Same Lingo- Different Dictionary: Part 4

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Attributed to  Dr. James Dobson:

“They use our language, but NOT our Dictionary'”

This has been a problem since at least the 1860’s, but has grown exponentially worse since the 1960’s.

Liberals use a common, everyday word or phrase…but with a different, often a very different meaning. This was done deliberately to muddy the language, muddy the discourse, and the end result, advance Liberalism.

We will now look at some of the terms Liberals use that we/Conservatives use, BUT the Liberals have changed the meaning so it sounds like they’re agreeing with us when all the while they’re lying to us. LET US COMMENCE…

This will be “LIBS SAY”, what Conservatives mean by the term, what Libs mean by the term:


1.We’re for equality.

To a Conservative equality means equal OPPORTUNITY/EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER (THE SAME) LAW(S). This is left to each individual to take advantage of, and use freely as God gives them the ability to do so.

To a Liberal that means equal OUTCOME. This REQUIRES Gov. meddling, regulation, progressive taxation, WELFARE/Entitlements to “level the playing field”. Libs assume most are too ignorant, too incapable, or some other way handicapped and ONLY gov. can help, and LOTS of government.

2. We’re for free speech.

What Conservatives mean: free to say anything (within reason) no matter how hateful, stupid, disgusting, vile, and racist it may be. We draw the line at things like yelling “FIRE!”, or “BOMB!” in crowded areas, that would cause a panic and may get someone hurt or killed. That is called: COMMON-SENSE.

To a Liberal “free speech” means you can say anything that aligns with and agrees with Liberalism. All speech that does not align/agree with Liberalism is “hate speech”, “not PC”, and…possibly “racist”.

3. We’re for Liberty and Freedom.

To a Conservative this means you have the right to say and believe and do almost anything (again, within reason). You can believe in the foolishness of a flat earth, global warming, “socialism is the answer”, you’re the “superior race”…BUT WE ARE NOT obligated to LISTEN to such mindless, hate-filled blather. Conservatives also believe that your right to swing your fist stops at our nose. Mainly, free to do as one ought to, but wont force any to do anything. As long as we can freely choose not to listen, fund, support “whatever”…go ahead, be an idiot and believe that you can “spend your way out of debt/ tax your way to prosperity.” As long as YOUR opinion does NOT infringe on OUR rights…be wrong all you want.

Liberals mean: Freedom to do/say whatever you want, no matter how stupid and vile it may be. AND often the gov, i.e. we the tax payer, also HAVE to PAY for your “freedom”.

4. We’re Pro-Choice.

Conservatives are all about Liberty and Freedom. We fought a Revolution and the War of 1812 to show WE MEANT WHAT WE SAID. Want to be a blacksmith? be one. Want to go to college? go (as long as YOU pay for it). Want to buy a car? go ahead, whatever make, model and year you want. You want a gun? good idea. It’ll help protect against crime and tyrants. Want to own slaves or kill babies? NO! Your rights can NOT infringe on anyone else’s rights.

Liberals mean: we should be allowed to kill as many innocent babies as we want to. Oh, they call it “Pro-Choice”, “The right of the mother over her own body” (except the THE BABY’S body is NOT the mothers. At 18 DAYS the BABY has it’s own blood type, heart beat, brain waves). Study the origins of the infanticide movement via Margret Sanger and you’ll see it was knowingly meant to do two things: 1. KILL BABIES, 2. Particularly BLACK BABIES. Over 78% of all abortion clinics are in inner-city, or heavily minority areas of town. BUT if you want to CHOOSE to have a gun? NO! Liberals are against THAT choice. Also of note, while Liberals are all for murdering millions and millions of INNOCENT BABIES, they are 100% AGAINST the just execution of convicted felons….Liberalism is evil and bi-polar.

5. We are Pro-Jobs.

Conservatives mean: go out and get, or start your own job/business. The individual is responsible for themselves. Family, Friends, and the local church or charity can assist, BUT the weight of getting and having a job lies with THE INDIVIDUAL.

Liberals mean, again, that government MUST step in and help. Liberal ideas like Affirmative Action, and gov. job training, the “minimum wage” COST ALL, especially those WITH a  job already. EVERYBODY must somehow “pull their fair share” for the poor Liberal to get and keep a job. How is it everyone else’s responsibility for Johnny Liberal to get a job paying $15.00 an hour flipping burgers via the Liberal idea of “minimum wage”???

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I could go on.
All of this is supported by Part 2 linked above.

So, with language being so DELIBERATELY muddied and changed it makes open and honest discourse impossible.

And the so-called “Conservatives”, and you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, who are crying 24/7/365 for compromise, ie. surrender of Conservative Principles, to get rid of Trump Liberals ONLY TO DELIBERATELY VOTE IN OODLES-N-GOBS OF DEMOCRAT LIBERALS, are either deluded, OR stealth Liberals yourself.

But like the Bible’s Joshua and Patrick Henry, I am NOT so inclined to turn back to Liberalism/Slavery…NeverTrump and NeverLiberal mean NEVER….PERIOD.


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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