Poppa Trump Loves Jr.

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In the run-up to the election, Rudy Giuliani was made to shut up. But now, with Trump making excuses for possibly losing the House, officials are bracing for a legal assault.


On Friday night, current and former staffers of Donald Trump’s West Wing gathered at Dina Powell’s Manhattan apartment to celebrate Hope Hicks’s 30th birthday. The party also served as a send off for Hicks, who’s moving to Los Angeles to run communications for Fox News’s parent company, “New Fox.” Over cupcakes and wine, Jared KushnerIvanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Anthony Scaramucci reminisced about old times with Hicks’s mom, Caye, and her older sister. One person not present was Hicks’s ex-boyfriend, Rob Porter, much to the relief of Hicks’s parents, a Hicks friend said. [MY NOTES: Sure are a LOT of guilty people at this “party”.]

The party provided a brief respite from the news cycle on the eve of the midterms in which Republicans are projected to lose the House of Representatives, and perhaps governorships in red states Georgia and Florida. “Everyone is resigned to the outcome,” a former West Wing official said. Sources said Trump has been privately working to absolve himself of any blame if indeed a blue wave washes over Washington. “He’s happy with his crowds and the turnout and the excitement. He’ll be able to say it would have been worse without him,” the former official said.

The bigger threat for Trump than losing control of Congress is Robert Mueller’s looming report. Sources say Trump advisers are girding themselves for Mueller to deliver the results of his investigation to the Justice Department as early as Wednesday, although it’s more likely he’ll wait till later this month. Sources say besides the president, the ones with the most exposure are Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” said another former West Wing official who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The possible exposure would be that Mueller would demonstrate that Don Jr. perjured himself to investigators when he said he didn’t tell his father beforehand about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to gather “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. (Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, declined to comment.)

One potential sign of how seriously Trumpworld is treating the Mueller threat has been the near total silence of Rudy Giuliani. A constant presence on cable news over the summer, Giuliani hasn’t been on television in weeks. “What the hell happened to Rudy?” a former White House official said when I asked about Giuliani’s whereabouts. According to three sources briefed on Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has been in Europe visiting consulting clients as well as preparing a report with Trump lawyers Marty and Jane Raskin that is designed to provide a counter-narrative to Mueller’s document. “They don’t know what Mueller has but they have a good idea and they’re going to rebut it,” one Republican close to Giuliani said. But another source said Trump instructed Giuliani to stay off television to avoid hurting Trump’s midterm message. “Trump’s thinking is, ‘I gave you a lot of rope and now you got a lot of rope marks around your neck,’” the source said. (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)



Trump fears son Donald Jr may have “accidently” broken the law as Russia probe intensifies, say advisors

President’s eldest son under scrutiny for meeting Russian lawyer at Trump Tower to get ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton


In private, President Donald Trump spent much of the past week brooding, like he often does. He has been anxious about the Russia investigation‘s widening fallout, with his former campaign chairman now standing trial. And he has fretted that he is failing to accrue enough political credit for what he claims as triumphs.

At rare moments of introspection for the famously self-centred president, Mr Trump has also expressed to confidants lingering unease about how some in his orbit – including his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr – are ensnared in the Russia probe, in his assessment simply because of their connection to him.

Yet in public, President Trump is a man roaring…He is churning out false statements with greater frequency and attacking his perceived enemies with intensifying fury…

This portrait of President Trump behind the scenes is based on interviews with 14 administration officials, presidential friends and outside advisors to the White House, many of whom spoke only on the condition of anonymity to share candid assessments. 

Mr Trump appeared to stand in conflict with his own government when he blasted “the Russian hoax” just hours after his national security team joined together at the White House on Thursday in a rare show of force to warn that Russia is yet again trying to interfere in US elections…

The frequency of the president’s mistruths has picked up, as well. The Washington Post Fact Checker found last week that Trump has now made 4,229 false or misleading claims so far in his presidency – an average of nearly 7.6 such claims per day, and an increase of 978 in just two months…

…President Trump’s indignation with the Mueller investigation has long been evident, but it is boiling over with growing ferocity. He has tweeted the phrase “witch hunt” a combined 46 times in June and July, up from 29 times in April and May, and more and more he is calling out Mr Mueller by name. 

Still, Mr Trump has confided to friends and advisors that he is worried the Mueller probe could destroy the lives of what he calls “innocent and decent people” – namely Trump Jr, who is under scrutiny by Mr Mueller for his role in organising a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

As one advisor described the president’s thinking, he does not believe his son purposefully broke the law, but is fearful nonetheless that Trump Jr inadvertently may have wandered into legal jeopardy…



Donald Trump Jr. Expecting to Be Indicted by Mueller Soon

Last year, Donald Trump Jr. testified that he never informed his father of a meeting with Russian officials promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. It seemed hard to believe that the ne’er-do-well son would neglect to seek credit for his expected campaign coup from the father whose approval he so obviously craves. And now it seems that Robert Mueller has obtained proof that it is not in fact true. The Trump family lies all the time, of course, but doing it under oath is a crime.

Two days ago, Gabriel Sherman reported that White House officials are concerned about Donald Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” a former West Wing official told Sherman, who fears Mueller will be able to prove perjury. Deep in a report about Trump’s 2020 campaign plans, Politico drops the news this morning that Trump Jr. “has told friends in recent weeks that he believes he could be indicted.”

If it’s what you’re saying, we love it.

The details of the expected indictment remain to be seen. But if Trump Jr. did lie under oath, the obvious question is why. He had a lawyer, who presumably informed him of the dangers of perjury. Why take the risk of perjury to deny having informed his father about a meeting with Russian officials if the contacts produced absolutely nothing?


When you read all that and find that “President” Trump Sr. has back in August been saying that he fears Don Jr. may have BROKEN THE LAW, albeit “accidentally”, and that he still rants (falsely) about a “witch hunt”…you have to wonder: Does Trump Sr. REALLY love his oldest son? OR is Trump Sr. tossing his eldest boy under the bus to save his own hide? 


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New Report on Hush Payments Could Be Bad News for Trump

‘WSJ’ says he was directly involved at ‘nearly every step’ in arranging payments to women
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 9, 2018 1:50 PM CST



The Wall Street Journal is out with an investigative report on President Trump asserting that he played a direct role in arranging hush-money payments to women alleging affairs with him, despite two years of denials. Trump “was involved in or briefed on nearly every step of the agreements,” says the story, which is based on interviews with three dozen people, along with court documents and other records. It alleges that he [Trump] “directed deals in phone calls and meetings with his self-described fixer, Michael Cohen,” and that the US attorney’s office in Manhattan is gathering evidence about his role. According to the Journal, Trump met with friend David Pecker—a media executive who owns the National Enquirer—in Trump Tower in 2015, and asked Pecker what he could do to help the Trump campaign.

Pecker responded that he would essentially bury any scandalous stories that might emerge by buying them through the Enquirer. Within a year, Pecker had paid former Playboy model Karen McDougal $150,000. The deal with Stormy Daniels followed. The Journal says the allegations “raise the possibility” that Trump violated campaign-finance laws, though a law professor clarifies that prosecutors would have to prove that Trump “willfully skirted legal prohibitions on contributions from companies or from individuals in excess of $2,700,” per the Journal. Read the story in full here. (Pecker reportedly kept all the damning Trump stories in a safe.)


As a Born-Again, REAL Bible-believing, Bible-following Christian I do NOT see how ANYONE who IS A REAL Christian can support such a vile, odious, Liberal, lying, corrupt, sexual degenerate.

America IS under judgment, and Trump is part of the JUDGMENT…because he’s certainly NOT a blessing!

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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