The Steady Drum Beat of Lies.

Even Socialist Sweden isn’t as Hard Left as we are!!

‘We see no point in wearing a face mask,’ Sweden’s top virus expert says as he touts the country’s improving COVID numbers


As other countries face renewed outbreaks, Sweden’s latest Covid-19 figures suggest it’s rapidly bringing the virus under control.

“That Sweden has come down to these levels is very promising,” state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell told reporters in Stockholm on Tuesday.

The Health Agency of Sweden says that since hitting a peak in late June, the infection rate has fallen sharply. That’s amid an increase in testing over the period. “The curves are going down and the curves for the seriously ill are beginning to approach zero,” Tegnell said.

The development follows months of controversy over Sweden’s decision to avoid a full lockdown. The unusual strategy coincided with a much higher Covid-19 mortality rate than elsewhere in the Nordic region. Per 100,000, Swedish deaths even exceeded those in the U.S. and Brazil.

Tegnell also broached the subject of face masks, which the World Health Organization recommends people use when social distancing isn’t possible.

“With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,” he said.

Tegnell has consistently argued that Sweden’s approach is more sustainable than the sudden lockdowns imposed elsewhere. With the risk that Covid-19 might be around for years, he says completely shutting down society isn’t a long-term option.



If masks were work as well as the maskholes claim, then how do you explain Hong Kong? For months it was held up by maskholes as an example to the world of how society-wide mask use stops the spread of coronavirus. Except now Hong Kong is on its third wave of lockdowns and its hospital system is overrun with COVID-19 patients.

It’s a virus and more than likely will never disappear. Do you all think you need to stay shut in until there are no more cases? Masks don’t work! This has around a 99% recovery rate! LIVE ALREADY, just live!

Concerning the fear-mongering by The Left/”Maskateers” never giving ANY details about the virus, and never saying when, or even IF the tyrannical measures will end. : NO surprise – all we have to do is pay attention to what they are saying – SLOW THE SPREAD = prolonging thisnot ONE of them states it will stop the spread. Yet the Maskateers intentionaly have people believing the face diaper will make them safe.

Hawaii, more than two thousand miles from its closest neighbor and voluntarily shutoff from the mainland, has seen a 700% increase in new cases. Its also had some form of mask mandate SINCE APRIL 20th!

Masks don’t work!

I do NOT and NEVER WILL support government ordering ANYTHING that is NOT clearly in The Constitution.

Tyranny IS Tyranny.


It does not matter who or what the origin it is, it does not matter how nice or benevolent the reason is…

Tyranny IS STILL Tyranny.

I’ve been saying this all along…. mask mandates have been purposelessly put into place to keep the numbers going. All of the studies done before this show they increase infection rates. And if you go into any store you see why. Joe Public has absolutely zero understanding of microbiology and virology. The orchestrators of the scamdemic know this.

Fauci now says goggles need to be worn too.

He is the fake doctor promoting this fraud on people.

…even in the surgical theatre studies show that masks may increase, rather than decrease, risk of infection.

Yes! I’ve been trying to tell people this and they think I’m the crazy one. I’m a nurse and I feel like this is nursing 101. Some amount of germs/bacteria are actually good and necessary to strengthen our immune systems.

I agree! They don’t want us to reach herd immunity… Nor will they acknowledge herd immunity when it happens.

I have said all along that Fauci is a fake. He is part of the swamp in DC.

I don’t believe the severity of this plandemic. I think wearing masks will actually help spread the virus too, especially,after Fauci and co all said they are useless unless in sterile areas…..or you did NOT need one at a riot…







by  | Aug 3, 2020 | American Medical AssociationCOVID-19JAMAUniversity of Stockholm


Not the most eloquent, but probably the most important thing I’ve written since COVID came to town.

“As is clearly demonstrated, those living in a state of manufactured, unwarranted fear of this diseaseand therefore submitting to the draconian shutdown mandates of our governors, mayors, and their paid bureaucratic “experts” — are whipped into that panic by the deliberately misleading headlines being shared by millions (billions?) living in wanton, lazy ignorance.

It’ll only take you five minutes to read the piece. A lot longer if you’re willing to follow the links and verify, for yourself, what I’ve demonstrated therein.


We’ve all seen these frightening headlines, (and God only knows how many times I’ve had these thrown in my face the past five months):

-Covid-19 infections leave an impact on the heart, raising concerns about lasting damage

 -Even mild coronavirus cases can cause lasting cardiovascular damage, study shows

-From brain fog’ to heart damage, COVID-19s lingering problems alarm scientists

-Doctors say some patients with COVID-19 can have heart damage

Unlike 80% of those who now get their news by scrolling down their Facebook and Twitter feeds — reading only the headlines and the copy/pasted first paragraphs — I have the obsessive habit of actually clicking on those links to read the stories.  Even more annoying, (to some), I also click on the hyperlinks in those articles, (if they are included), to the research and studies referenced in those headlines.

