Priorities: Who and What “Makes the Cut”

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Everyone has them. Priorities.
Who and what we value, and how much value we access to them. Most folks will get along fine with other folks who have differing priorities than them…most of the time. It is only when at least one party is under pressure, in a crisis, or facing a difficult decision that the differing priorities rise to the top and then matter.

Depending on the degree of the crisis, and how heavy the pressure the differing priorities will become more stark in their contrast, create more and deeper division, and some will even resort to violence to defend.assert their priorities over another. We are seeing this stark, and often violent contrast of priorities on a Global stage play out before us even now. Who will win? Will what is right and just win? who decides what is right and just? OR will lawlessness, anarchy, violence, hatred, bigotry, racism, and tyranny win? And WHAT will BE THE DETERMINING FACTOR which view wins? 

This is a look at MY Priorities, What are YOUR’S?


MY Priorities: Who and/or What “Makes The Cut”.

Start at the bottom.

Hobbies, Food, Clothes, Fads, Humor, and the like.

I love sports.

Hate the crappy leftist politics and “SJW” crap that has been injected into sports, so do NOT watch any professional, nor collegiate sports at all, haven’t for about 12 years. Did NOT watch the Royals in back-to-back World Series. Did NOT watch the Chief’s in The Super Bowl .

When I want politics I go to NEWS, commentary, and to experts who follow politics AND know what they are talking about.

When I want sports I use to watch Royals, Chiefs, Celtics…BUT NOT anymore. I can’t stand the Leftist crap being FORCED into a GAME played by multi-millionaires who PRETEND to be “oppressed”!!

I love going out to dinner. BUT will NOT EVER dine at a place that has Leftist, wing-nut, ungodly views and practices that they publicly trumpet and herald. Examples: I will NEVER go to NOR buy Starbucks because they are openly and proudly ANTI-2nd Amendment, “global warming” nuts, PRO-Sodomite “rights”, ANTI-Police.

I wont shop at Home Depot for OPENLY embracing Sodomy/Homosexuality/Lesbianism.

I SOLD ALL my Marvel Universe and DC universe videos because they are pushing sorcery and sodomy as well, and will NOT see even one more film by them. Loved the movies. Hate sin and wickedness being made to seem “good”, even championed.  


Government, Culture, Society, Politics,

I believe government/politics, and culture/society ARE vastly important. Even necessary. BUT ONLY to the extent they follow and reflect God and HIS Holy, Eternal Word.  When we closely follow God and HIS Word HIS blessing and favor ensues. To the degree we stray from God and HIS Word his curses ensue. WE as individuals, and as nations, GET WHAT WE CHOOSE. I will 100%, passionately support, even fight for, kill for, and die for a God and Bible honoring government. BUT I will resist, reject, expose, and am 100%, passionately AGAINST any and all ungodly government.


Family, Friends, and Church.

Friends. Everyone wants friends.

Some folks will do anything to have friends. Suck up to people. Flattery, gifts, praise, kind/nice actions…some folk even sell out who they really are just to have a friend/friends. Some will deny their faith, religion, God, morals, integrity, honesty, and ignore/reject their supposed world-view to gain and keep friends.

BUT if someone likes the fake you what will happen when the real you shows up? IF people only like “the you” you pretend to be- then they do NOT really like YOU at all. IF you have to buy, kiss up, and flatter to have “friends”- then you REALLY do NOT have friends. 


[NOTE: God NEVER made even one person to BE what HE has called wicked. GOD did NOT make ANYONE a: thief, liar, fraud, adulterer/fornicator, rapist, homosexual/lesbian/SODOMITE, murderer, arson, child-molester, atheist. GOD created everyone with FREE WILL, the free right/ability to CHOOSE FOR THEMSELVES. Some folks LET the trials of life, their home environment, their upbringing, tragedy(ies), and problems shape and influence their CHOICES…but it is STILL THEIR CHOICE, and a wrong/bad choice CAN BE CORRECTED by making the right/good choice.]

Yet, if you choose bad/wrong…either make it right by making good/right choices OR honestly BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. 

Quit being fake. Quit being plastic. Quit pretending. BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Then the people who like you and want to be your friend will REALLY be friends with the REAL YOU.


BUT I have the same Free Will YOU do. When I choose NOT to hang with folks who proudly parade their wicked choices- that is MY Free Will. I will always be honest and faithful to who/what GOD has made me to be. So do NOT expect me to be fake and phony and like what I hate for you…or for anyone. It will NOT happen.

