Reality vs. Myth

In the Trump Universe of “Alternative Facts” the G.O.P., the former “Party of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan”, the Republicans say THIS NONSENSE:

GOP impeachment report claims Trump did nothing wrong



President Trump committed “no quid pro quo, bribery, extortion, or abuse of power,” Republicans on the House committees investigating the Ukraine controversy have concluded in a 110-page report reviewed by Axios ahead of its formal release.

Why it matters: The report provides the basis for Republicans’ rejection of Democrats’ anticipated articles of impeachment against the president for the remainder of the House proceedings…

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said in a statement responding to the report:

The Minority’s rebuttal document, intended for an audience of one, ignores voluminous evidence that the president used the power of his office to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political rival by withholding military aid and a White House meeting the President of Ukraine desperately sought. In so doing, the President undermined our national security and the integrity of our elections.”



Some pertinent and logical questions IF Trump really did NO wrong, then:

  1. Why fire Comey?
  2. Why pressure Sessions to “retire”?
  3. Why the continued train of lies about “witch hunt”, “deep state”, Obama, Hillary, now Biden, “Fake News”, and the stupid Alex Jones-esque conspiracies??
  4. Why the document destruction?
  5. Why the stonewalling?
  6. Why ORDER all involved to NOT testify and NOT provide evidence?
  7. Why tamper with evidence?
  8. Why tamper with and threaten witnesses?
  9. Why withhold evidence that has repeatedly been lawfully subpoenaed?
  10. Why say that you WILL, and then repeatedly refuse to testify and/or be interviewed UNDER OATH?

Not one bit of that is the work of an INNOCENT man.



Report: Trump Knew About Complaint Before Aid Released

He distances himself from Giuliani’s Ukraine work


By Rob Quinn,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 27, 2019 6:43 AM CST

(NEWSER) – New allegations in the New York Times could be big news for the impeachment inquiry, if they can be proven. The Times, citing “two people familiar with the matter,” reports that President Trump knew about the whistleblower’s complaint when he decided to unfreeze military aid to Ukraine. The sources say Trump, who released the aid on Sept. 11, learned in late August that he had been accused of wrongdoing in withholding the aid while pressuring Ukraine’s president to carry out investigations that could help him politically. Trump was told about the complaint by White House counsel Pat Cippolone and other lawyers who were trying to figure out whether they were required to submit it to Congress, the sources say.

Days before Trump released the aid, he told US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland that no “quid pro quo” was involved. According to the Times‘ sources, Trump would have known at the time that investigators suspected otherwise. Bloomberg reports that the president is distancing himself from Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to get Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. He told former Fox host Bill O’Reilly in an interview Tuesday that he did not direct his attorney to Ukraine to push for investigations. “No, I didn’t direct him,” Trump said. “No, but you have to understand, Rudy is a great corruption fighter.” Giuliani has said his Ukraine investigation was “done solely as a defense attorney to defend my client against false charges.” (Giuliani says he’s not worried about Trump throwing him under the bus.)


The LAST line above is pure fantasy. The reality is, YES, Trump knew he was being reported for “quid pro quo”, and, YES, Trump is distancing himself from Giuliani’s Ukrainian “work”…aka as further evidence and witness tampering. BUT…and with Trump this is a BIG butt, the last line saying Giuliani is not worried about Trump throwing him under the bus is pure fantasy, aka LIE.

Here’s the reality:

‘I have insurance’: Giuliani warns Trump to not throw him ‘under the bus’ over Ukraine scandal during Fox News interview



On Fox News Saturday, Rudy Giuliani sat for an interview with Ed Henry, and appeared to suggest that President Donald Trump wouldn’t dare let him go down for the Ukraine scheme, because Giuliani could take him down with him.

“I’ve seen things written like ‘He is going to throw me under the bus,’” said Giuliani. “When they say that, I say, ‘He isn’t, but I have insurance.’”…

…He also accused his indicted associate Lev Parnas of lying about the role of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) in the Ukraine scheme, and appeared to threaten him as well, warning that he “could make himself into another Michael Cohen” — a reference to Trump’s former lawyer who was excommunicated from the president’s circle and is now serving a federal prison sentence for fraud and tax evasion.


THE MYTH: Trump wont throw me under the bus. We have a “very good” relationship.

