Conservative Coalition: Round 2

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Revolving Door Liberalism??

for ?

No, I don’t see that as much of an alternative.


That’s why we need a that will stand up to this president, and curb his efforts to stir rage and paranoia among the American people. We need to for in the , and for as long as it takes to get our country back on track.

Twitter Patriot, Mike Bates then added:

If you had told Ronald Reagan in 1988 that in 30 years, the president of the US would be chummy with communist dictators in China and North Korea and eager to please a brutal Kremlin autocrat.. .he might have said: “That’s what you get for electing a Democrat.


There IS a swath of people who think that “the ONLY way to get rid of Trump is to vote ONLY AND ALWAYS for Democrats and other Liberals”.

Before going any further, WHAT would possess a person, let alone a whole group of people, to “think” that to get rid of one group of Liberals (Trumpers/RINO’s) and replace them with ANOTHER group of Liberals (Democrats), makes things “better”, and is “The ONLY way to save America”??

Let’s examine this line of “thinking” closely because this is very flawed, very dangerous, and very DISHONEST “thinking”, let’s take a looksey:

  1. SOME in the “Revolving Door Liberal” (RDL) group may actually be war weary, tired, wore out, scorned Conservatives who have thought they have tried EVERYTHING and it just didn’t work. So screw with voting FOR the most Constitutional/Conservative! Let’s vote Liberal Democrat. This group has been hurt, scorned, mocked, ridiculed, and threatened, and instead of doing their due diligence to FIND actual Conservatives with backbone, they throw a hissy-fit and take their “Conservative ball” and go home….only to reappear and push FOR supporting/voting FOR ONLY DEMOCRATS!!! Boo-the-freaking-HOO! Grow up ya pansies!!! IF you’re a REAL Conservative like you say/said you are then find or BE the Conservative alternative! Quit being butt-hurt babies about it. Let me be plain. I was part of a group on Twitter, “Who Dares Wins/WDW”. THIS group belongs for the most part right here. They were a group of #NeverTrumpers who got butt-hurt and boo-hooed, and now push, and promote the support/voting for DEMS/LIBS  ONLY. Because I tried to present common-sense reasoning based squarely upon Biblical-Christian, Constitutional-Conservative PRINCIPLES the leaders began to LIE ABOUT ME AND LIE TO ME. Why? Because they got their feelings hurt, and instead of getting CLARITY they got whiny, even bullying. THEY became exactly like, and pushed FOR exactly like what they said they were against!! This group have let their hurt, scorn, anger, fear, trauma, so muddy their “thinking” that they promote what they say they’re against, and “somehow” hope to achieve a Conservative end!! You CAN NOT push Liberalism/Liberals and expect to get Conservatives/Conservatism!! THAT IS INSANITY.
  2. The next group is more HONEST, even more Logical, though still flawed, wrong, and dangerous in their thinking. These are Liberal Democrats who admit they are Liberal Democrats pushing FOR Liberal Democrats. They are honest. BUT honestly wrong. The problem is NOT that “America is too Conservative”. Crikey! We’re NOT hardly Conservative at all! Since 1913 with Woodrow Wilson America has steadily moved further, and further LEFT/Liberal. ONLY Coolidge, Reagan, and to a much lesser extent GWB, slowed or reversed it. Trump has taken the BHO/HRC agenda, hooked it on Crack, Crank, and Steroids with massive does of idiotic rage and pushed us to the brink…IF we’re not already falling over the cliff.
  3. The Last Group of so-called “#NeverTrumpers”, is even WORSE than group #1, matter of FACT Group #1’s Leadership may actually BE IN THIS Group, the deep cell, Stealth Liberal. This group posed as Conservatives for years, maybe even decades, but when under fire, or they felt no one was paying attention their actions/votes were always as far Left’Liberal as they could go…and have a convenient excuse as to why they “had to” support/vote/act Liberal on that “one, lone issue/instance”. This group has articulated Conservatism while pushing for as much Liberalism as they can. They say things like “Cruz is the most Conservative…BUT Trump is THE ONLY ONE who can defeat Hillary”. They will say they’re FOR tax CUTS…except when they say “THE ONLY way to balance the budget was to RAISE taxes”. They will say they are “strong 2nd Amendment defenders”…until the next big shooting and then say “we need common-sense gun control”… so on and so forth…

There is NO HONEST reason to promote LIBERALS/LIBERALISM and to expect a Conservative result. NONE.