This IS hard. I’ve lost a LOT a friends over the years, lost quite a few recently because we differ on politics in general, and Trump in particular. You choose for you. I’ll choose for me. WHEN I am wrong instruct and correct me with The Truth…but if it is just a matter of your opinion/choice versus mine…don’t bother. I don’t care about ANYONE enough to be fake for them.



With friends it IS hard. With family it can be harder. The Family is The Essential building block of ALL society. As goes the family- so goes the world.

THE principle that is manifested throughout is this: What GOD says is vastly MORE IMPORTANT that what any man or group of men say. I’ve lost family members. Been divorced twice. I was NOT perfect. I was not 100% innocent. I DID and SAID things that were wrong, and flat-out bad. I still sin and am deeply and daily in NEED of God’s grace. The difference between me and both my ex wives? I worked to save the marriage. I apologised. I did actual, real works of reconciliation and restoration. I wanted and even begged we go to counselling. BUT they refused. BOTH cheated. One was a druggy. BOTH were liars.

[Pet Peeve Time: I HATE it when someone says when there is a divorce that both sides are wrong/guilty! That is so stupid it beggars description. IF you don’t know the facts/truth- don’t pretend to and speak out (ignorantly) on it. All you do when you say BOTH sides are wrong when you DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NOR WHY is that YOU become like Job’s “friends” who blamed him for everything even though GOD said Job was perfect, righteous, and innocent. ]

I’ve also lost other family. BUT it was/is a choice. We ALL make them. Daily make them. Are our choices right according to God and HIS Word? If not, then reverse/repent and make it right by making right choices.

Being 100%, dead honest: I’d rather be ALONE and right with God than to get along with ALL my family and the world be my friend and NOT be right with God. And I mean that. Jesus means MORE to me than you can ever know.



As stated above:
THE principle that is manifested throughout is this: What GOD says is vastly MORE IMPORTANT that what any man or group of men say.

My dad was a pastor, my mom a good Christian. I was raised in church. Saved in a Church’s (Pentecostal) tent revival. Filled with The Holy Ghost and Fire with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit of God gave the utterance at a Church evangelistic outreach.

I am a Bible teacher, minister, the worship leader, have sat on the church board. I’ve conducted weddings, funerals, baptisms, and communion. I am a Born-Again, Blood-bought, Biblical Christian.

Yet there are “churches” I would NEVER darken the door of. These “churches” are rife with adultery, boozing, smoking, worldliness, carnality, hypocrisy, lies/lying, false doctrine/false prophesy, and greed and corruption. The music/worship, dress/attire, decoration, lighting…more reflect a beer hall, honky-tonk, or rock concert than a Holy, God centered, Biblical, Jesus glorifying Church, The Church JESUS is building.  Instead of The Church going out into the world and teaching ALL things that Jesus COMMANDED, the world is being welcomed INTO “the church”, transforming The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ into  worldly, carnal ABOMINATION. ALL Christians are COMMANDED to come OUT of such Abominations .

Over the last 44 years there have been 6 churches that I once was a part of that CHOSE to follow either false doctrine/false prophesy or became ensnared in gross immorality. Rather than start/cause division I left and went elsewhere to worship with sincere, true saints of like-minded faith. I did so because no matter what I WILL to the best of my feeble ability, as God gives me grace to do so FOLLOW THE LORD JESUS CHRIST according to The Word of God as anointed and led by The Holy Spirit.


Lastly, God and His Word.

In case you missed it:

THE principle that is manifested throughout is this: What GOD says is vastly MORE IMPORTANT that what any man or group of men say.

I can not be any clearer, nor can I emphasise it enough: I will, and I have, forsaken ALL for The Lord Jesus Christ. ALL who are in my life are in my life because I CHOSE for them to be in my life.

And do not be shocked at this, the same is true with YOU. EVERYONE in YOUR life you chose to let in there. IF so much as one person is in your life that violates your chosen priorities then your “priorities” really don’t mean squat to you then.

As for me, to the degree one follows Christ and The Word of God- they are in.  The reverse is also true, to the degree one rejects following Christ and The Word of God they are OUT of my life…by THEIR choice. I’m going to follow Jesus PERIOD. Jesus IS my ALL IN ALL, The Author and The Finisher of my Faith, The First and The Last, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. To a Christian these words, these titles of Jesus mean what God/The Bible SAYS IT MEANS in your life- or you’re NOT a Christian. 

Like the old Gospel chorous goes:

I have decided to follow Jesus…though none go with me…the world behind me the Cross before me…I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS- NO TURNING BACK. NO TURNING BACK.

The above should be the world-view/core-principles of everyone who claims to be a Christian. But….you choose for you. I choose for me.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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