You Reap Exactly WHAT You Sow: UP-DATED.

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13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

There is NO way to pick up “the clean side” of a turd.

This is a compilation of quotes, comments and memes from Abram Fam, Bill Brauman, Lawrence Due, Randy Royden, Thomas Hoefling, with some editing and splicing together, and further commentary by me.

This election (2020) is among the most important one’s…EVER. I know. We have heard that so often we roll our eyes, groan, mutter, shake our heads, and say “Heard that before”. BUT ask yourself“How much longer can America as nation make BAD choices, and live in a reckless and wanton manner and STILL survive as a FREE people?” 

We simply can NOT continue to choose and do BAD and expect GOOD to come of it. Period. Example: You are not intentionally setting your house on fire. BUT you douse your carpet, walls, floor, and furniture and play with 300 boxes of matches. The fire that most surely ensue will soon engulf the house in flames, whether intentional or reckless.

We as a people have chosen what we want in the “here-and-right-now” with NO consideration of the consequences for so long that America is in flames of fire, and the “unintentional arsonists” are scratching their heads moping, wondering, “How did THIS happen?” 

THIS (this that DID, and IS happening,) is the direct and logical result of 101 years of BAD CHOICES! NO nation can tax it’s way to prosperity. NO nation can spend it’s way out of debt. NO nation can reject, ignore, and then BAN God and continue in HIS blessings. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. NO nation, NO people, NO person has EVER in all of history ever been able to constantly and willfully make BAD choices and achieve GOOD results. That is insanity.


God’s Wake-Up Call

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According to the modern situational ethics “Christian”, if you don’t want or support any evil, it means you want and support the most horrendous evil there is. 

Folks, this is what’s known as an oxymoron.

Stable Christians who don’t condone or support evil in any fashion believe that to protect yourself, the ones you love, and your nation from evil, you have to reject evil in all it’s disguises.

Unstable “Christians” who are tossed about with every wind of doctrine (true or false) believe that in order to protect yourself, the ones you love, and the nation from evil, you have to accept and support evil incrementally.

Let me explain another way. Christians who refuse to support any evil believe you have to walk away from the edge of a cliff to keep from falling off.

“Christians” who support evil in increments for political expedience believe you have to walk off the edge of the cliff to keep from falling off.

Of course, those who support what looks like the greatest evil believe in running off the edge of the cliff to prevent themselves from falling.

Here’s what really stinks.

We all get to independently decide whether we’re going to turn away from the edge, walk off it, or run off it, but we’re all tied together with ropes. It’s a game of tug of war.

You have those who are running in the direction of the cliff edge, and you have those who are turning away from the edge with all their might.

You’d think that fellow Christians would want to join you in turning away from the edge so that no one falls off, but instead they claim the only chance to keep from falling off is by walking in the same direction as those who are running off of it.

They do this all the while blaming those turning away from the edge as being responsible for everyone going over the edge.

They, the compromisers,  have the power to join us away from the edge. The compromisers can give either side a 2/3rds advantage. They have chosen to give the runners off the edge of the cliff that strength by walking in the same direction as they are.

But you my friend, you who are fighting to stay away from the edge completelyto the compromisers it’s all your fault when everyone crashes to the bottom.

A greater oxymoron there never was. And only morons could think that those who demand righteousness somehow want, support, and are responsible for the most depraved.

It is not self righteous to support righteous rulers, and to desire and to stand for what God IN HIS Holy Word declares to BE Right.

It is congruent with the Word of God. “When the righteous rules, the people rejoice; when the wicked rules, the people groan.” (Prov. 29:2) Also, Exodus 18:21 tells the people to choose “men that fear God” to rule… Was it self-righteous to follow that command?

The compromisers make the accusation based on the idea that one has to think themselves far superior in righteousness than another if they believe that person to be wicked.

The compromisers are confusing self righteousness with righteous judgment.

We all deserve condemnation for our sins and are equal in that respect; but God makes the distinction of those who are Born-Again Christian, New Creatures IN Christ Jesus, who will still sin from time to time, and those who are deliberately reveling in their sin and are still unregenerate sinners by nature, (II Corinthians 5:17-21; II Corinthians 6:14-7:1; Romans 6:1-23; Romans 8:1-15).

As Christians we will still sin, but are saved by God’s grace, and commanded to be holy as he is holy. We will never be as holy as God is, but it’s to be our hearts desire to aim for that out of love for God and what He has done for us.

