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This will be a telling of the events that shaped, transformed, altered, or in some manner affected my life.

I will begin with a simple Timeline. Birth to Current time.

Then give my feeble view of what and why things happened leading up TO The Cross (my conversion to Biblical Christianity), and what has happened since then.

Then close with a summation.

Leads home


JULY 27th, 1959- BORN at Independence, Mo. hospital. Lived in Independence three years while my dad, Rev. Lee Coolidge Wallenmeyer, attended Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; my mother, Janice Marie (Earl) Wallenmeyer gave birth to my first brother, David Allan Wallenmeyer, May 7th, 1961, at the North Kansas City Hospital.

SPRING 1964 we move to Memphis, Mo. . Attended school from Kindergarten to first two months of 4th grade. Dad was an Associational Missionary with The Southern Baptist church. My Brother Danny Earl Wallenmeyer was added to the family in September 16th, 1964.

FALL 1968 Move to Hannibal, Mo. . Lived there til my 10th grade year, consider Hannibal my Hometown. Dad pastored Antioch Baptist Church just 3 mile south of Hannibal. It was a mix of very good and happy times, but it also was where I began to get bitter, resentful of being the “new kid” again, and of the hypocrisy in the church.

WINTER 1971- after growing increasingly hurt, resentful, bitter, and angry I tried to “make a deal with God”, I told Him IF HE would help me us this icy hill I’d give my heart to Him and serve Him. I fell- again- and proceeded to curse and blaspheme God with dark hatred and blasphemy, telling God I hated Him and to go to Hell. During this time my last brother, Michael Scott Wallenmeyer , born February 7th, 1969, and my little sis, Jana Louise Wallenmeyer, born December 5th, 1973. 

NOVEMBER OF 1974 Move to Phoenix, Az., then to Needles California. Here is where I went from a burning hatred for God TO the occult, and later TO actual Satanism. Was SICK of being the “new kid”, sick, saddened, and bitter about being ripped from my friends in Hannibal, was just sick of it all. I had had all I could stand and could stand NO MORE. Had a 4 pack a day smoking habit already, didn’t drink often, but when I did I caught gutter crawling, tongue dragging, black out drunk. Began earnestly to explore, research, and practice Satanism. Got into vandalism, theft, boot-legging, breaking and entering, and more fights than I can remember.

MAY 1976 plan a trip back home- ALONE- to spend time with my best friend, Mike Glascock, who I thought was as messed up as me.

AUGUST 14th, 1976- arrive in Hannibal for a 3 week vacation with my BFF…only to find out Mike is a Christian now and he invites me to a tent revival at a PENTECOSTAL Church. I go, grudgingly. At the altar call he asks me if I want to go forward. I did, grudgingly…but…as I knelt, and said “The Sinner’s Prayer” I felt “something” come over me (I learned later that The Bible calls that Holy Ghost conviction, John 16:7-11)…and I knelt a God hating, sin loving, Satan worshipping pagan BUT stood up as a Jesus loving, sin hating, God worshipping, Born-Again, Biblical Christian. Return to Needles, Ca. and finish HS.

JULY 1977- Move back to Hannibal to follow The Lord in Ministry attending a Bible College. Attend Hannibal 1st Assembly of God Church from 1977-1980.

FEBRUARY 1978 The Lord God Baptised me in The Holy Ghost and Fire with the initial physical evidence of speaking in other tongues as The Spirit of God gave the utterance.

1978-1979- There was a cult lurking IN the church (Hannibal 1st Assembly), as a new, eager, and as of yet not knowledgeable about God’s Word, I followed them for a year and a half WHILE attending church. It took 10 days fasting and a strong deliverance from The Lord to extricate me from that delusion.

AUGUST 1980- Follow The Lord’s leading to move to the Kansas City metro area and attend further Bible/Ministerial education at Christ Unlimited Bible Institute, and via correspondense courses another 60 hours of Bible College credit.

JULY 4TH, 1984- Thought I got married, only 11 months later for her to run off with another man, and file for an ANNULMENT saying SHE committed fraud/deception to get me to marry her…so, IF we had stayed together and worked it out it would have been a legit marriage, BUT because she left and admitted to FRAUD it was not a legal marriage (???!!!).

FROM 1982-1994 I work a street, project, and concert outreach, a food and clothing pantry. Saw thousands of souls saved during this time.

