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Since Trump descended the escalator in 2015 announcing his run for the presidency, people who have paid attention to Trump since the 1970’s began to speak out. They warned. Very few listened.

This article will be a very comprehensive look at the remarks of those who know best and those remarking about them…and then, in summation, my remarks…hence the title of the article:


Many who have followed, researched, and reported about Trump over the years have mentioned his ties to Russia since the mid 1990’s, some have even spoke some to Trump’s and his dad’s and  granddad’s ties to The Mafia, prostitution, and (very shady) “contractors and builders”…BUT FEW have been as on top of this as the Twitter Patriot, Lincoln’s Bible…let’s begin here:

John Harington Quote: “Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? Why, when it prospers, none dare call it treason.” (7 wallpapers) - Quotefancy

When I call dotard a “mobster,” I’m not being cute. Or provocative. Or jumping on MSM’s sudden embrace of what they’ve always known & obfuscated. NO. I’m bringing U the truth. Donald Trump was born into a front organization of the Genovese crime family. He was theirs from birth..

2/ Until Semion Mogilevich leveraged him into massive debt & took Trump Org from the Genovese, when he rolled up all their assets.



Good Morning Brave Protectors, U know who really needs dismantled? The mob. Here’s 1 article & 3 vids U can share 2 help others get it. 1. ARTICLE: arrest of 🇷🇺 mobsters day after election. Note: this bratva took over 🇺🇸La Cosa Nostra in 90s.



2. That article is a drop in the bucket. 2 grasp big picture, U have 2 know history. In 🇷🇺, after fall of Soviet Union, that same bratva (RUS for “mob family”) corrupted the FSB (RU’s FBI), put Putin in as FSB head to finish the job, then put him in office as President.

3. VIDEO 1: The head of that same bratva at the time was/is Semion Mogilevich. Here’s Semion at Putin’s campaign HQ in 2000. You’ll see him turn to the camera at 1:15.


4. In ’90s, Semion sent men to U.S. (1st to Brighton Beach, then spread south 2 FL). RUS mob had hooks into La Cosa Nostra & their bizmen fronts. But it was Semion who rolled them & took over U.S. mafia operations.

NOTE: Mafia needs bizmen to LAUNDER their dirty money.

5. VIDEO 2: Trump Enterprises has a long history of laundering money for the mafia. Donald, and his company, are assets that Semion took when he rolled over U.S. mafia. Watch.


6. VIDEO 3 (link in next tweet): This chart gives the connections between Semion Mogilevich & Trump Enterprises. This is how Semion became Donald’s boss. It also shows you the connections of Semion to Putin’s oligarchs & RUS banks/oil&gas industry. It shows you…

7. …Semion’s profit centers. It also shows the 2 men who sacrificed everything 2 hunt this mob: A. Litvinenko (former FSB officer & whistle-blower), & former FBI organized crime agent BOB LEVINSON. Watch.


8. At the end of that last video are the beginnings of a repeat of history. What happened in RUS – with the corruption of the FSB (their FBI), is poised to happen again here. Don’t let it. We can not become a “Mafia State.” – END –

CODA: We spent a year researching 30+ years of US and intl. Intel reports, DOJ reports, court documents, and great investigative journalism to piece this together. Here is our research. You can see it all for yourself HERE .


Adventus: None Dare Call It Reason

4/ GUESS WHAT?! The “Russians” in are the Russian mob. The same Russian mob that rolled over NYC mob in ’90s. And launders 💰 through Trump Org. And funneled 💰 into Trump campaign. And sent their banker to meet Jared. And installed Putin. And own Manafort. Mob.

GUESS WHAT?! The President and all his kids (& his late daddy) launder money for organized crime.

That’s why they lie.

And hate the FBI.

And are afraid of Mueller.

And sh*t on the courts.

And give out mob nicknames.

And lie down with Nazi trolls.

And know Paul Manafort. Mob.