God then tells us to keep unspotted from/by the world and to have nothing to do with certain types of people. God describes this particular class of sinners as those with hearts that are bent on doing wickedness and take great delight in it., (Romans 1:16-32; II Corinthians 6:14-7:1; I John 4:1-6; John 3:15-21).

God mixed himself with sinners all the time in the NT. But every time those sinners were sinners looking for healing, they were looking for a Messiah, they knew they were broken and needed to be mended. The difference between those sinners and the pharisees was their heart’s desire.

The pharisees were sinners too, but they didn’t desire forgiveness, and they refused to seek for healing. They were just as corrupt as the sinners they condemned and they knew it, but they had too much delight in their wickedness and in their power and in being looked up to by other men that they knowingly rejected the one they knew was the Messiah so they could continue in their sin.

Jesus never mingled with those pharisees and they were sinners just as much in need of healing as the rest of the sinners in the world. But Jesus rejected them, warned against them, and rebuked them not because they were pharisees, but because they were sinners that reveled in their sin and rejected the idea that they even needed a healer and a forgiver for their sins.

They first rejected Christ Jesus and all thought that THEY need and ought to repent, hence Jesus rejected them, and warned everyone to NOT be anything like them. Was Jesus being self righteous in turning away from them? Was he being inconsistent when he mingled with other sinners but refused to mingle with the pharisees who were also sinners? Obviously, no. Because it wasn’t just about being a sinner, it was about the heart of these individuals that determined whether He would receive or reject them.

That’s what he tells US to do.

We can remain humble and simultaneously obey God in turning away from sinners who take great delight in wickedness and rejection of God’s forgiveness.

Christians use to cheer for righteousness at one time.


There’s no words that can describe the heartbreak I feel due to the willful wickedness of those who call themselves God’s children.

The clear instructions God has given us in the OT and NT on what God demands of leaders, of what He commands His own to do with the blatant ungodly who mock God: “From such, turn away,” He commands. Instead of turning away from such, they turn away from God instead.
They give lip service and then do the opposite of what their lips profess. They profess a righteousness that their daily thoughts, words, and deeds show they reject, Matthew 7:6, 13-23.
They demand righteousness from the lost, but they vote for a lost, unrighteous, wicked man who boasts of his vileness. This IS sin and wickedness as seen in the depths of depravity of Israel JUST BEFORE The Lord God of Heaven and Earth brought the full bore of His Holy and Righteous Judgments upon them.
They demand God’s blessings, but they vote and cheer for the wickedness that reaps cursing, LEVITICUS 26; DEUTERONOMY 28; DEUTERONOMY 30:15-20They are shocked when misfortune, trials, and judgment befall them- yet they have lived lives wholly against His Holy and Eternal Word.
They demand their fellow Christian love and pray for this wicked ruler, but they spew hatred for any “perceived threat” to their “little, earthly kingdom”, and ensure the demise of the righteous that would seek to establish justice.
Rather than pray and ACT to REMOVE the wicked ruler(s), and to come OUT FROM AMONG THEM and BE SEPARATE FROM sinners and sin, these “Pharisees” cling as close to the edge of wickedness and Hell trying to not fall over. Rather than live holy, consecrated lives, and to thunder against sin from their pulpits- these “sons of the Pharisees” live loose lives, mimicking as much of the sinful world as they think they can get away with, all hoping to still enter Heaven unspottedexcept The Lord God IS keeping record, and they are “getting away with” NOTHING.
They feel the sting of their choice but cling to the choice that caused the misery as a drug addict clings to his drugs.
They disavow the righteous as being self-righteous and put upon an altar a creature who disavows the forgiveness of God as he claims his own “righteousness” of superiority.
These “sons of the Pharisees” make two grave errors.
One, they mistake their own opinions and world-view for true, Godly, Biblical righteousness.
Two, they attack the devout followers of The Lord Jesus Christ who live and proclaim The Righteousness of God IN Christ as being “self-righteous”.
They expose the lies of their enemy as they craft their own lies to protect their god of expedience.
Having eyes, they see not. Having ears, they hear not.
I find myself, more often than not, going to God in prayer not knowing what to say or ask of Him. Do I ask for mercy? Do I ask for judgment to come and quickly?
All I find myself saying to God is “I don’t know what to ask, but You know the groaning of my heart. Do what You know is best and prepare me and those I love for it.”
Each passing day I feel I know a little more what the prophet Jeremiah was feeling for his people and why he wept so bitterly for them. To see a nation, a people, birthed in glorious, Christian freedom, liberty, blessing, all due to humbled, sincere repentance and devotion to The One True God of The The Bible…to now rejoice in that which God plainly says HE HATES.
The outcome of the election brings me no fear; but the heart of my people, their continued willfulness to harden their hearts against our Father brings me great pain.
If it brings me, an unworthy sinner saved by grace, such heartbreaking pain, what greater pain does it give our God who died to redeem us from such wickedness of heart!


