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In the world AND church today exist these “Toxic Tenets”:

  1. Love never judges.
  2. Love accepts everybody just as they are.
  3. Holiness is legalism and “judg-a-mental”.
  4. All views/any faith is as good as another; “just believe”.
  5. There are NO absolutes.
  6. To say someone or something is wrong is hate-speech and divisive.
  7. We all need to unite together and lay aside any and all differences.
  8. The only thing that matters is if you believe.

Let’s first look at these HONESTLY from The Word of God, The Holy Bible, and using good, old-fashioned commonsense examine these.

[Note: when reading, quoting, and using God’s Word in ANY manner the MOST IMPORTANT thing right along with prayer IS Context. Keep the verse in the CONTEXT of the chapter. Keep the chapter in CONTEXT with the Book. Keep the book in CONTEXT with THE ENTIRE WORD OF GOD.

  1. “Love never judges”?? Really? Let’s first look at this just using basic commonsense. You love your ONLY child. Your ONLY child wants to put their puppy in the oven with mom’s meat loaf. You LOVE your child. Do you let YOUR child cook the little puppy? If yes, then we’re done right here. If NO, why? Why wont you let YOUR ONLY child put their puppy in the oven? Because commonsense says IT’S WRONG. That was a HUMAN example, let’s look at a Divine example: God loves ALL humanity, even those who of their own free will choose to hate HIM, mock HIM, scorn HIM, and rebel and disobey HIM. God’s loves ALL of humanity so much much that even if we/they CHOOSE to get IN “the oven”/go to Hell God will honor their choice. God will NOT force even ONE person to go to Heaven. The relationship MUST BE of 100%, pure, and true LOVE from us to HIM, or God in HIS love WILL let us get what WE choose. God warns us. Our choices, actions have consequences and results. We may NOT like the consequences or results of OUR CHOICES, BUT God let’s us choose. God instructs us REPEATEDLY to chose wisely. To seek and follow HIM. God daily warns of the evil that WILL befall OUR bad choices…and when one’s bad choices then lead to The Great White Throne judgement, God will then give each who freely chose to reject HIM (or come to HIM some “other way”)  The God who IS LOVE will let them have the eternal results, consequences of their choice: Hell/The Lake of Fire. God IS Love. And Love will be the very thing in God’s broken and weeping heart when HE gives you the sentence of judgment YOU CHOSE.
  2. “Love accepts everybody as they are”?? Really? That is love?  Using the human commonsense approach: A student who is nice, sweet, kind, loving, gentle, BUT their grades all through school were BARELY passing: should THAT student be ACCEPTED into Medical school to become a doctor when their entire life shows they are NOT qualified to do so? Commonsense screams NO. And that IS the CORRECT response. Now the Divine view. God does love us enough to accept each and all of as we are. BUT that is ONLY part of it. What kind of love would leave a person with a broken-heart, wounded spirit, twisted mind IN THAT condition? No. While God accepts us as we are God does NOT leave us as we are, God works to change us, to make us more like HIS only begotten Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. Only a Monster of hate would accept someone who needs help and then NOT ever help them.
  3. “Holiness is legalism and “judg-a-mental”.” Really? So, NO rules, ANYTHING goes? The Commonsense approach: FIRST, NO Rules, NO Right and Wrong. Let’s see how that works in accounting. You have $28,000 in checking. You spend $10. You NOW have -$33. Is THAT ok with you? Let’s look at construction. You spend 47 million $$$ on a mansion. The Foreman and crew use the cheapest building supplies, don’t measure anything correctly, slop YOUR mansion together, lather paint all over it to make it “look good”. Is THAT ok with you? After x-rays, MRI, and CAT-scans the Surgeon sees a lot of cancer, all treatable, even removable with surgery. BUT he says you have IBS and gives Zantac. Is THAT ok with you? A college Calculus Professor allows students to use whatever means to arrive at whatever answer…regardless of how bizarre and wrong it is, and gives them a passing grade. Is THAT ok with you? No. No it isn’t. And it shouldn’t be ok with anyone. Regardless of intentions and opinions REALITY will not and does not bend to whim and fancy. 2+2 can NOT equal 4, and 7, and 21. 2+2=4. PERIOD. Regardless of opinion, intentions, or fads. 2+2=4. The Divine approach: God IS Love. AND God IS HOLY. God HATES ALL sin, wickedness, evil, iniquity, unrighteousness…HATES ALL SIN. God LOVES the sinner. HATES the sin. God set the standard. God and His Word ARE The Standard. And NOT ONE PERSON has ever met God’s Standard. THAT is very BAD news. The Good news? God provided THE Way. Grace. Mercy. Forgiveness of OUR Eternal debt PAID IN FULL by The Lord Jesus Christ!
  4. “All views/any faith is as good as another; “just believe”.”? The Commonsense approach: you can NOT hop in your car, leave KC, and head WEST to go to Cleveland. You will NOT make it there. NEVER. The Divine approach: NOT all paths lead to Heaven. NOT all views/faiths are “just as good” as Christianity. And “just believing” is NOT enough. I can believe I can fly… So I jump of the ledge of The Grand Canyon. Will I fly? No. There IS gravity. And two opposing views can NOT both be equally true. 
  5. “There are NO absolutes”? Already answered above…BUT… think of this: The statement itself “There are NO absolutes” IS itself an ABSOLUTE statement! Regardless of what opinion may be: fire IS hot; water IS wet. Bad IS wrong. Good IS right. PERIOD.
  6. “To say someone or something is wrong is hate-speech and divisive”? What? Really? Commonsense approach: A teacher drenches his classroom with kerosene. Gets a road flare. Tells the class that as he ignites the road flare they will all be safe. NO fire to be concerned about. Is THAT ok with you?? NO. that is WRONG. The “Professor” IS WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. DEADLY WRONG. Truth IS Truth. Regardless of whose feelings it hurts, regardless of what fad or opinion it shatters…TRUTH IS TRUTH. The Divine approach: To say sin is still sin, aka wrong, is NOT hate-speech. To say adultery, fornication, incest, sodomy (homosexuality, lesbianism), bestiality, rape, murder, theft, lying, gossip…is wrong is NOT “hate”. It IS TRUTH.   
  7. “We all need to unite together and lay aside any and all differences.”?? Sounds good. The “COEXIST” folks are big on this…but does it work? Has it ever? The Commonsense approach: A leader says a group of people are inferior humans, a sub-race. He convinces the nation to this view. They begin to persecute, harass, arrest, and to kill all of said group. Another group says “Well, it doesn’t affect me, so I’m staying out of it.” BUT later the leader and his cult following turn their attentions to you. You cry out for help. But the nearest group to you says it isn’t their business, and stays out of it. Another group thinks ALL these groups are “infidels” and must be either enslaved or exterminated…HOW does one get THESE diverse groups to unite? Now, let’s look at a less violent approach via The Divine approach: One group says the ONLY way to escape Hell and get to Heaven is via doing lots of good works, lots of giving to the church/charity, and abiding by all the rituals and dogma. Another group says the ONLY way to avoid Hell and go to Heaven is take oaths of celibacy and poverty and do charitable work. Another group says the ONLY way to avoid Hell and go to Heaven is to Master esoteric and mystical knowledge. And Christians say the ONLY way to escape Hell and go to Heaven is to accept the free offer of God’s grace, and put your faith/trust completely in Jesus Christ, and follow HIM. HOW does one get these diverse groups to unify? Remember: Two opposing views can NOT BOTH be equally right. The ONLY way to get ALL groups this diverse to unite is to get them ALL to forsake any and all views that are DIFFERENT from another group and ALL believe “the same thing”…BUT WHO decides what “the same thing” IS? HOW will this person/group calling for unity ensure, and when need be, enforce this desired unity?? Is a world of cookie-cutter people with homogenized views a world worth living in?? OR…are some things still Right because they simply ARE right, and some things wrong because they simply ARE wrong??
  8. “The only thing that matters is if you believe.”? Wow…is this really true? Marx BELIEVED all property owners, manufacturers, and business owners were evil. Hitler BELIEVED the Jews were a sub-race of inferior people. Stalin BELIEVED ONLY The State was right. Charles Manson BELIEVED that killing certain people and causing a race war would usher in the Apocalypse, and that he and his “family” would rule the world. Jeffery Dahmer BELIEVED that sodomy, rape, murder, and cannibalism were good. Is “belief” really enough? Is merely placing trust in “something/someone” all that’s necessary? OR do we have to BELIEVE The Truth, aka what is Right? Yes. The bottom line to all 8 points is: THE TRUTH. Seek The Truth. Find The Truth. Believe The Truth. Accept The Truth. LIVE THE TRUTH. 



