed anyone…EVER. People with evil intent DO THAT!


Trump’s Push for Gun Control Leaves GOP ‘Flummoxed’

Meanwhile, ‘giddy’ Democrats aren’t sure he’ll follow through


NEWSER) – In a televised meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers Wednesday, President Trump appeared to embrace gun control, with little concern for how the NRA might feel about it. Trump urged lawmakers, whom he accused of being too afraid of the gun lobby group, to revive a bipartisan bill crafted in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting by Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin III and Republican Sen. Pat Toomey; it failed to move forward thanks to a largely Republican filibuster at the time. Trump called for a number of measures widely opposed by Republicans and the NRA, including expanding background checks, allowing law enforcement to seize guns from people with mental illness, and increasing the minimum age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21. The New York Times reports that Democrats at the meeting seemed “giddy,” while Republicans were “stone-faced.” CNN calls the Republicans “flummoxed.”

Trump also suggested a ban on assault weapons should be discussed, and he said that he recently told NRA leaders, “It’s time. We’re going to stop this nonsense.” He also brought up ideas opposed by Democrats, such as ending gun-free zones around schools and arming teachers, though he acknowledged the idea was controversial and may not pass. His words at the meeting led to swift pushback from Republicans (“We’re not ditching any constitutional protections simply because the last person the president talked to today doesn’t like them,” said Republican Sen. Ben Sasse) and the NRA (the group’s spokesperson went on Fox News to decry a statement Trump made—”take the guns first, go through due process second”—about disarming people with mental illness). Democrats, meanwhile, may have been giddy (Sen. Dianne Feinstein “literally jumped for joy“), but also expressed skepticism that Trump would follow through.

The “humor” to get from this:

  1. The G.O.P. are “stone-faced flummoxed”. WHAT?!! What did they EXPECT from a Life-Long NY Liberal, whose propensity to LIE almost supersedes Satan’s!! DT has LONG called for, supported, and funded Ant-2nd Amendment/Anti-Gun laws! To be shocked proves to ALL paying attention that YOU either were NOT paying attention, OR YOU “thought” his recent verbiage was REAL CHANGE, just like on abortion, OR YOU are too stupid and gullible, aka DANGEROUS to BE in ANY office above that of “Chief Pooper Scooper”!!
  2. The DNC is “giddy, yet skeptical”. Well, at least the Dems are paying some attention. They seem to notice a pattern of bald-faced lying, fraud, and pandering with Trump. BUT the Dems seem to KNOW that even though Trump is back-stabbing blow-hard, that at Trump’s core beats a heart of HARD-LEFT SOCIALIST LIBERAL…so the Dems hold to the hope that DT will act swiftly while he is still in his “guns bad” mood.
  3. And lastly, the NRA (with Russia-Putin $$$ and help) did a LOT to make DT seem less reprehensible to Conservatives. They coached, babied, and covered for Trump. Got him elected. And have hoped to contain and control DT. BUT that is akin to diving into piranha infested waters with 30 paper-cuts…you will NOT survive.

The really “funny” part is that all three groups believed DIFFERENT LIES…each hoping that they could/can control and contain Trump to their own end. Only to find it being as futile as nailing Jello to a wall.

Truth be told, THIS IS a sad and scary indictment against the U.S. as a whole. How, WHY did we let ourselves as a nation drift so FAR FROM our Constitutional moorings that WE elect the likes of FDR, LBJ, NIXON, CARTER, CLINTON, OBAMA, AND NOW TRUMP. THIS says a LOT that is BAD about America.

WE NO LONGER as a nation know good from bad, right from wrong, Liberty from Tyranny. For way too long too many have settled for an increasing comfort in the government’s welfare state, rather than to take responsibility and be accountable for their own livelihood, Life, and Liberty.

UNLESS we make a 180 degree change in course SOON we will NOT even exist in 3-5 years, 7 tops.



Has any conservative org been more aggressively supportive of Trump than the NRA? Yet today he:

-Seemed open to assault weapons ban;

Scorned concealed-carry reciprocity;

Mocked Republicans for being afraid of the NRA;

-Advocated seizure of weapons without due process.



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Aaaaand protect kids with what then?!! Spit-wads? “No-Gun Zone” signage? Being sent to the Principal’s Office?!! CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS- SO YOU ARE GUARANTEEING MORE INNOCENT LIVES KILLED!!

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The ONLY God-given right codified into CONSTITUTIONAL LAW above the right to bear arms was FREE speech, FREEDOM of Religion, FREEDOM of the Press, and FREEDOM TO PETITION AND PROTEST. And that, and ALL OTHER RIGHTS, ARE PROTECTED BY THE 2nd Amendment! The 2nd Amendment was NOT given for hunting. But rather FOR PROTECTION, against criminals, tyranny, and any threat foreign OR DOMESTIC.

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God-given, inalienable Rights are NON-negotiable, can NOT be repealed, and any so-called “law” passed against them is 100% UNJUST, UN-CONSTITUTIONAL and does NOT need to be obeyed…PERIOD.


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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