Yes, We Have Free Will. But GOD Is Still Sovereign.

FREE WILL OF MAN vs GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY | Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold | BBN - YouTube

The Biblical Uniting of The Two.

Going back to Lucifer’s rebellion against God IN Heaven (ISAIAH 14 , EZEKIEL 28 , LUKE 10 , REVELATION 12) the all out War between Free Will and God’s Sovereignty has been waged.

There have been those who’ve argued to the (ludicrous) point that God is so absolutely Sovereign in EVERY MINUTE DETAIL OF EVERY THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED IN ALL OF KNOWN AND KNOWABLE HISTORY that God (to these people) obviously has created certain people for the express purpose for God sending them to Hell, while (in these people’s view) God also on the other hand has already pre-selected the miniscule few HE deigns worthy to merit HIS grace and go to Heaven. This IS unmitigated blasphemy.

Then on the other side of this War, and it IS a War, there are those who take Free Will to equally ludicrous extremes. These extreme views of Free Will include but NOT limited to:

  1. The “Prosperity Gospel”. What man can see- man can be. If you can conceive it- you can receive it. Possibility Thinking/Positive Confession/”Word of Faith”. If you desire it you can have it and/or do it even if it’s a flagrant violation of God’s Will as outlined clearly in The Bible. You can have and be “whatever” you want as long as you maintain a “positive confession”…never mind that God may have said the exact opposite. Stand in your “faith”, maintain a positive attitude/confession, and you can even command God’s hand. Utter blasphemy.
  2. Any and every sinful thought, attitude, word, deed will immediately strip The Believer of their salvation and condemn them to Hell. And ONLY a constant 24/7/365 repentance will get you into Heaven. These people live in FEAR. They do not serve The Lord God out of Love, but rather out of a terrifying dread. This, too, is shear blasphemy.

The Truth.

First, a look at the Free Will side.

While it IS true that mankind has Free Will, the proper views are in NO way expressed above. Every person on the face of the earth who has EVER lived daily makes choices. To get up. Or stay in bed. To have breakfast. Or Skip it. What to wear. Where to go. Who to see…the list of choices that man in his free will makes daily are endless.

We choose whether to obey the laws and rules of the road- or to run down pedestrians, and T-Bone vehicles who do not drive in a manner that suits our fancy.

We choose whether to be honest- or to lie and steal, and con.

We make choices to be morally upright- or to fornicate, commit adultery, engage in sodomite activities, or “other”.

We choose either to be polite, mannerly, and civil- or to be rude, crude, obnoxious, vulgar louts.

Daily, moment by moment we use our free will to make choices.

A look at the most Extreme Choice a man can EVER make: To reject The Lord God, and set ourselves up as “god”. Some, myself included, have foolishly chosen to reject God and via Satanism do what we want. PERIOD. (Thank GOD that age 17 I repented and turned TO The Lord and received His grace through the atoning death, burial, and resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ!)

Yet others pursue the promise of power and control onward despite the eternal consequences that lie before them. Alexander The Great, Nimrod, Nebuchadnezzar, Hitler, Stalin, Mao. These all pursued their own way, doing what they want to the end. They had vast empires. Great power. Unimaginable wealth…and died anyway. Every person can choose their own way.


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There IS A Payday Someday.

Man IS free to choose however, whatever, whoever, wherever he wants. BUT God chooses the WHENEVER. Let me explain.

Howard Hughes, one of the wealthiest men to ever live, did whatever he wanted. He made his choices. He thought, said, did, and lived HOW he wanted to. And in the Here and Now it seemed to work out for him pretty good…until it didn’t. 

Hughes became a recluse, went insane, and died a death worse than most paupers. Alone. Miserable. Filthy. A news anchor reporting on Hughes’ death said, “It took his death for us to even know he was still alive.” What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul? For his entire life Hughes’ chose the however, whatever, whoever and wherever…BUT GOD IS Sovereign. God chose the WHENEVER. 

God's Sovereignty and Man's Free Will | Lucas Hattenberger

You Too Are Free To Choose However YOU Want…BUT

One day EVERY knee SHALL bow, and EVERY tongue SHALL confess that Jesus Christ Is Lord to The Glory of God The Father.

God's Sovereignty and Man's Free Will in Salvation

There IS- for every man, woman, boy, and girl- there IS a Payday coming.

Is your account PAID IN FULL by the Blood of Jesus and The Grace of God?

OR are you winging it?

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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