Trump IS Stage 4 Cancer Killing America

National Security Officials: America can’t handle 7 more years of Trump



A former national security official told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that the country could handle three more years of Trump, but it can’t handle seven. (see video below)

Wallace said, “One of the former national security officials I spoke to if we’re going to make it, he said the country can handle three more, it can’t handle seven. There is growing concern this is not a sustainable level of turnover. This is too much time for people who should be in charge of the military, in charge of our spy agencies, in charge of cyber command, they’re spending too much time dealing with chaos and drama and not doing their job.”

The people who are issuing these warning aren’t experts in the private sector. They are former government officials. These warning that you see in stories in The Washington Post, New York Times, and on CNN and MSNBC are coming from people who have been there. Trump’s need for chaos and drama is harming the country. It is preventing the people who keep the country safe from properly doing their jobs because every moment of every day with Donald Trump is an endless stream of chaos and drama.

As Trump gets rid of the adults in the room, people in national security and the military are going to bear the brunt of Trump’s chaos. The government can’t handle systemic upheaval and uncertainty in the Oval Office.

The individuals who are watching our national defenses strain under Trump are warning voters that in 2020, they must make a change because the biggest threat to national security is Donald Trump.


Patriots, THIS is soooo NOT good.

We warned.

We educated, and continue to educate…armed with facts, direct quotes, evidence, video, eye-witness testimony…

We flatly reject the thinly veiled Liberalism that is passing as Trumpism, and some want to foist off as Conservatism, (NOTE: Trump, Trumpism, and Trump supporters are NOT Conservative one iota. They ARE racist, sexist, bigoted, hate-mongering, lying, cheating, corrupt, Hard-Left Liberals/Socialists, SEE HERE FOR PROOF .)

We STEADFASTLY maintained solid, time-honored, Constitutional-Conservative PRINCIPLES….

We Prayed.

We Voted, petitioned, protested, rallied, marched… 


We wait, hope, and pray that Mueller does a top-to-bottom, thorough house cleaning of ALL of the Trump-Putin collaborators…soon.


Cambridge Analytica is in new Trump-Russia trouble, and the Mercers are making panic moves


When Facebook issued an unprecedented Friday night press release announcing that it had banned Trump campaign data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica, it was a sign that the social network was trying to get out ahead of what it knew or feared what was about to surface about the firm. Sure enough, the next day, the New York Times published an expose connecting Cambridge Analytica, and its financial backers Robert and Rebekah Mercer, to the Trump-Russia plot. Now even more dirt is being reported, and the Mercers are making panic moves.

Major British television network Channel 4 News is preparing to broadcast an expose of its own into Cambridge Analytica and the behavior that got it banned from Facebook in relation to the Trump-Russia scandal. Just how much new dirt has Channel 4 News uncovered? That’s not yet clear, but the network did send someone undercover to catch Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Alexander Nix speaking openly about how the firm really conducts business, which suggests it’s a doozy. So how is Cambridge Analytica responding? By attempting to block the expose from being aired.

The Financial Times is reporting that Cambridge Analytica is working behind the scenes to try to block the Channel 4 News broadcast of the undercover report (link). Nix lacks the influence to even try to pull this off, which means that it can only be the work of one or both of the Mercers, the billionaire father and daughter who control the company.


Soooo, big time, big dollar Trump supporters are DEEP into the Trump-Putin Treason Cabal. Wow! Who’d have thunk it? That one gaggle of rich traitors attracted another gaggle of rich traitors?!! Surprised I am…not.

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My last entry in this write-up is this, a Twitter-Storm from a concerned, AND informed Twitter Patriot:

Here’s why firing is going to backfire on Donald Trump: 1. McCabe is a highly respected LE official. He will get his pension when a judge sees Trumps vindictive tweets.

2. When the subject of an investigation fires a witness out of spite, it strengthens the case.

3. Firing McCabe doesn’t stop the investigation.

4. There are still 35,000 FBI staff left. Firing McCabe in this way will only push them to work harder to investigate Trump.

5. Did I forget to mention other IC agencies? Yeah, expect more from them.

6. Trump can’t beat the IC.

7. Sessions passed this loyalty test, but he put himself in major legal jeopardy.

8. Mueller will just add this to his list of “Obstruction” and investigate.

9. McCabe planned for this (see how quickly his statement came out)? Dead man switch.

10. McCabe isn’t scared.

Bonus: This is a huge distraction from the Stormy Daniels case and the sh*t show that is the Trump White House. Don’t be distracted. Don’t lose focus. McCabe will be fine. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t fall for this trick. – Mueller – Stormy Daniels – Cabinet


Fellow Patriots, Constitutional-Conservatives, Christians, and just plain concerned Citizens…let’s all pray that Mueller eradicates this cancer from  America…SOON!

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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