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[NOTE: All definitions unless otherwise note are from the Conservative online Dictionary and Encyclopedia “Conservapedia”.]

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This 2nd part of “The Middle Way” article will lay the ground-work to look at and address several real world questions:

  1. WHAT is the common-ground that Liberals and Conservatives can via compromise agree on and then vote into policy/law?
  2. Does compromising with Liberals actually mean in real world application and results that Conservatives cave, i.e. surrender Conservative Principles?
  3. ARE Principles negotiable? Something to be compromised, bartered, bantied, and abandoned when “things get really bad”?
  4. IS there actual right and wrong? Liberals say everything is relative, negotiable, and, hence, open for compromise. Conservatives say right is right- period; wrong is wrong- period. That to get good RESULTS we must needs make decisions based on and rooted in what IS good and right. HOW can Conservatives compromise with someone who thinks that WHATEVER is just as right/good as anything else…as long as the Liberal goal is achieved/
  5. Liberalism is a world-view of Big-Government tyranny. Conservatism is a world-view of “Life, LIBERTY, and The Pursuit of Happiness”. WHERE, and WHY, do Conservatives then abandon Conservative Principles to compromise with someone that is wholly, and entirely opposed to their Conservative Principles?

These and other questions will be looked at as we proceed.


As catalogued and listed by Conservapedia Liberalism is defined thusly:

liberal (alternately called a left-winger or leftist) is someone who advocates an increase in government spending, power, and control, such as ObamaCare. Liberals often support the censorship and denial of biblical Christianity.[1] Liberals who are a part of the secular left prefer atheism/agnosticism over the Christian faith, as atheism has no objective morality to hinder their big government plans.[2]

Increasingly, liberals side with the homosexual agenda, including homosexual “marriage”. Liberals favor a welfare state where people receive endless entitlements without working.[3] The liberal ideology has degenerated into economically unsound views and intolerant ideology. All liberals support, in knee-jerk fashion, the opposite of conservative principles, while lacking an actual ideology or values of their own.[4] Many of them cannot understand Christian language.[5]

Polling data has consistently shown that an increasingly large percentage of Americans identify as conservative, rather than as liberal, currently by 38% to 21%.[6] However, liberals and “progressives” oftentimes falsely say the exact opposite.


Liberals support the following political positions and practices:[7]