THE REALITY: Rudy threatens to take Trump down with him, AND threatens Lev Parnas, a former associate of HIS, who has been charged with fraud and corruption linked TO THE UKRAINE!



Pelosi to Trump: You’re Invited

Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer invite the president to stand up for himself


Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited President Donald Trump to testify in front of investigators in the House impeachment inquiry ahead of a week that will see several key witnesses appear publicly, the AP reports. Pushing back against accusations from the president that the process has been stacked against him, Pelosi said Trump is welcome to appear or answer questions in writing, if he chooses. “If he has information that is exculpatory, that means ex, taking away, culpable, blame, then we look forward to seeing it,” she said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation. Trump “could come right before the committee and talk, speak all the truth that he wants if he wants,” she said. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer echoed that suggestion.

“If Donald Trump doesn’t agree with what he’s hearing, doesn’t like what he’s hearing, he shouldn’t tweet. He should come to the committee and testify under oath. And he should allow all those around him to come to the committee and testify under oath,” Schumer told reporters. He said the White House’s insistence on blocking witnesses from cooperating begs the question: “What is he hiding?”


Trump’s MYTH:

He said he’d provide “written testimony” UNDER OATH to the Impeachment hearings.


Friday, December 6th was the deadline to so. Did Trump follow through on the dual invitation AS HE SAID HE WOULD?

Let The Record show that the answer is NO. NO, Trump did NOT comply at all. Whine? Yes.

Blather with rage? YES.


But show up or send written testimony UNDER OATH?? Ya gotta be kiddin’ me! NO.



Trump Says He Knows ‘Nothing’ About Overheard Phone Call

Diplomat says Trump asked about ‘investigations’ while talking to another diplomat


…The first two witnesses were William Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, and George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. Some highlights:

  • Another phone call: In a new piece of information, Taylor testified that a member of his staff overheard Trump ask about the “the investigations” during a phone call with diplomat Gordon Sondland, reports the AP. The call took place one day after Trump’s call to the Ukraine president in July. (Sondland and the Taylor staffer were in a restaurant together when Trump called.) During the conversation, Sondland told Trump the Ukrainians were poised to move forward. After the call, the Taylor staffer asked Sondland what Trump thought about Ukraine. “Sondland responded that President Trump cares more about the investigations of Biden, which (Rudy) Giuliani was pressing for,” said Taylor, per Axios.
  • More on that: Politico sees the call as “an explosive new detail,” and the Washington Post agrees, saying it ties Trump “more directly to the effort to pressure Ukraine to probe his political opponents.” Plus, it undermines Trump’s previous assertion that he barely knows Sondland. …Taylor said his “clear understanding” was that Ukraine aid and investigations were linked…
  • When Kent was asked if there was any truth to the theory that Joe Biden pushed Ukraine to fire a prosecutor in order to protect his son, he answered, “None whatsoever,” per the Wall Street Journal. He shot down the conspiracy theory, one pushed by the White House, that it was Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in the 2016 election. “I think it’s amply clear that Russian interference was at the heart of the interference.”


Trump’s MYTH that he “knew nothing” about phone calls, knew nothing about Giuliani’s “mission” to and in the Ukraine????

REALITY is that a table full of people on TWO separate occasions heard on the Trump side and on the Sondland or Giuliani side the conversations!!!



5 Big Lines From House Panel’s Impeachment Report

Intelligence committee outlines case against Trump


The next step in the impeachment process has unfolded: The House Intelligence Committee has released a 300-page report outlining evidence against President Trump. The panel is expected to approve the report in a party-line vote later Tuesday and send it to the Judiciary Committee ahead of that panel’s first impeachment hearing on Wednesday, reports the AP. Some of the big lines, from the AP, NBC NewsPolitico, and the Washington Post:

  • The impeachment inquiry into Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, uncovered a months long effort by President Trump to use the powers of his office to solicit foreign interference on his behalf in the 2020 election.”
  • [T]he President placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the United States, sought to undermine the integrity of the US presidential election process, and endangered US national security.”
  • To compel the Ukrainian President to do his political bidding, President Trump conditioned two official acts on the public announcement of the investigations: a coveted White House visit and critical US military assistance Ukraine needed to fight its Russian adversary.”
  • “President Trump engaged in an unprecedented campaign of obstruction of this impeachment inquiry.”
  • “The damage to our system of checks and balances, and to the balance of power within our three branches of government, will be long-lasting and potentially irrevocable if the president’s ability to stonewall Congress goes unchecked. Any future president will feel empowered to resist an investigation into their own wrongdoing, malfeasance, or corruption, and the result will be a nation at far greater risk of all three.”