For more support and clarification see:


STILL NOT CONVINCED?? Then consider this:


  1. WHAT is the common-ground that Liberals and Conservatives can via compromise agree on and then vote into policy/law?
  2. Does compromising with Liberals actually mean in real world application and results that Conservatives cave, i.e. surrender Conservative Principles?
  3. ARE Principles negotiable? Something to be compromised, bartered, bantied, and abandoned when “things get really bad”?
  4. IS there actual right and wrong? Liberals say everything is relative, negotiable, and, hence, open for compromise. Conservatives say right is right- period; wrong is wrong- period. That to get good RESULTS we must needs make decisions based on and rooted in what IS good and right. HOW can Conservatives compromise with someone who thinks that WHATEVER is just as right/good as anything else…as long as the Liberal goal is achieved?
  5. Liberalism is a world-view of Big-Government tyranny. Conservatism is a world-view of “Life, LIBERTY, and The Pursuit of Happiness”. WHERE, and WHY, do Conservatives then abandon Conservative Principles to compromise with someone that is wholly, and entirely opposed to their Conservative Principles?



The Queries:

  1. What is the COMMON-GROUND between a Leftist and a Patriot/Conservative?
  2. What is the COMMON-GROUND between Big Government Liberals, and Small, Restricted by The Constitution Conservatives?
  3. Where is the COMMON-GROUND between supporters of National Socialised Medicine (like Obama-Care, or Single-Payer), and The Constitutional-Conservative solution of getting gov. OUT of the free markets, OUT of the private sector, and encourage free market/private sector solutions?
  4. Where is the COMMON-GROUND between the Liberal support of gay/sodomite marriage/rights, and The Conservative’s core belief of Traditional Family Values?
  5. Where is the COMMON-GROUND between The Democrat Party’s daily and historic move toward Socialism and Marxism, and The Conservative’s embrace of America’s Founding Principles?
  6. Where is the COMMON-GROUND between The Democrat’s support and FUNDING of Abortion, euthanasia, and doctor assisted suicide, and The Conservative’s belief that LIFE is the FIRST right given to us ALL by God, and three times FIRST mentioned in America’s Founding documents, (Declaration of Independence, 5th, and 14th Amendment)?
  7. Where is the COMMON-GROUND between between the Democrat’s gun-grabbing, gun-registration, gun-banning principle(s), and Conservatism’s embrace and defense of 2nd Amendment rights?
  8. What is the COMMON-GROUND between The Democrat’s belief in Big Government authoritarianism, and the Conservative’s CORE belief that we ARE a Constitutional Republic and that government is defined and RESTRAINED by The Constitution?
  9. What is the COMMON-GROUND between the Liberal’s view that The Constitution is “a living document” to be interpreted and applied HOWEVER is necessary to advance Liberalism, and The Conservative’s belief that America’s Founders said what they meant and meant what they said?
  10. What is the COMMON-GROUND between The Democrat’s embrace of the Marxist Progressive Income Tax, tax and spending HIKES, and the Conservative’s belief in ONLY Constitutional spending, programs, and as LOW a taxation as feasible?
  11. Lastly, What is the COMMON-GROUND between The Democrat’s view that government, and even Globalism/world government, IS THE Solution to ALL mankind’s ills, and the Conservative’s belief that we are each responsible for our own actions, and that FIRST line of aid is to be family, then church, then LOCAL charity, then, LASTLY, local government?

What is the COMMON-GROUND between Liberals, whether Democrats or RINO/Trumpers, and US REAL Conservatives? Hmmm, WDW and “whomever”?


Seeing Mike Bate’s Tweet this morning made me KNOW that NOT everyone calling themselves Conservative has lost their freaking mind.

Thank The Good Lord for that.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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