I’m going to walk you through a couple of these deceptive headlines and related studies, step by step, proving to you the means of the fear mongering manipulations of even the most tame, non-threatening scientific data.  I’m going to avoid the hard math, but provide the links for those who wish to go there. 

I’m going to keep this as simple, yet as thorough as possible.  First, let’s take a brief sidebar journey into Journalism 101:

We all know that when it comes to choosing a story or a front page headline, the axiom of “if it bleeds, it leads” has always guided what comes first in traditional newspapers, the 11 o’clock news, and now . . . internet publishing.  Why?  Simple.  There’s also the secondary axiom:  “follow the money.”  Sensationalism sells.  Newspapers don’t exist unless you buy a copy.  Also, unless a sufficiently large enough number of others are seduced into spending their money on print editions, advertisers don’t buy ad space.  The 11 o’clock news must have enough eyeballs glued to the screen to sell their own commercial time.  Internet publishers must generate clicks, and in so doing can then surround articles with those annoying pop-up ads.  Their headlines must be of sufficient impact, even if the underlying information is a snoozefest.

annoying pop-up ads.  Their headlines must be of sufficient impact, even if the underlying information is a snoozefest.

“Click-bait,” we call it.

A 2016 study by computer scientists at Columbia University and the French National Institute revealed that 59% of social media users will share a story based on the headline only, before or even without having ever clicked on the link themselves.


How about this headline from Upworthy:  “I wrote a news headline that didn’t even link to a story. Over 2,000 people commented on it anyway.”


According to a 2013 Slate story, among the remaining small percentage who even click on the story, 10% never scroll . . . at all.  They only read the first paragraph or look at the accompanying photo.  They “bounced” without engaging at all.  Most never finish any article, even the ones they click on.

Are YOU still here?

Newspapers, broadcast journalists, and internet publishers all know this:  the vast majority of people get their news from the headline, the accompanying photo, and not much more than the opening paragraph.  Therefore, when some of us finally begin making headway in presenting the the FACT that COVID-19 is survivable by 99.76% of the total population, and 99.99% of the rest with no comorbidities, we get this headline thrown in our faces:

“Even mild coronavirus cases can cause lasting cardiovascular damage, study shows”

Ergo . . . if most of us are going to eventually be infected by this “novel” coronavirus, we can expect widespread damage to all of our hearts.  Right?  So important is that information, 58% shared those stories without even clicking on the link.  10% of those who clicked never scrolled past the first paragraph.  The vast majority of the remainder never finished the article, so how many do you think actually bothered to click on the links to the referenced studies?

Almost no one.  But . . . I did.

I’ve scrolled down and read a few dozen articles with some headline variation on that particular story about cardiovascular damage caused by coronavirus infections.  Many provide no links at all, but here’s one that did offer links to the studies referenced by those “chilling headlines”:

“Covid-19 infections leave an impact on the heart, raising concerns about lasting damage”

Go ahead.  Click on the link.  I’ll wait . . .

Okay?  Now, let’s begin with the linked study that is found well down the article, past the point most people will even bother reading.  It’s title:

“Association of Cardiac Infection With SARS-CoV-2 in Confirmed COVID-19 Autopsy Cases” 

That link takes you to a recent study published by JAMA Cardiology in the journal of the American Medical Association.  Please feel free to read the entire study, but for the purposes of this blog, please note the four most salient points taken from the abstract:

1 – The size of the study:  only 39 patients.

2 – This research was based on the autopsies of those 39 patients who died from complications related to COVID-19.

3 – The average age of those patients was 85. (All were 78 to 89 years of age.)

4 – “Comorbidities such as hypertensioncoronary artery disease, and diabetes were frequent and diagnosed in 17 (43.6%), 32 (82.0%), and 7 patients (17.9%), respectively.”

Did you catch that?  82% of those 39 victims already had coronary artery disease, before contacting COVID-19.

Do I really need to explain — now that you know this information — why so many 27 year olds are scared to death of COVID-19?  Why they are willing to submit to lockdowns, loss of livelihoods, and accuse non-mask wearing neighbors of being “selfish murderers” when they themselves have a statistical 99.9997% likelihood of surviving this disease?

Let’s go to the other link in that article, which presents data on a larger sampling of younger infected patients.  This is also published by JAMA Cardiology, entitled:

“Outcomes of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients Recently Recovered From Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)”

The primary takeaways of this “larger” sampling:

1 – Only 100 patients were studied.

2 – All 100 had recovered from “acute” or “severe” cases of COVID-19.  78% of those demonstrated “cardiac involvement,” and only 60% had “ongoing myocardial inflammation.”

3 – The median age of those studied was 49.  (All were 45 to 53 years old.)

4 – Of those studied, “preexisting cardiovascular conditions included hypertension, diabetes, and known coronary artery disease but no previously known heart failure or cardiomyopathy.”