Lies are complicated. Since they are deviations, or substitutes for the truth they need to “sound/seem right” while being completely wrong. When a lie is exposed then more lies are used to cover up for, or divert attention away from the exposed lie. Lies are complicated and become complex because they are twisted, distorted, and corrupted takes on the actual Truth. Lies are “What If”.

Truth is simple. Truth IS What IS. God IS Love. God IS Holy. Fire IS hot. Water IS wet.

Bank tellers and  bankers to tell the DIFFERENCE betwixt The REAL and The Counterfeit do NOT study The Counterfeit. No. They study THE REAL. They study THE REAL inside and out, frontwards and back, up and down…until THEY KNOW THE REAL 100%! So when ANYTHING comes along that is NOT THE REAL they know. 

Christians, Soldiers of The Cross, WE NEED to KNOW THE TRUTH so well, so thoroughly, so completely, that ANYTHING THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH..WE RECOGNISE AS THE LIE IT IS. 

And…just a heads up:

Rat poison is 98% GOOD FOOD.

ONLY 2% poison.

Only a little error, a little lie, a little false doctrine can kill.

Truth is NOT hate.

Holiness is NOT hate.

Love is NOT licentious.

Love is NOT lewd NOR lust.

Love IS Holy. Holiness acts in, on, out of Love.

John 14:15 King James Version (KJV)

The Lord Jesus Christ said:

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.


Since God IS Love AND God IS Holy for us as His Children, His Disciples we to has HAVE and BE both.

We MUST love everyone.
We MUST love everyone so much that we will tell the uncomfortable TRUTH, rather than to let them live and die in a comfortable LIE.

BEING Holy does NOT do away with love. BEING Holy does NOT replace love. RATHER, BEING Holy means we love ALL unconditionally, BUT we stand where God’s Word tells us to stand, we stop where God’s Word tells us to stop, we go where, and when, God’s Word tells us to…in short, we LOVE EVERYONE enough to make their own choices and to rise and fall, live and die by THEIR OWN CHOICES.

As Christians we point the way, warn, educate, love, encourage, stand for what IS Right, Truth, and Good…BUT we let each person decide for themselves, live their own lives.

Love is NOT force. Force is NOT Love.

 The Lord God LOVES us all so much HE has provided THE way for ALL to be saved. AND God loves us ALL so much that HE Let’s US CHOOSE.


And God forces NOT ONE PERSON to go to Hell and burn for all eternity. God has provided the way through HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, every soul that goes to Hell MUST go there trampling over The Blood of Jesus.

So, there is NO false choice between Love and Holiness…they are one and the same. God’s love IS Holy, so our’s is to be also. God’s Holiness includes HIS Holy Love, Mercy, and Grace.

The dichotomy is resolved. Love and Holiness are two sides of THE SAME COIN.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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