FEBRUARY 15th, 1991- Even with red flags and sirens I marry the woman who became the mother of our two children. It was NOT God’s will for us to marry, yet the whole church was eager, happy, and encouraged it…they thought I needed to settle down, said “it would change me”…BUT any change/settling down that is NOT from The LORD GOD is man-made, carnal, and doomed to failure. It took 10 years, but it failed, she cheated at least twice, once in a 10 year affair; 10 more years and a divorce. My kids: Petra Cheyenne Wallenmeyer born March 22nd, 1993; My son, William Lee Morris Wallenmeyer, born September 6th, 1994.

MARCH 17th , 2014- 4 years after my divorce from my kid’s mom I remarry, Mindy Jolene Crane. She was the polar opposite of my previous wife, upbeat, cheerful, extrovert…but still wrong. BUT after the last ten years of my 1st marriage being totally without any affection whatsoever, and 4 years of being single I foolishly let my emotions override my common-sense, AND the warnings from The Holy Spirit, and Mindy and I wed on March 17th, 2014. She told me upfront that she was bi-polar AND schizophrenic…BUT I had NO idea what I was in for. She also had a drug problem, and cheated…and on February 14th, 2016 we were divorced.

June 6th, 2000-NOW- have been a faithful attendee, member, and minister at Full Gospel Assembly in Independence, Mo. . It is simply THE BEST CHURCH filled with loving, praying, Godly, humble Christian folk. They have been with me through both failed marriages, and so much more. I teach Adult Bible Classes, lead worship, and fill in for Pastor when she is gone. Am currently SINGLE…and this time am being under subjection to the God ordained authority and guidance of my Pastor and church.


Sermon: The Way of the Cross Leads Home –

My Life: What Led Me Up TO The Point Of Surrendering My Life TO The Lord Jesus Christ, And Thereafter.

My parents, both devout Christians of the Southern Baptist view, brought me up as a strict Calvinist. God IS absolutely Sovereign above all, before all and in all. I became a Born-Again, Biblical-Christian at a Pentecostal tent revival that is a Holiness view, falsely attributed to Jacobus Arminius. From this these two very different, opposing views GOD thankfully led me through the study of God’s Holy and Eternal Word, The Bible, God brought me to a happy joining of the two views. I describe it thusly: God creates mankind, all mankind with FREE WILL, the ability to choose for ourselves which path we will go, and even what we do from day to day, and throughout each day.

My life BEFORE Christ Jesus is the direct result of MY very bad choices. It was my choosing to HUMBLE myself before The Almighty, Sovereign God of All Creation that brought HIS salvation into my heart and life, and forgave me and delivered me from my sins, my sinfulness, and from the Hell I RIGHTLY deserved, and by HIS Grace made me a New Creature IN Christ Jesus. Since my surrendering my heart and life TO The Lord Jesus Christ it has daily and prayerfully been my goal, my heart’s burning desire to BE like Jesus, for my will to ever be surrendered TO His Sovereign and Perfect will and to daily grow in the grace and of then knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ.

BEFORE surrendering to Christ Jesus, God in His Mercy kept me, led me even with/despite my bad choices to a place of saving faith IN The Lord Jesus Christ. Since then it has been a willing, and loving partnership of faith, mercy, grace, forgiveness, and love that has led me and made me the man of God I am today.

God’s Sovereign will will NEVER violate man’s free will. Man’s free will will NEVER supersede God’s Sovereign will. A person could live to be 1,000 and thumb their nose at God every day…BUT one day they WILL BOW ON THEIR KNEES BEFORE AN ALMIGHTY, HOLY, AND SOVEREIGN GOD AND CONFESS THAT JESUS IS LORD TO THE GLORY OF GOD…only then it will be too late because they will already be in Hell.

God asks us, tells us, warns us, even begs us to humble ourselves NOW. Now is the time. Today is the day. Repent and BE converted NOW, today. You mat never have “Later”…and once in Hell is too late.

Because of God’s loving and masterful patience with me I am now a 44 year old IN Christ New Creature. I am NOT saved by anything I have done, or could do. I am saved because I place my faith and trust solely IN The Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Word of God. I lean on Jesus wholly…without Christ I am worst than nothing, I am a wretched sinner. BUT BECAUSE OF Christ Jesus I AM a New Creature in and through HIM, and can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.



The MAIN thing I- slowly/finally- learned was to trust God for and IN EVERYTHING. Do NOT neglect His promptings, His conviction, His warnings. LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE HOLY WORD OF GOD. Listen to that still small voice. Shut out everything and everyone else…MAKE TIME and get ALONE with God. Spend time with God in His presence praying, worshipping, and seeking out The Word of God. LISTEN TO AND TRUST GOD.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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