One must download the accompanying PDF link of the study, to discover those patients’ pre-existing conditions:

22 had hypertension

-18 had diabetes

-22 had hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)

-13 had known coronary artery disease

-21 had COPD or asthma

-22 were smokers

5 – Our study has limitations.  They do not represent patients who are completely asymptomatic with COVID-19.”  (As is the case with most in that age range.)

The worldwide study by the University of Stockholm(published earlier on this page), revealed that those in the 45 to 53 age group had an overall survivability rate of 99.98% on the lower age range with no preexisting conditions, and 99.2135% on the higher age range with one or more preexisting conditions.

As is clearly demonstrated, those living in a state of manufactured, unwarranted fear of this disease — and therefore submitting to the draconian shutdown mandates of our governors, mayors, and their paid bureaucratic “experts” — are whipped into that panic by the deliberately misleading headlines being shared by millions (billions?) living in wanton, lazy ignorance.

Those who not only fail to read past those headlines, but also choose to mindlessly accept the manipulations of those who seek to sell ad space by means of hyperbolic pronunciations, click-bait, and share-bait. 

Not to mention the more sinister intentions of the powers behind the MSM and tech giants, who by their very knowledge of the reading/scrolling/clicking habits of their average followers choose to manipulate and sensationalize even the most innocuous and non-threatening of scientific studies.

Two studies. 

One of only 39 patients; average age of 85; all with comorbidities; 82% of whom already had coronary artery disease. [NOTE: The others had pre-eisting medical conditions that adversely affect the heart.]

The other of only 100 patients; all who recovered from severe cases; none of whom were asymptomatic; most with at least one pre-existing condition.

Both studies generating dozens of articles with headlines specifically designed to be shared by millions who will not even read the accompanying studies, for the purpose of cowering the remainder of the healthy population into quarantine and the masks of subservience.

Did you make it this far?  If so, please share this article.  You are worthy of so doing.

#CommieVirus2020 #UnMaskTheAgenda






Fauci Attacks Church Choirs, Implies Worship Is Less Important Than Protests


Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in June said churches should consider suspending their choir if located in an area with a high infection rate. On Friday, Fauci refused to say whether large protests should also be suspended.

“My recommendation still holds that the choirs should refrain from singing. When you sing and you project your voice, the aerosols of the virus come out,” he said, contradicting Centers for Disease Control recommendations on socially distanced worship.

According to Newsy, the CDC also first wrote on their website that faith communities should “consider suspending or at least decrease the use of choir/musical ensembles, congregant singing, chanting or reciting during services…” Those initial recommendations then disappeared from the website overnight without an explanation. Fauci stood by the recommendation.

While state and local governments lock down bars and restaurants, and limit large gatherings like worship services, mass protests/RIOTS and demonstrations have been left free to flood city streets.

During a House hearing of the committee investigating the Trump administration’s pandemic response, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asked Fauci, “Do protests increase the spread of the virus?”

[MY NOTE: Get ready for a very funny “joke”.]

“Crowding together, particularly when you’re not wearing a mask, contributes to the spread of the virus,” Fauci said. Jordan asked the question again. Fauci dodged, then claimed he didn’t think the protests question was relevant. “I’m not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way,” he said.

[NOTE: There are 2 videos included in the above article.]

[NOTE #2: Fauci “The Fraud” thinks this virus is “so bad”…unless you’re at a riot, or HE’S at ball game…cue eye-roll…NOW.]





Steve Deace

As of 5 p.m. eastern on Tuesday.

DATE: 08-04-20

Percentage of Americans in nursing homes killed by #coronavirus: 3.6%.

Percentage of Americans not in nursing homes killed by #coronavirus: .03%.

Percentage of Americans to test positive for #coronavirus: 1.5%. Percentage of Americans who currently are a positive #coronavirus case: 0.7%.

Percentage of Americans not in New York or New Jersey who have died of #coronavirus: .03%.

Total number of states with fewer than a thousand #coronavirus deaths: 24.

Total #coronavirus deaths in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Georgia (the 4 red states the media tells you are disaster areas): 22,667.

Total #coronavirus deaths in New York (which the media praises): 32,798.

The 4 red states have almost 4 times the population of New York.

Number of 10 deadliest #coronavirus states that have mask mandates: 8.

Number of 10 least deadliest states that do NOT have a mask mandate: 5.

Where blue states New York and New Jersey would rank in deaths/1 million population in the entire world if they were their own country: 1st.

Where red states Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas would rank in deaths/1 million population in the entire world if they were their own country: 13th.

These 4 states have 4 times the population of New York and New Jersey.

U.S. deaths/1 million population with New York and New Jersey: 483.

U.S. deaths/1 million population without New York and New Jersey: 358.

European countries with worse #coronavirus mortality than the U.S. if you subtract New York and New Jersey: Belgium, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, and Netherlands.

Take a look at these #coronavirus facts I just shared and ask yourself if this:

Was worth losing one third of our GDP, cancelling our way of life, leaving loved ones to die alone, turning all other health issues away for months, and all the depression/suicides/and substance abuse?















-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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