K.S.N./V.N.D.: Rev.’s Rants Edition.


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All The News That Gets Overlooked By The TCM (Trump Controlled Media)

Let’s commence, shall we?



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Opinion by Republican Economic Analyst

Has Donald Trump really made America (economically) great again?



So far, the Trump-era economy has statistically been merely an extension of the Obama-era economy: economic growth about the same (roughly 2 percent annually), and job growth about the same (just shy of 200,000 a month). Same-old, same-old — even though, during the 2016 campaign, Trump made a lot of wild promises about how his policies (from tax cuts to deregulation to trade) would supercharge economic growth like America has never seen before.




👺👺👺👺. says 63,000 Americans were killed by illegal immigrants since 9/11. The math doesn’t add up   👺


President Donald Trump greets people holding posters of victims allegedly killed by illegal immigrants, before speaking on immigration in the South Court Auditorium, next to the White House on June 22, 2018 in Washington, DC.



What?! You mean Kim Jon Un wasn’t trustworthy and lied to us. Say it isn’t so


North Korea making ‘rapid’ upgrades to nuclear reactor despite summit pledges

Monitoring group says work shows why a denuclearisation deal rather than a ‘statement of lofty goals’ is needed


Kremlin confirms scoop. A Trump-Putin meeting has been agreed upon and will be announced Thursday


Trump-Putin Summit To Take Place On July 16 In Helsinki




NEW: Trump’s campaign rallies are associated with an increase in violence in the surrounding area, according to a new study.


Trump’s campaign rallies are officially a threat to public health

A new study shows that violence spikes when Trump comes to town…




Trump: Crowley ‘Got His Ass Kicked’ in Dem Primary

‘She had a lot of energy. I guess he didn’t see it’
By Rob Quinn,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 28, 2018 4:39 AM CDT

(NEWSER) – Rep. Joe Crowley, the No. 4 Democrat in the Senate, was defeated in his Democratic primary Tuesday—and President Trump couldn’t resist crowing about it at a rally in North Dakota Wednesday. “A slovenly man named Joe Crowley got his ass kicked by a young woman who had a lot of energy,” Trump told the crowd in Fargo, referring to 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “She had a lot of energy. I guess he didn’t see it. They couldn’t find him.” Trump was in the state to support GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer, who hopes to defeat Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp in November, CNN reports. In other coverage:

  • Ocasio-Cortez supports impeaching Trump. Trump may have overlooked the fact that Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t like him any more than Crowley does. She said this week that while she thinks the Democrats should run on policy issues, not just opposition to Trump, she supports impeaching the president and believes there’s enough evidence to do so, Politico reports.


My First “Broadside” of Rants:

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Good Grief!
How is it that America LET herself get THIS Liberal/Left-Leaning that we let THIS happen?!!
  1. We have one major political party, The GOP, that decades ago promised the Democrats that they would never check for voter fraud, whine about it, but never check for it,.
  2. Under (Liberal Nut-Job) Carter we had National seizing of America’s public education system via Carter’s new cabinet level “Department of Education”. Our schools were ALREADY under assault from Liberals, Atheists, and the Unions, Carter made it both WORSE and EASIER for it to get WORSE QUICKER,
  3. Through the courts, laws, and tax code we have so weakened the ties of family that 72% of ALL first-born are ILLEGITIMATE, in the Black communities it’s 87%, 

What do these seemingly unrelated events/actions have in common?

They all worked together (with a host of other Liberal policies) to create the “Perfect Storm of “voters” too stupid to think that we EVER need to check and verify:

  1. voter registration,
  2. voter ID, with photo, SS#, and signature,
  3. and monitored, checked, and verified voting.

America’s voters are either so stupid, Left-leaning, bought off via welfare/entitlements, or any combination of the three (it can be directly LINKED that one must needs be stupid to BE Left-leaning).

Why on Earth would an ENTIRE political party PLEDGE TO NEVER CHECK FOR VOTER FRAUD?!!


The level of stupidity displayed here is mind boggling!

We have successive generation of ILLITERATES “graduate”, escalating in teen pregnancy/single moms, escalating teen suicide/murder, flood of ILLEGALS across our border DAILY, Dems and Libs push for NO photo Voter ID, NO investigate, NOR verify voter registration or voting. Just throw money, welfare, food stamps, “whatever” at these stupid, lazy louts, and make them happily slaves by having Russia (and most likely China, N. Korea, and Iran) BUY Congress and the WH and GOVERN the U.S.A. from The Kremlin…and as long as Johnny or Suzie can get their next tat, piercing, or bong…hey, they’re ok.

America is being trampled, stampeded, bloodied, and burned and as long as (too) many get “theirs” it ok!!

What is even worse is that a large swath of so-called “Conservatives” SUPPORT Trump!! Another large swath of so-called “Conservatives” are seeking, pushing, and BULLYING for EVERYONE to vote/support LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS so “we can get rid of Trump”!!

I and ALL REAL Conservatives want Trump IN prison!

BUT NOT at the expense of flooding HUNDREDS of MORE LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS INTO CONGRESS and into the WH!!!

Criminy! There may not be time to stop and reverse this!!


Think my above rant is exaggerated?!

Check THIS out:

Expanded list of GOP lawmakers, all of whom will celebrate the 4th of July 🇺🇸 in , hoping to meet with Putin:








You heard it here first — the 4th of July in Russia, now confirmed. LA Sen. and AL Sen. confirm to CNN that they will travel to Russia next week. Kennedy confirmed that of MT and of ND are also going.


…Kennedy is more ambitious about possible talks.
“I hope we’re going to get to meet with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” he told CNN. “I want to be able to meet with government officials, try to establish some rapport, talk about common interest, talk about common problem.”…



The GOP going hat-in-hand to kiss Putin’s butt…all while Trump, his ENTIRE Administration, and MANY OF them ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION for colluding with Russia, taking bribes, obstruction of justice, witness and evidence tampering, and TREASON!! 

This all bodes much evil. The demise of America is imminent… UNLESS there is an IMMEDIATE RETURNING TO CONSTITUTIONAL-CONSERVATISM IN GOVERNANCE… which I see FEW with ANY desire to do so.

I give America around 5-7 years more freedom and then go the way of Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Nazi Germany.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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