BUT reality says…

Adam Schiff

Over 500 legal scholars agree President Trump committed impeachable conduct: President Trump betrayed his oath of office by seeking foreign interference in our elections for his personal, political benefit at the expense of national security interests.


  • Over 500 legal scholars signed an open letter stating President Donald Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct” in his dealings with Ukraine.

  • The letter said there’s “overwhelming evidence that President Trump betrayed his oath of office by seeking to use presidential power to pressure a foreign government to help him distort an American election.”

  • The scholars said both chambers of Congress “would be acting well within their constitutional powers” if they ultimately vote to impeach and remove Trump.


In closing, one more dose of cold, hard REALITY:

Justin Amash

There’s “considerable evidence” of something for which there is no evidence. [GOP stuck on acquitted Biden.]

And there’s “no evidence” of something for which there is considerable evidence. [GOP blind/deaf on guilty Trump.]

This is today’s Republican Party.


“Set Eye-Roll on FULL POWER!!”

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.




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Republicans argue that Trump had ‘valid’ concerns about Ukraine corruption in new report


In their impeachment defense of President Trump, House Republicans will argue that his decision to withhold military aid from Ukraine was based on “valid” concerns and not politics, a conclusion that’s at odds with sworn testimony from the inquiry…

These lying GOP Representatives and Congressmen went so far as to say:

GOP impeachment report claims Trump did nothing wrong(??!!!!)


House Republican Reps. Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan and lawyer Steve Castor listed during an impeachment hearing last month.




The Truth/Facts though do NOT agree with Trump and his slavish supporters.

Lisa Page Speaks: ‘There’s No Fathomable Way I Have Committed Any Crime at All’




The former FBI lawyer and ongoing Trump target breaks two years of silence in this exclusive interview. And she has quite a lot to say.



Republican senator refuses to stop parroting Kremlin propaganda


Sen. John Kennedy argued in a testy exchange with NBC’s Chuck Todd that “both Russia and Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election,” claiming without evidence that former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko “actively worked” for Hillary Clinton.

Todd responded: “You realize that the only other person selling this argument outside of the United States is Vladimir Putin. … Are you at all concerned that you have been duped?”



KENNEDY: You should read the articles, Chuck, because they are well-documented. And I believe that a Ukrainian district court in December 2018 slapped down several Ukrainian officials for meddling in our elections as a violation of the Ukrainian law. Now, I did not report those facts, and reputable journalists reported those facts. Does that mean that the Ukrainian leaders were more aggressive than Russia? No. Russia was very aggressive and they’re much more sophisticated, but the fact that Russia was so aggressive does not exclude the fact that President Poroshenko actively worked for Secretary Clinton.

TODD: My goodness. Wait a minute. Senator Kennedy, you now have the president of Ukraine saying that he actively worked for the Democratic nominee for president. I mean come on. You realize that the only other person selling this argument outside of the United States is Vladimir Putin. … You have just accused the former president of Ukraine — You have done exactly what the Russian operation is trying to get American politicians to do. Are you at all concerned that you have been duped?

KENNEDY: No. Just read the articles.

What to do about a senator who neglects his obligations to attend briefings, who perpetuates propaganda from an adversary and who deliberately misleads the public by conflating meddling/interference by an adversary and public criticism of a candidate?

What to do about the Kremlin’s propagandists


Dec. 2, 2019 at 6:45 a.m. CST

Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-La.) once before walked back an assertion that maybe Ukraine was responsible for meddling in the 2016 election. That has not deterred him from repeating the Kremlin’s propaganda. Appearing on “Meet the Press” on Sunday, he was at it again.

When moderator Chuck Todd asked him if he was not simply doing Russia’s dirty work, Kennedy responded, “I think both Russia and Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. I think it’s been well documented in the Financial Times, in Politico, in the Economist, in the Washington Examiner, even on CBS, that the prime minister of Ukraine, the interior minister, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, the head of the Ukrainian Anti-Corruption League, all meddled in the election on social media and otherwise.”