Dear , Please tell us about your father, and grandfather’s, ties to Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky. Thank you.

& almost forgot – , Pls tell us abt “Matty the Horse” & Taj Mahal laundering racket (may he RIP).

Image result for matthew ianniello

Matthew Ianniello

Matthew Ianiello, otherwise known as “Matty the Horse”, who has died aged 92, took over as head of the Genovese crime family, one of the five that traditionally constitute the New York Mafia, after its official boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante was jailed in 1997.



OK. Time to help, again, with the narrative. Here is what happened: 1. Soviet Union collapses, Russia becomes a “Mafiya State.” This means: organized crime took over everything from FSB (🇷🇺FBI) to Presidency. Putin = OC mixed w/ Kremlin in tactics. This history is undisputed.

The primary, and highest profile, whistle-blower was Alexander (“Sasha”) Litvinenko: an FSB officer in the ORGANIZED CRIME division.


AT THE SAME TIME that Russian Mafia was taking over Russian state, they were also coming HERE. Where they rolled over La Cosa Nostra, and took over key operations – as well as committed their own crimes/scams.


Bob Levinson, former FBI who specialized in La Cosa Nostra, was the whistle-blower 4 this take-over. He was also an expert trial witness for one of the more dangerous Russian mafia capos, who lived/worked out of Trump properties.


Bob Levinson Warns of RUS Mob Infiltration into U.S.


Both men continued 2 hunt down Russian OC. Litvinenko w/MI6 in London (where he was in exile, b/c Putin was after him), & Bob as consultant for CIA Financial Crimes Div (b/c “Follow The Money”). Russian OC is a complicated octopus. But it had a brain at this point in history.

You can see Semion/Semyon Mogilevich, aka the “Brainy Don”, here at Putin’s 2000 election campaign HQ. He turns to the camera at 1:15. VIDEO . As Litvinenko said, RUSSIA IS A MAFIA STATE.

That same “Boss of Bosses”, Semion Mogilevich, is who was sending his lieutenants to U.S. shores. They rolled over La Cosa Nostra, and found their home in Trump properties



You just have 2 gather all the court documents, FBI/ Intel reports, & investigative reporting over 3+ decades. We did this. It was a massive under-taking, but the history & record do not lie. Which is Y we provide all the data for U 2 read thru as well.


When you combine this understanding with all of Trump Org’s ties to La Cosa Nostra – from the time of Fred Trump, the picture is crystal clear.

Donald Trump is a money-laundering front for organized crime. And always has been.


It is there for all to see. Here it is…

There is a man who controls our President.

And his name is not Vladimir Putin.



All that we’re witnessing – everything that has seemed unnatural & confusing about Donald & his agenda is due to this.

He was raised by mobsters & relied on them 4 his “empire.”

He speaks like them.

He behaves like them.

He’s owned by them.

NOW, as President…

He is enabling their transnational empire. HE IS PROTECTING THEM. Even when you’re reading about Chris Steele – and the flares he was sending up about Trump as an “asset” of Russia, remember what Russia is: A MAFIA STATE.

The Kremlin = The Mob.

Got it?

In 2005, Alexander Litvinenko’s work w/ MI6 had resulted in a significant arrests of Russian organized crime bosses in Spain (this work also led to more arrests in 2008). It was a kick in the teeth to associates of Semion’s.


Spanish police arrest Russian mafia suspects



At that same time, Bob Levinson was working with an informant of his from within Semion’s circle – on a hunt for CIA financial crimes division. That informant was BORIS BIRSHTEIN. The father-in-law of Donald’s business partner in Trump Tower Toronto.


Birshtein sent Bob to IRAN to meet someone, who Birshtein had convinced Bob could help him in his hunt. He never came home. In 2006, within months of each other, Litvinenko was fatally poisoned with polonium, and Bob Levinson was kidnapped in Kish, Iran. – END –

Robert Levinson has been missing for 10 years - Imgur


CODA. A chart for you. VIDEO .

