The Road Before Us.

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Up front let me unequivocally state: 

“I do NOT have a crystal ball, BUT I AM a student of History, The Bible, America’s Founding Documents and Founding Fathers. What follows is the culmination of my 42 year study and daily observation. I believe I am right, meaning that while the exact, specific details I predict may not transpire, I DO 100% believe and am fully convinced that the future is ONLY ONE OF TWO POSSIBLE ENDS…predicated on OUR CHOICES.”

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Just WHAT Is IT That I See???

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 To accurately look into our future we MUST have an adequate, workable understanding of: 


  1. The first colony was founded at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. Many of the people who settled in the New World came to escape religious persecution. The Pilgrims, founders of Plymouth, Massachusetts, arrived in 1620. BOTH of these settlements, as well as the ones that followed were by people who were First Christians, Lovers of Freedom and Liberty, and via following The Bible and Biblical scholars of Law became Free Market Capitalists.
  2. America’s Founders were Christians who were well versed and quoted the Bible, William Blackstone, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and John Locke, each of which established their views and principles upon The Bible.
  3. On February 29, 1892, The Supreme Court declared (in Holy Trinity v. United States) that the historical record of America overwhelmingly demonstrated that the United States “… is a Christian nation.” Based upon our Founding Documents, Founding Father’s diaries, journals, correspondence, our songs, National and State mottoes, State founding documents…
  4. in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson, Democrat President, who was a Globalist, Socialist, and hate-filled racist, America began her change from a Constitutional Republic that was  founded upon Biblical Principles, Free Markets Capitalism, Constitutional Original Intent/Strict Constructionist, and solid Conservatism to Liberal “Democracy”, founded upon Socialism, Humanism, Secularism, Atheism, Fascism, and Marxism/Communism. Wilson instituted, initiated, and pushed for: The Federal Reserve, The Internal Revenue Service, The Progressive Income Tax, and Globalism via The League of Nations, which was the forerunner of The United Nations. [NOTE: The League of Nations FAILED due to lack of U.S. support and FUNDING. The United Nations is “succeeding” due to U.S. support and footing the majority of the bill. FURTHER NOTE: The United Nations was named by, and started by FDR, another DEMOCRAT, Globalist, Socialist, and racist.]
  5. Herbert Hoover, Liberal Republican (who after FDR defeated him in a landslide, became a staunch Conservative), a precursor of the Liberal R.I.N.O.’s today, began the “Alphabet Soup” Federal Agencies that began to “oversee”/control states and the free market…Hoover beleived that a federal bureaucracy should have limited regulation over a country’s economic system.
  6. FDR took what Hoover started and injected Testosterone AND Adrenaline into. FDR, was the most successful, Marxist-Socialist to ever be president. Others like LBJ, Clinton, and Obama have ran as contenders, with LBJ getting close, BUT NO ONE has been able to rid more of America’s Founding Principles and replace them with Marxist Principles more successfully than FDR. BUT EVEN WITH ALL THIS America’s electorate was STILL predominantly Christian, Capitalist, and Conservative. The dire times of The Great Depression and World War II caused many to lay aside their Conservative Principles “for the better of America”, albeit temporarily…only to find out that “Liberty LOST is NOT easily regained”, a lesson we STILL suffer from.
  7.  Then “The Moment” in our History that would FOREVER redefine us…1962. We let ONE, LONE, bitter, racist, hate-filled Atheist get God, The Bible, Prayer, The Ten Commandments, and The Lord Jesus Christ BANNED FROM public schools, and public lands…all upon the FALSE concept of “separation between church and state”. A view that America’s Founders would view as deceitful, tyrannical, and the antithesis of ALL they even came TO America and FOUGHT A WAR FOR.
  8. From that moment, the moment America OFFICIALLY turned her back on God, the decline has accelerated. A mere decade after BANNING GOD we legalised the murder of babies, which we have committed at the rate of 57-62 MILLION since 1972!
  9. Nixon gave us the Marxist EPA, Minimum Wage, and Wage and Price Freezes…three times…and that is not including Watergate!
  10. ONLY Reagan has been a road block of Christianity and Conservatism in America from FDR to DT!
  11. Since 1972 we’ve seen sodomy/sodomites (homosexuals and lesbians) be declassified as a mental illness, to normal, to protected, to elevated. We’ve witnessed sodomites becoming MINISTERS and getting “married”, again, something America’s Founders were AGAINST. For more see HERE , HERE , and HERE .
  12. The Free Markets, Private Sector, and Business sectors have been assaulted with increasing regulations, taxation, and, now, punishing tariffs from DT.
  13. Civility, honesty, integrity, morality, and Principles that once mattered, that were the Bedrock of what made America good and great have been so attacked, so vilified, so maligned that they are all but extinct! In their place are now, rudeness, lying, deceit, fraud, hypocrisy, depravity, and corruption, and even TREASON.

So, WHAT is next??

NO nation, NO civilisation, NO empire has EVER survived this. NOT ONE. The list is littered with once grand nations and empires that rose the closer they were TO Biblical Principles (OR God raised up as judgment upon the wayward nation), and that fell the further from those Principles they strayed:

















America IS next.

Even IF we abandon all the tyranny and depravity NOW we have already passed the point of no return long ago, see II Kings chpt. 22 and Judges 2:16-23 ; for further reference see:

ROMANS 1:16-32

II Thessalonians 2:2-12

I TIMOTHY 4:1-3 and

I Timothy 3:1-13 .

You write this off as “Bible-thumping ranting” at your and America’s risk.

In my observation and study we will not stave off the inevitable judgment that WILL befall us…BUT like Josiah, Judah’s Last GOOD King, we can have a calm before the storm…IF we return to America’s Founding Principles asap and fully.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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