I posted this meme below:

The response?

“My neighborhood was lit…

…we set off tons of fireworks…

…we grilled..

…we BBQ’d…”

While all that is good, fine, and is an expression of our Liberty, Freedom, and Independence…that, in itself is not Liberty.


A quick tutorial in what Liberty is, and where it comes from.

1.  LIBERTY IS: The freedom, the right, to choose to: believe, say, do, and live as YOU PERSONALLY choose; for each individual to MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES, whether they be good or bad. For Liberty to mean anything in a REAL sense it MUST include the right, the freedom for someone to choose to be an atheist, communist, satanist, humanist, or even a Nazi; AS WELL AS INCLUDING the right, the freedom to choose to be a Christian, Capitalist, a believer in ANY faith, a person of prayer, or even a genuine, real Constitutional-Conservative. IF even ONE person is NOT allowed to make their own choices- that is NOT Liberty. If ONLY one “expert/government approved” “choice” is the ONLY ONE WE CAN MAKE- that is NOT Liberty either. EVERYONE is created by God and endowed with certain inalienable rights to choose for themselves. This is a Biblical view as well, see Deuteronomy 30:15-20. There ARE consequences to every choice. It is best to KNOW BEFOREHAND what the consequences ARE- THEN choose…or one may well regret their choice(s). This definition of Liberty is the CIVIL definition of Liberty and applies to ALL- Christian or otherwise. ALL have Liberty.

2. LIBERTY IS: for the Christian more narrowly defined, again, KNOW the consequences BEFORE making a choice. While the first definition, the Civil Definition, still holds true for the Christian, when one who has decided to make The Lord Jesus Christ their own/personal Lord and Saviour the meaning of Liberty is more narrowly defined. For the Christian LIBERTY IS: the freedom to choose and to live as WE OUGHT TO LIVE, rather than to choose and live as WE want to live. See John 8:31, 32, 36; Galatians 5:1; Luke 9:23.

3. Building upon this Liberty does NOT equate to: anarchy, chaos, rebellion, defiance, pride, arrogance, or lawlessness. Liberals and Libertarians both make the mistake of confusing Libertinism (one who IS a Libertine, devoid of morals, devoid of/rejects moral absolutes; one who is depraved) with true Liberty. The flimsy and phony argument has been made even recently by Libertarians, their Presidential candidate JoJo is “personally against abortion and euthanasia”…but supports a person’s “free choice/personal liberty” to choose to do so if that is what they personally choose”. This argument is specious, false, and an exercise in obfuscation. Following this “Libertarian Logic” then it would be “ok” to say “I’m personally against rape, but if someone else wants to commit it that is their own personal liberty”!! OR “I’m personally against arson, but if someone of their own free choice chooses to burn down a block of businesses that is their own personal liberty”!!! This foolish “Libertarian Logic” is disingenuous, dishonest, and a deliberate act to muddy the debate. Thus making being a Libertarian NO different than being their TWIN, The Liberal. Because, NO matter how one dresses up the issues with flowery, confusing, and obfuscating speech wrong/Liberalism is STILL wrong/Liberalism. One fellow Christian and Constitutional-Conservative said it this way:

There are undeniable direct parallels (possibly even causal) between political liberal and sinners vs political conservatives and real Christians…..
Conservatism is the “narrow path” in the philosophy of politics and learning and even living……while Liberalism is the “wide path”……
That is why so many fall into one form of liberalism or another, while so few actually truly fit into real and complete conservatism…….and a big part of that is how much the person themself is even fooling themself and ending up being other than what they claim.

Conservatism is hard to learn, follow, and to maintain in life…..the exact same way that true/real Christianity is……many claim both, but oooh so many fall short of the full descriptor.

Agree. When one studies The Bible you will see that what Gods declares right, good and just IS Conservatism. And conversely what God declares wrong, bad, and unjust IS Liberalism.

The confusion stems from when a person or group:

  1. Lies about who or what they really believe.
  2. Hides who or what they really believe.
  3. Attempts to come down on every side of who or what they really believe.
  4. Is unclear/confusing (whether deliberate or due to they are themselves confused) about who or what they really believe.