CODA #2 – VERY IMPORTANT. See that Birshtein meeting described in the screenshot above – tweet #13 in this thread? That’s the meeting that our Intel community knew about. It was instrumental in generating this FBI report on SEMION’S EMPIRE (CONTINUED…)


BOB knew all about that report. He gave it to Tom Mangold, a British journalist, who got one of the only interviews with Semion on record.

Here’s the full interview/ report – turned into a special for Panorama. Here’s a clip .



We are saying it here. We are saying it clearly and without fear.

Vladimir Putin is a political puppet, owned by Russian Organized Crime. Putin is Mafiya.

From Dresden to St. Petersburg

To truly understand Vladimir Putin and his relationship with the Russian Mafiya, we start with Putin’s time as a KGB officer in Dresden, East Germany. It wasn’t the assignment given to the best and brightest. Putin’s former KGB boss called Putin a ‘mediocre spy’, after all, but his KGB appointment in Dresden shaped his future nonetheless.1

Putin was there when the Berlin wall came down. He wasn’t prepared for the ensuing chaos. He was used to taking orders. But there were none. Putin had to act. He destroyed sensitive documents and escaped with his life.

The Soviet Union collapsed soon afterward, and East Germany ceased to exist as a state. With its end came the uncertainty of what came next for Putin and his family.2 He needed a job. He needed a future.
Putin traveled to St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), where he found a position in the administration of St. Petersburg’s mayor, Anatoly Sobchak. Eventually, Putin worked his way up to Deputy Mayor. Whether he happened into that position, or was chosen for it by another, will require further digging into Putin’s past in Dresden. Regardless, that is where he landed.


6/  I’ve reached the bottom of all research. I arrived here months ago. Have been digging ever since. And the shovel only goes sideways. There is nothing beneath this. It is the bottom. Everything can be traced to it. Every. Thing.

7/  A little obfuscation in that narrative. Always has been. There for a reason – so you don’t see the 💰. Here is the truth: Lansky was the more dangerous of the 2. And the brains. (I’ll get to their side-kicks, Bugsy & Capone, in a sec) Want to know how La Cosa Nostra really began?


Of course you do. It began with a pre-lude, on October 24, 1918 – when 16-yr-old Meyer Lansky was walking home from work at a tool & dye shop – tools in hand. Meyer – born Maier Suchowljansky in Grodno, Russia (once part of Poland) was good with his hands. GREAT w/ machines…

… and the tools that fixed them. A natural. So, he has his tools – he’s walking home thru the lower East Side – and he hears a woman scream from inside a deserted house. Then, a man yell in Italian. Then more screams. “Perhaps he was bored, perhaps just curious…”

16-yr-old Meyer Lansky walked thru the door & onto quite the scene.

A teenage Benjamin Siegel lying on the floor – pants at his ankles – scared out of his mind. A woman next 2 him – the source of the screams, who is now laughing, “I didn’t mean anything. He was so cute.” And…\

The young woman’s husband, & the man she’s speaking to: 21-yr-old Salvatore Lucania. Later to be known as Lucky Luciano. He kicks his wife. Siegel pulls up his pants and finds a couch. What does Lansky do? He opens his toolbox. Grabs a crowbar. And charges Luciano.

That’s when the cops arrived. Sent the wife to the hospital, Ben Siegel home – And arrested Luciano & Lansky. Because of the crowbar, Lansky was charged with assault. At Meyer’s hearing 3 weeks later, Ben Siegel testified on his behalf. And a thoroughly amused Judge Mancuso…

Fines Meyer $2 & says something that will live on in infamy: “You boys have bugs in your heads. Go & sin no more.” Meyer & Ben were then known in the neighborhood as “The Two Bugs.” The nickname didn’t last long with Meyer, but it stuck hard with Ben. “Bugsy” Siegel was born.