I agree with the above. Here are my thoughts and observations on the matter.

I have family and dear, close friends who when I merely say that a Christian has been set free from sin and it’s dominion (Romans 6:1-23; II Corinthians 5:17-21), and is NO longer a sinner, but by God’s grace, and God’s grace alone IS now a New Creature IN Christ Jesus, old things ARE passed away, behold ALL things ARE made New…they call me “self righteous”.

I have family, friends, and even fellow Christians at the church I attend try to persuade me to support Trump or Biden, or “Degenrate-X” for President. When I refuse to support, follow, and vote for such evil people they falsely charge me with “wasting my vote”, being “self righteous”, being “legalistic”. YET when I point to entire CHAPTERS of The Bible that clearly show GOD saying, even demanding precisely what I say and stand by…the reaction? “See. You’re just being holier than thou.”

When friends and family, even people at work come to me “for advise/help” it is easy to tell IF they REALLY want help. How, you ask? IF they actually ACT on the advise then they are serious. IF they immediately bull up against me I know that all they REALLY wanted was someone to soothe their guilty conscience. In the case of the PHONY “call for help” the “seeker” often, if not always, ends up name-calling, making personal attacks, and being bitter and jealous.  THIS is the sinful attitude that: 1. destroys families, 2. destroys churches, 3. destroys friendships, 4. destroys our God-given Rights and Liberties, 5. destroys entire nations, empires, and civilizations, and, will one day 6. destroy the entire world. THIS is the sin that got Satan booted out of Heaven, got Adam and Eve booted out of Eden, and will keep EVERY unrepentant sinner OUT of Heaven. THIS sin is the spirit of Judas Iscariot, the Pharisees, and The Anti-Christ. THIS is the sin of pride. IT is the very self righteousness that the half-hearted, sort-of followers of The Lord Jesus Christ, and and the simply deluded accuse the sincere, devout follower of Jesus of. THAT IS the height of hypocrisy.

I’m old enough to remember America being so much better. I’m old enough to remember churches thundering AGAINST the very sins and sinfulness that NOW stand behind the pulpit. I’m old enough to remember when Christian faith CHANGED A LIFE 100%. I’m old enough to remember when sodomy, fornication, adultery, drunkenness, dancing, tattoos, body-piercing, and lewd dress and behaviour were called out as worldly, carnal, and the SIN that it isNOT tolerated, embraced, and celebrated in the pulpit and pews of The ONCE Holy Church of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Folks, God IS absolutely Sovereign. Yet in His love God created us with free will. We in this life can daily CHOOSE who we will serve, what we will do…BUT ONE DAY EVERY KNEE WILL BOW- AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD TO THE GLORY OF GOD. We can do that out of love now and be saved…or…wait and bow the knee in the eternal flames of Hell out of tormented obedience.

Now, IF some are tempted to argue some fine point whilst rejecting the whole of this message…I will NOT argue nor debate it. Jesus NEVER said to argue over the truth. Jesus said present the truth and each person choose for themselves. Folks, we are at the point of No Return, I believe we PASSED The Point of No Return as a Nation in 1963, BUT IF America DOES have time…we better repent fully and NOW, and then do what IS Right in God’s eyes according to HIS word…or…if it’s not too late…it WILL be.

It’s as ridiculous to blame the Christian, third party voters for a Biden Presidency as it would be to blame the prophets for the coming of Nebuchadnezzar against Israel.
It wasn’t the Israelites who obeyed and served God in ALL their ways that brought trouble to Israel, it was the Israelites who refused to obey and serve God in ALL their ways that brought that judgment.
Equally, it isn’t the Christians who obey and serve God in ALL their ways that would bring trouble to America, it’s the “Christians” who refuse to obey and serve God in ALL their ways that will bring that judgment.
All Israel had to do was heed the warning of the prophets and turn from their wicked ways and they would have been spared.
All Christians have to do is heed the warning of God’s Word by stop compromising with evil and they would be spared from a Biden and a Trump Presidency.
It’s never those who obey God despite the circumstances that are at fault for the destruction brought to a nation.It’s those who compromise with evil that have only themselves to thank for it.


In closing, I’m voting for Thomas Hoefling 2020…and NOT for some evil, reprobate, Liberal traitor.

God SAVE America.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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