When this, or any combination or version of the above takes place it can become difficult, nigh unto impossible to determine what said person really believes and where they really stand…UNTIL…UNTIL you go to The Bible and in I Corinthians 14:33; I Corinthians 14:40; II Thessalonians 2; James 1:8…THEN you see that confusion, chaos, anarchy, double-mindedness are the activities inspired by Satan.

The antidote.

  1. Have your Bible. Read it. Study it. Know it. Live it.
  2. Have your own copy of The Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers, Constitution, and Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-11 particularly). Read it. Study it. Know it. Live it.

Where Does Liberty Come From?

Different Philosophical schools have different views of Liberty and Rights. Though there are a plethora of ideologies with their own names or titles, they essentially boil down to TWO World-views. These two world-views have various names, and various degrees of being adhered to by their followers, I will use the terms:

  1. Biblical-Christian/Constitutional Conservative, and
  2. Humanistic/Liberal.

Biblical-Christian/Constitutional-Conservative World-view.

[Limiting myself to the topic of Liberty] The Biblical-Christian/Constitutional Conservative acknowledges that all our Rights and Liberties come from God, and hence, are inalienable, immutable; NOT subject to man or man’s decree, whim, or fancy. We have these rights AND Liberties naturally BECAUSE God created us in His likeness and in His image to have them intrinsically

Since our rights and Liberties ARE INDEED God-given then NO man, society, nor government can take them from us since they are OURS by virtue of creation, birth, and life. We ONLY lose our rights and Liberties as WE forfeit them. It may mean hardship, false accusation(s), verbal, emotional, financial, and even physical attacks, even death to KEEP them. But our God-given rights and Liberties ARE OURS TIL DEATH. PERIOD.

Humanistic/Liberal World-view.

The Humanistic/Liberal world-view is one where there is NO absolute truth. There is NO absolute right or wrong. (EXCEPT for those TWO Absolutes…cue eye-roll).

In the Humanistic/Liberal world-view since there is no absolute right nor wrong, and no absolute truth then the person or group who wields the most power/force is the one who makes the rules, and determines what, if any, rights and Liberties anyone has. The “right and wrong” are determined by whoever is in control at the time.

THAT is by NO means anything remotely close to real and true Liberty.

Can this be refuted?

Yes. Easily.

  1. EVERY single society, civilization, nation, and empire that ever chose the Humanistic/Liberal world-view as their model met ruin, decline, depravity, then destruction.
  2. NOT ONE single society, civilization, nation, and empire that ever chose the Humanistic/Liberal world-view as their model has prospered long, if at all. They may start out with the wealth/prosperity of all the citizens via THE CITIZEN’S labor and investments, BUT the more, and the longer there is Humanistic/Liberal influence the patter of poverty, ruin, decline, depravity, then destruction always are the end result. Babel. Assyria. Egypt. Syria. Greece. Rome. Germany. Russia/USSR, China, N. Korea, Venezuela, Cuba…all epic failures.
  3. IF Humanism/Liberalism was “The Right Way” one would think that over the course of 6,000 plus years it would have worked ONE time. But a 100% Epic Failure rate speaks for itselfLOUDLY.
  4. As to the “NO Absolute Truth/Right/Wrong” view: 2+2 can not, and does not, both equal 4 AND 7, 193, 1, or Eleventy-12. NO. No two opposing views can BOTH be correct. You can NOT begin walking from Overland Park, Kansas to go TO Cleveland, Ohio by heading WEST. NO amount of faith in the state, no amount of exertion, will power, teamwork will ever make that possible. It is an ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBILITY. Last example: water can NOT be wet AND dry at the same time, if ever. 



The Biblical-Christian/Constitutional-Conservative world-view every time it is chosen and adhered to brings Liberty, prosperity, peace, strength, victory, growth, security, and success. 

The Humanistic/Liberal world-view is BAD/WRONG and it WILL take a prosperous and free society and ruin it, enslave it, impoverish it, weaken it, and, at long last, as it can ONLY do, DESTROY IT. OR IF it starts from “scratch” it starts in oppression, tyranny, and squalor and, well, only gets worse.

Things That Are NOT Liberty.






ONLY Biblical-Christianity/Constitutional-Conservatism IS Liberty, with all it’s attendant rights, blessing, prosperity, peace, security, wealth, happiness, freedom, and strength.


I have barely scratched the surface of what ALL Liberty is and what it entails. But this may whet your appetite to look into LIBERTY some more yourself.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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