Lots of stuff was happening with the old Camorra capos during this time (men like Masseria that Luciano called the “Mustache Petes”). It was all very localized, but they had a grip. Still, they couldn’t quite see the promise that prohibition could bring. Luciano saw it…

Luciano was “New World” entrepreneurial. Young. Ambitions. Ruthless. I’m not trying to glamorize him. It is what it is. But he needed a brain. He was smart enough to know he wasn’t smart enough to realize his vision without one. He didn’t even know what his vision really was…

But he’d been keeping his eye on Lansky. He watched him for the 2 years since the kid burst into his home and came at him with a crow bar. Lansky was prone to those fights. To trouble. Little guy, big brain, big balls stuff. So Luciano waits 4 Meyer outside a courthouse…

Tells Meyer not to worry about the past. And invites him over for a hours-long convo. Those two young men sat down and plotted out how to take over the distribution routes for what would become the boot-legging era of prohibition. They identified who their crews would be…

And Luciano’s plan was to just start killing the Mustache Petes, and take over their business. That’s when Meyer dropped the game-changer on the table: the automobile. Meyer – the guy who could build & fix any machine with his hands – saw the real opportunity. The vision.

Here’s was Meyer’s plan – and it was f*cking brilliant… Luciano convinced the old world Camorras to let them drive liquor from Canada to key destinations where familia were imbedded, like NYC & Chicago. He convinced them to let his & Meyer’s crews take over running the ports..

– where liquor from overseas was being shipped in. They were the “operations” crew. And they’d even take care of troublesome players if need be (this is what “Murder Inc.” was, btw. Just a service on the overall menu). Why was this so f*cking brilliant? B/c the destinations…

the familia partners – began to trust Meyer-Luciano over the Mustache Petes. Meyer helped them set up their carpet rooms (early “casinos” – gambling & entertainment around the liquor). He showed them how to run their books. He had a great mentor for this, Arnold Rothstein.

And Luciano ran the muscle – skimming his men from the Mustache Petes along the way. Building “loyalty.” Not to say Lansky wasn’t a f*cking murderous sociopath. There’s a story where he sent poisoned stew to one of his own crew – just to f*ck with his head…

I’m sure the guy would have eaten at McDonald’s after that too, if it were around…

Anyway, when they had a lock on the distribution partners & the routes & the ports… the real war began. Luciano took out the old capos.


Luciano Italian crew became “family” heads in La Cosa Nostra – with Luciano himself securing the most power as “Genovese” boss. Meyer’s boys broke/secured new territories. Expansion. Casinos – Vegas – Florida – Caribbean. THIS SH*T GOT ORGANIZED.

Lansky was Chairman of the Board. Literally. He established HQ in Chicago (heart of distribution routes). This was THE OUTFIT – where the money flowed in & out. Lansky was always on top of the money. And then Luciano’s hand at HQ, his cousin Al Capone, got popped….

Right in the mob’s heart. Tax evasion. The “feds” shifted focus from the murders, drugs, gambling & prostitution – and went after the money. Oops. It was… unexpected. That’s when Lansky, Chairman of the Board, came up with the next brilliant plan. ⬇️

Saying this today, so it’s marked w/a date stamp. Will back it up extensively in weeks 2 come. Here it is (3-tweet THREAD): MEYER LANSKY SET UP THE GLOBAL LAUNDROMAT. It’s his FRAMEWORK. LCN used it to launder their money from the moment he created it.


Transnational crime syndicate (detailed in Treasury Dept. Reports) EXPANDED IT. But it is Lansky’s creation. It starts with him.

It’s easy 2 claim a trans-national organized crime group exists, when there are Treasury Department reports & sanctions to back us up. Or, did we start by reading them & found the connections through other Intel reports.

Reality is a faithful mistress.


Panama Papers EXPOSED it. SOURCE .