  • Wasting money on ineffective government programs (the significant economic problems in the Eurozone due to government debt will no doubt increasingly discredit this aspect of liberal ideology and make things more difficult for advocates of liberal economic ideologies)
  • Many liberals are increasingly attempting to limit free speech.[8][9]
  • In the United States, the Democrat Party and liberals have moved so far left that there are now political figures involved in Democrat politics who are sympathetic to Communism. For example, Anita Dunn, an American political strategist who served as White House Communications Director from April through November 2009 in Obama Administration, said that Mao Zedong was her favorite political philosopher.[10] Bernie Sanders, a leading candidate in the Democrat Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, although he is an adherent of social democracy, he also has a history of involvement with Marxist organizations.[11][12][13] Sanders shocked his fellow liberals by putting up a Soviet Union flag in his Senate office.[14] In 1998, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was founded by Sanders, had the song Red Revolution (a song advocating communist revolution) featured on a website that they shared with the Democratic Socialists of America.[12]
  • In 1993, Hugh E. Rodham, father of Hillary Clinton, made the statement about the Democrat Party, which is a party strongly supported by liberals, “Democrats are one step short of Communism.”[15] In 1988, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), after decades of running their own presidential candidates, stopped running presidential candidates because the gap between Democrats and American communists had grown smaller.[16] In 2016, the CPUSA urged people not to vote for Donald Trump even if they disliked Hillary Clinton (an indirect endorsement of Clinton).[16] Although there are still some very substantial differences between Communists and Democrats/liberals, the line between Communists/Democrats/liberals continues to blur in the United States.[15] Ironically, the leading Communist country in the world, Communist China, has moved farther away from Communism and now has a mixed economy of capitalism and state owned enterprises.[17]
  • Denial of science[18] (especially creation science)
  • Government’s ability to solve economic problems[19]
  • Hypocrisy[20]
  • The belief that Islamic terrorism is not a huge threat, and that the main reason for Islamic extremists’ hostility towards America is because of bad foreign policy [19]
  • Brainwashing voters with propaganda
  • Hedonism
  • Taxpayer-funded and state-encouraged abortion
  • Rejection of Biblical standards
  • Naive acceptance of the Idea of Progress
  • Hatred[21]
  • Murder (through abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia)
  • Censorship[22]
  • Socialism[23]
  • Unsuccessful Keynesian economics as opposed to sound free-market economics
  • Crying instead of accepting reality[24]
  • Cessation of teacher-led prayer in classrooms and school/state-sponsored religious events.
  • Ending Western morality[25]
  • Gun control
  • Pseudo-intellectualism[26]
  • Affirmative action[19]
  • Opposition to government regulation or restriction of obscenity, pornography and violence in video games as a First Amendment right[27]
  • Authoritarian government[28]
  • Government-funded medical care, such as Obamacare
  • Fascist tendencies (see also: Homo-fascism)
  • Belief in evolution
  • Destroying the Christian foundations on which America was built.
  • Destroying conservative family values and replacing them with immoral Hollywood values, such as abortion
  • Brainwashing through government-censored public education
  • Limiting personal freedom.[29] Liberal support for gun control is an example of this.
  • High progressive taxes[30] as a form of class warfare against wealthy business owners.[31]
  • Placement of men and women in the same jobs in the military
  • Slowly eroding the U.S. through Progressivism.[32]
  • Legalized same-sex “marriage” and homosexual adoption
  • Failed tax and spend economics
  • Smearing[33]
  • Libertine sexual morality. See: Evolutionary belief and sexual immorality and Liberal Christianity and marital infidelity
  • Economic sector regulations[19]
  • Denial of conservative roles in history. For example, liberals frequently claim[34] that George Washington was a deist when he was actually a devout Episcopalian.
  • Spreading of political correctness
  • Government mass-surveillance
  • Non-syndicalist labor unions
  • Many liberals engage in racism[35]
  • Bigotry
  • Advocating incorrect policies[36]
  • Encouraging promiscuity and immorality through sexual education rather than teaching abstinence from premarital sex[37]
  • A “living Constitution” that is reinterpreted as liberals prefer, rather than how it is thought to have been intended.

  • Government programs to rehabilitate criminals
  • Slander[38]
  • Gender “Equality”
  • Anti-Americanism
  • Abolition of the death penalty
  • Environmentalism[39]
  • Globalismone-world government, and opposition to national sovereignty
  • Support for open borders with no border controls or border walls
  • Unconstitutionally mandated separation of church and state.
  • Opposition to full private property rights.[40]
  • Reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine
  • Welfare
  • Opposition to domestic wire-tapping as authorized in the Patriot Act
  • Oppression of business rather than a laissez-faire capitalist economy
  • American liberals often have opposition to the U.S. Constitution and/or are often ignorant of what the U.S. Constitution states. Liberals seek to expand federal power at the expense of local government and silence the conservatives who hold them back, violating the 10th and 1st Amendments respectively.
  • Denial of traditional gender roles
  • Support of financially irresponsible policies
  • Encouragement of “global warming” alarmism
  • Rejection of logical[41] standards

Some liberals support:




Ok, THAT is Liberalism. Let’s look at Conservatism and see IF there is ANY common-ground…


conservative is someone who rises above his personal self-interest and promotes moral and economic values beneficial to all. A conservative is willing to learn and advocate the insights of economics and the logic of the Bible for the benefit of everyone else. A conservative favors conserving value by not giving handouts to anyone who does not really need them.

A conservative typically adheres to principles of personal responsibility, moral values, and limited government, agreeing with George Washington‘s Farewell Address that “religion and morality are indispensable supports” to political prosperity.[1][2]

Religious conservatism is a big driver of social conservatism. Religious conservatism is growing in the world and it is affecting politics (see: Religious conservatism and politics).

Phil Crane, the leading conservative congressman in the House from 1969 to 2005, urged people to make the world a better place than where they found it, and quoted frequently from the Bible in pursuit of that goal.[3]

Former President Ronald Reagan said, “The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom.”[4]


Specifically, conservatives seek or support:




In Part 3 we will look at whether there can truly be any compromise between the two…but a cursory glance says: “No”.



 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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