Coalition of Conservatives Against Trump

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[NOTE: The name of this group will change once Trump is removed from office, it will be simply: Coalition of Conservatives.]



When America strays from her Founding Principles it is up to men and women who are like-minded in said Founding Principles to rise as a voice of Passionate Reason/Reasoned Passion, to tirelessly proclaim, point to, and adhere to the Founding Principles. What made America good IS what made America great. When Principles which she was founded upon we are weakened, when we are NO longer good- we are NO longer great. 


The Coalition of Conservatives [Against Trump] has a clearly defined mission. That mission is defined, shaped, and activated by the very Core, Founding Principles that made America BOTH good and, by being good made America Great.



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AND an article by National Review to highlight that MANY good, and great Conservatives, aka REAL CONSERVATIVES, agree in their opposition to Trump, [NOTE: Some of these #NeverTrump-ers have been bribed, bullied, or blackmailed into supporting Trump. BUT it IS interesting, and quite telling, to see WHY they opposed him, only to later wither and become his lap dog.]

Conservatives against Trump .




TOS: or more appropriately, Terms of Membership.

  1. The Foundational, Defining, and SOLE Principles of this group are America’s Founding Principles. While there can be disagreement among Conservatives among how to implement Conservative Principles, there can NOT be any agreement of Conservatives with Liberals that includes the compromising, abandoning, negotiating away, or even the “temporary setting aside” of Founding, Conservative Principles. Conservatives are, first, defined by WHAT THEY BELIEVE/THEIR WORLD-VIEW. This world-view, aka Core Values/Principles, shapes and defines what (real) Conservatives say and do. EXAMPLE OF COMPROMISE AMONG CONSERVATIVES: Issue- tax cuts. Conservative #1 wants deeper, across the board, Reagan-esque tax cuts. Conservative #2 wants tax cuts for all, but especially for businesses and the upper end of the tax bracket so as to stimulate job growth, increase production, and expansion. Conservative #3 wants to abolish The Federal Reserve, IRS, and The Income Tax, and then GUT spending to ONLY fund what is CLEARLY SPELLED OUT IN ARTICLE 1. SECTIONS 8 & 9 OF THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, and use the 9th, 10th, and 11th Amendments as strict restrictions against any and all NON-Constitutional taxation and spending, and institute a FLAT 7-12% National Sales Tax. Though I am in group #3, I can, will, and DO agree and work fine with folks from groups #1 & #2. BUT as one peruses the linked articles you’ll find absolutely NO COMMON GROUND BETWEEN Liberals and Conservatives. NONE. Not a drop.
  2. Hence, this is a group SOLELY FOR Conservatives expressing Conservative Principles/views, presenting and debating Conservative Principles/views , and taking ACTION based on and rooted in those Conservative Principles/views.
  3. Hence, ANYONE that thinks that to “save America” that we/Conservatives MUST compromise, work with, support, and VOTE FOR Liberals and Liberalism…this group is NOT for you. And ANY attempt to persuade otherwise will meet with immediate BANNING AND BLOCKING. 
  4. The Mission Statement, purpose, and Core, Founding Principles and Views ARE made absolutely and abundantly clear. Join, remain IF you agree. IF you do NOT agree then don’t remain, nor join. This group is FOR Conservatives presenting and pursuing Conservative Principles/values ONLY.
  5. IF you agree that Liberalism and Liberals MUST be included: LEAVE NOW.
  6. IF you think there IS Common Ground between Conservatives and Liberals: LEAVE NOW.
  7. IF you think that Conservatism and Liberalism share any common principles/values: LEAVE NOW.  
  8. In short: THIS is a group FOR Conservatives and Conservatism ONLY. IF you read, view, and listen to Liberals (and so-called “Moderates”) and think we need to compromise and work with them: LEAVE NOW.

To all who agree, stay, and say “Glad for this oasis of Conservatism.”

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 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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