That’s what we’re looking at. That’s what it means to…

OCTOBER 17, 1931, AL CAPONE is convicted of tax evasion. Unable to convict him 4 boot-legging & murder, LE went after the MONEY. It was creative at the time. At this point, Lansky was focused on elevating Lucky Luciano 2 capo. There would be no fortune w/o that.

With Luciano in place, Lansky went for gold. Gambling. “Carpet Joints” ➡️ Casinos. The enterprise that cemented his billions. Legit profits aside, every leg of today’s global laundromat can be traced back 2 Lansky’s ops: the shell companies & banks that washed his skim.

But there was a problem. That Capone conviction. The taxes Lansky WAS NOT PAYING. Hundreds of millions in dirty money – hiding in offshore companies, but not without detection. It freaked him out. So, he went to Switzerland. Because of this ⬇️. Thanks 🇨🇭! 🤨

There are just so many sources for ⬆️. Books, articles. I could list them all, but that’s boring. So, for reference, the above screenshot is from The Guardian. And this article gives you a decent summary.


The Dirty Secrets of Swiss Banking


The story of how Lansky was deeply involved in getting that law passed is rooted in his work with the French against the Nazis (not sh*tting you). That story I’m still researching, and belongs in another medium. You just need to know now about the money. The framework.

So, two things for now:

A) Lansky had money operations in the following countries/ territories: U.S., Canada, Cuba, Bahamas, Mexico, Poland, Russia, England, and of course Switzerland.

B) ALL of it was washed through HIS own Swiss BANKS.

Yes. That’s right. Lansky had his own banks.

And note those territories/ countries. For anyone hunting the global crime syndicate today – for which Donnie 2 Scoops washing blood money thru his R.E., those locations are key.


(*”washes” above)
And, for today’s leg of this story, we’re gonna drop a big shoe that takes us to our present f*ckery. You see, Lansky’s left the management of his framework to an heir. And that sh*tbird brought in a whole cabal of familiar names. He is… ALVIN MALNIK



I’ll let & destroy Malnik for you. Just search their TLs by his last name. In there is A) 💰 for the dotard; & B) an empire 4 Tom Barrack. And I’ll add this… Oh, look! Gross-hole Brett Ratner. Who would have thunk it?

Our puppet POTUS talking about the Kurds - Imgflip

Brett Ratner and Alvin Malnik on the Friars Club Red Carpet Behind The Velvet Rope


Yep, you guessed it. That takes us right to RatPac, James Packer, & Steve Mnuchin. Which if you’ve been following along, brings in Weinstein and the ever-disgusting Len Blavatnik.

Yep, you guessed it. That takes us right to RatPac, James Packer, & Steve Mnuchin. Which if you’ve been following along, brings in Weinstein and the ever-disgusting Len Blavatnik


Oh, & someone should really look in2 who/how Ratner purchased his Hombly Hills home. If I were , looking in2 💰-launder, I would be all over that property. But if U send a female agent, tell her 2 wear sneakers. The boy ❤️ his floors. 😎 Mob. Mob. Mob. Mob.

Brett Ratner,Michael Jackson,Robert Evans and Al Malnik Photo d'actualité -  Getty Images

More to come…

Let’s continue w/ Lansky’s laundromat. Reminder: Tax-evasion took down his Chicago capo, Capone. The global money wash came from Lansky’s need to hide his 💰 from the Feds. Mobsters don’t care about jail, they care about their money.

And Lansky needed to protect his (which means also protecting all of what he & Luciano created: La Cosa Nostra). So, Lansky found a method via a new law he helped install in Switzerland: offshore banking. EVERYONE who Lansky was in business with directly…

participated in this structure – in his laundromat. They had to. This is how the money was hidden. This included Lansky’s key bootlegging partner in Canada.


Again, organized crime is a global business and always has been. Distribution is everything. And distribution partners are at the top of their business pyramid. They are mobsters, no matter how white the collar.

Sam Bronfman & his spawn are a clear bridge from La Cosa Nostra to Soviet-Russian organized crime.

