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Formerly on “Eye Roll Theatre“… 21 links to “mucho evidence” that, YES, we ARE being lied too.

The CDC is trying to have it both ways: be honest…and still lie. **cue eye roll** Worried? STOP and try rolling your eyes at the world | Health |

I’m serious, the CDC isn’t, but I’m serious.

Recently the CDC FINALLY had to admit The Truth that literally EVERYONE with eyes and a brain already KNEW…and that was the FACT that the CDC had been…wait for it…LYING OUT IT’S BUTTOCKS FROM THE GIT-GO ABOUT CORONAVIRUS. Yeah, I know right, I’m “shocked” too.  JoyPixels™ Rolling Eyes Emoji" Photographic Print by joypixels | Redbubble

FIRST, The CDC’s Extremely RARE Instance of Honesty.

This image depicts the exterior of the CDC's “Tom Harkin Global Communications Center” located on the organization's Roybal Campus in Atlanta, Georgia. (CDC)

CDC Headquarters, The Communist Dialogue Control Center.

CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions


ATLANTA, Ga. (WEYI) – The Centers for Disease Control released information showing how many people who died from COVID-19 had comorbidities or underlying conditions as they are sometimes referred to by doctors.

According to the CDC, comorbidity is defined as: ” more than one disease or condition is present in the same person at the same time. Conditions described as comorbidities are often chronic or long-term conditions. Other names to describe comorbid conditions are coexisting or co-occurring conditions and sometimes also “multimorbidity” or “multiple chronic conditions.”

[Here’s The “Money Line”.]

The CDC said:

Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.

The following are the top underlying medical conditions linked with COVID-19 deaths.

* Influenza and pneumonia

* Respiratory failure

* Hypertensive disease

* Diabetes

* Vascular and unspecified dementia

* Cardiac Arrest

* Heart failure

* Renal failure

* Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse events

* Other medical conditions…

[The BIG “Money Line”]

According to the CDC (ONLY) 9683 died in the United States with only having COVID-19 listed on their death certificate.

Those numbers are from August 30, 2020…here are the NOW Numbers: 11,349. 

BUT we need to remember that the CDC has been LYING since at least January 2020 about Coronavirus. The CDC just admitted to a Gi-Hugey Lie here, and in this link they lie even more.

So the “current” 11,349 is not verifiably real. Seriously, when an “Official Government Agency” is caught LYING on 94% of their numbers, ADMITS they were LYING…and STILL posts the LIE as their “official number”!!!! Well, just how credible can they be? That’s rhetorical. The answer, obviously is NOT credible at all. The CDC STILL posts 189,147 as the “total fatalities” in the U.S. from Coronavirus.

Now let’s walk slowly through this in case you some how missed it.

  1. Since at least January 2020 the CDC has been telling LIES.
  2. They have admitted to these LIES over the months, saying things were NOT as bad as they said it was,yet still saying things ARE as bad, or even worse as they said it was.
  3. They finally fessed up to a HUGE LIE, and yet, at the say time continue to PUSH THEIR LIE.
  4. Soooo, you still believe them…WHY??

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The definition of being stupid: seeing the truth, knowing the truth, and choosing to still believe the lies. - Jar of Quotes

The choice is YOUR’S…

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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