This is false, patently false. None of these outlets identified manipulation or interference in our election. Individual Ukrainians have publicly criticized President Trump, but Kennedy prefers to utter the Kremlin propaganda line. He acknowledged that he did not attend a briefing that Fiona Hill referenced “that actually this entire effort to frame Ukraine for the Russian meddling of 2016, of which you, you just made this case that they’ve done it, that actually this is an effort of Russia propaganda, that this is a Russian intelligence propaganda campaign in order to get people like you to say these things about Ukraine,” as Todd put it. An incredulous Todd soldiered on:

TODD: They’re trying to frame Ukraine. You apparently were briefed about this in the United States Senate by intelligence officials. Are you at all concerned you’re doing Russian intelligence work here?
KENNEDY: I was not briefed. . . .
I wasn’t briefed. Dr. Hill is entitled to her opinion. But when the Economist magazine —
TODD: When does opinion, when does opinion become fact? Does 17 intelligence services saying it, does every Western intelligence ally saying Russia did this? I’m just sort of confused, at what point is it no longer an opinion for you?
KENNEDY: I don’t think it’s an opinion. I think it’s a fact.

Kennedy persisted in naming publications that did not confirm his claim of Ukrainian “interference.” Todd tried yet again:

TODD: I mean, my goodness, wait a minute, Senator Kennedy, you now have the president of Ukraine saying he actively worked for the Democratic nominee for president. I mean, now come on. I mean, I got to put up — you realize the only other person selling this argument outside the United States is this man, Vladimir Putin. This is what he [PUTIN] said on November 20th: “Thank God nobody is accusing us anymore of interfering in U.S. elections. Now they’re accusing Ukraine. Well, let them sort this out among themselves.” You just accused a former president of Ukraine. You have done exactly what the Russian operation is trying to get American politicians to do. Are you at all concerned that you’ve been duped?
KENNEDY: No, because you — just read the articles. . . .
TODD: Do you think there’s a difference in a country criticizing a presidential candidate who essentially endorsed another country’s invasion and annexation of a part of their country as equivalent to what Russia did with the DNC?

At that point Kennedy switched topics — to falsely claim Trump was not allowed to invite witnesses in the House Judiciary Committee’s upcoming impeachment hearings. (An offer is outstanding.)

What to do about a senator who neglects his obligations to attend briefings, who perpetuates propaganda from an adversary of the United States and who deliberately misleads the public by conflating meddling/interference by an adversary and public criticism of a candidate?


So, while Trump and the GOP trot out liar after liar to spew lie after lie what’s happening in and to America?


Joe Scarborough

Trump owns the biggest federal debt ever,

the biggest pork-barreled budget ever,

the most bloated, expensive government ever,

the biggest tariff tax hike ever,

and the biggest Socialist farm payoff scheme ever.

Trump spends taxpayers’ money like a drunken socialist.



Jay Caruso

“The farm rescue is now more than twice as expensive as the 2009 auto industry bailout, which ultimately cost taxpayers $12 billion.” cOnSeRvAtIsM!!

Half of the Trump administration’s latest trade-war bailout for farmers went to just a 10th of recipients in the program

Trump Pledged to Help Small Farms. Aid Is Going to Big Ones

 Updated on 
  • Group studied first tranche of 2019 trade-aid payments
  • Top 1% of beneficiaries received 13% of money distributed
  • Donald Trump promised he would help embattled small farmers caught in the crossfire of his trade war with China. But big farms so far have been the main beneficiaries of the billions of dollars being distributed in aid payments.

But remember folks: Collectivism is good when Trump wants to fight a pointless trade war! He’s fighting! Like Glass Joe but he’s fighting!


One of my favorite Twitter Patriots, a TRUE Conservative, and former GOP politician, now Patriot, Heath Mayo writes-

Heath Mayo

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” – Teddy Roosevelt


Let me close with this-

“It’s Over” Says TrumPutin.


IN THE ARTICLE you find, per usual, that Trump is once again LYING. I know, I’m shocked too.

Trump FALSELY claims that it’s over for impeachment inquiry.

It’s getting close to being over…BEING OVER FOR TrumPutin & Co.!

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.