An End-Times Refocus.


I’ve written and spoke about this several times, even in the midst of writing and warning about political and governmental issues and politicians I inject that man/men/mankind is NOT the answer, The ONLY Answer is The Lord Jesus Christ, see HERE and HERE.

Some have said I, and Christians in general, should not ever speak or write about politics…keep that to yourself.

My reply?

Abraham. Isaac. Jacob. Joseph. Moses. Esther. Joshua. Nehemiah. Ezra. Job. David. Solomon. Josiah. Hezekiah. Isaiah. Jeremiah. Nathan. Ezekiel. Daniel. Elijah. Elisha. Hosea. Amos. Jonah. Zechariah. Malachi. John The Baptist. Peter. Paul. John…if you haven’t “got it” yet all these saints were elevated and placed by The Lord God Yaweh HIMSELF to positions of power in government, or to directly influence government. God calls HIS SAINTS TO BE The Leaders. Only when God’s people sin and go astray does The Lord raise up pagans as judgment over His disobedient children.


When one ACTUALLY, HONESTLY READS ALL of the above 8 links to be fully honest they MUST conclude that the current occupant of the White House, all of his enablers in the WH, Comgress, and so-called “Conservative” media do NOT even remotely meet that. Trump is the complete antithesis of ALL that God wants in HIS Godly Leaders.

So why do “evangelicals” support and defend Trump?

99% of the so-called “Evangelicals” who support Trump are either from one of these HERETICAL groups:

word of faith

positive confession/possibility thinking

prosperity “gospel”

“Dominion/Kingdom Now/Survivalist theology

seed faith/dream seeds

or some other blab-it/grab-it, self-help, self esteem, Liberal/FALSE doctrine. The other 1% is simply Liberals who sold out for power, position, influence, and fame. So let us please quit blaming ALL born-again, Blood-Bought, Jesus-Loving, Bible-Based, Conservative, REAL Christians who HAVEN’T thrown our brains away, NOR sold our souls to “the god of this world”.



Since 1992 a lot of my articles (this does NOT include NOR encompass my preaching or teaching) have been on the Reagan-esque attempt to apply Biblical principles, morals, views…to a person or a group of people with the intent to affect positive, Christian change in American politics/government. The Lord God has finally got through to me that “This Is Not Then“, and that that “The Answer Is NOT Man“.


Truly the ONLY Answer, the ONLY Hope for mankind has ALWAYS been The Lord Jesus Christ- nothing more added, nothing taken away, and nothing changed- JUST JESUS.

But there was til recently time and place for Godly men and women to “make up the hedge and stand in the gap for the land”…but as we survey Bible prophecy and take a look and listen around…the time for that is over, and The Day of The Lord is at hand.

So with me finally getting the message concerning GOD’S Time-Table…I am refocusing more on two things:

Get The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ READY: 1. To BE The Light, Salt, THE WITNESS for Jesus in all of life that we are suppose to be; 2. To be caught up to meet The Lord in the air.

With this refocus it means that TIME IS SHORT…”who is charge down here man-wise” is NOT near as important as who is in charge ETERNITY-WISE.

Let me close with one question:

Who are YOU following and where will YOU spend Eternity?

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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