There. I said it. Other researchers are on it. And how this octopus has mutated over decades since prohibition is truly disturbing. Watch this space.

“Sara [Seagram) would buy a $6.5 M apartment in the Trump International Hotel & Tower.” SOURCE .

Donald Trump himself in a 2015 radio interview. How nice he gets along so well with Erdogan now too, all it takes is one call. - Imgflip

So, let’s get down to it. To the money. To the accounts. To the beginning. To grasp what I’m about to drop here, let’s remember 2 things: A. The Organized Crime story we’ve been following – the U.S. mobsters who started this whole sh*t-show, began as bootleggers.

B. What Lansky & Luciano mastered was distribution.


Then, they put a profit-sharing business model underneath it all. Distribution territories were divided among partners = the “families”

The creation of La Cosa Nostra was the combination of organizing both distribution and profit-sharing.

The barrier to their business was law enforcement. There are many tactics for over-coming this barrier: compromising law enforcers & law makers (politicians), bribes, thuggery… But this is a BUSINESS. This is about money.

Lansky is the one who found a way to protect their money from the law. I’ve spelled it out above, but I’ll say it again here:

Meyer Lansky created the global laundromat. Want to see it?

Caribbean = key distribution path. That’s why Meyer went to Switzerland to get the offshore banking law passed. He laundered his money in his trafficking hub & took over every biz he needed. It’s a plan that lasted. It’s the “why” behind locations of Trump-branded hotels.

Lincoln's Bible on Twitter: "10. I'll let @ninaandtito & @jamesfourm  destroy Malnik for you. Just search their TLs by his last name. In there is  A) 💰 for the dotard; & B)


Meyer Lansky created the global laundromat. It’s his framework. And Semion Mogilevich stole it.

Lincoln's Bible on Twitter: "2/ We are up against the mob, everyone. We  are. It is that simple. That basic. The reason everything - all these  scandalous pieces around Trump, feel like



Hey 1) yes this is a troubling pattern 2) yes – the Russians specially selected you for targeting, but do you know why?

CBS News confirms that Don Jr. met with Kremlin ally Alexander Torshin at an NRA event in May 2016. SOURCE .

Good Guy Putin Meme - Imgflip

Because his gr8-grandfather was the bizman front 4 Lucky Luciano & Meyer Lansky. Then (when he died), his grandpa fell under their protection & built up territory in Queens. Then, the RUS mob rolled in when his dad “built” TT w/ Fat Tony & Big Paul. Then, Semion took over it all.

Screenshots: Glenn Simpson’s testimony & just one of many articles on RUS mafia in bed with Dotard. And here is Bob Levinson’s FBI testimony on Ivankov – Semion’s lieutenant who was sent to roll-up LCN, worked out of TT, & laundered thru Trump Taj Mahal.

We know what we’re talking about because we did all the research via court docs, FBI/Intel reports, & reading/watching some great investigative journalism.

Trump org is a money-laundering front for organized crime, and always has been.


And do you know who knows this, better than anyone else? Robert Mueller. This is the noose that’s tightening. This the reason the Dotard is freaking out beyond all measure.


Buckle up, everyone. What we’re witnessing is the final throes of a mob front being torn down by the rafters. B/c he’s also a sociopath, he will try & take us all down w/him. Have your marching shoes ready. It will get much worse, but justice will prevail.




The special counsel has collected a mountain of evidence in the Trump-Russia investigation, but so far only a tiny amount of it has been revealed in official indictments. Here are nine areas where we should expect answers as the inquiry unfolds.



The 21 most disturbing lines from Donald Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin








Even the most anti-Trump MSN is not reporting this. Why? Fear? Complicit?

This is all part of the Public Domain and can freely searched and accessed.

I owe ALL the research to Lincoln’s Bible. All I did was look it up, cull it together, report it to you all here…ALL thanks to Lincoln’s Bible for his Patriotism and studious research.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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