Since June 16, 2015 when Trump rode his golden escalator down and announced he’s running for President a certain portion of America was instantaneously deluded (or REVEALED to be ALREADY deluded) into believing lies, conspiracies, and hoaxes of such a BIGLY nature as to boggle the imagination.

No amount of facts, videos, news clippings, evidence, or even his own words/actions daily could persuade these deluded captives.

As Trump lied his way through the campaign even the other 16 candidates that ran AGAINST him were converted into boot-licking, spineless, sniveling weasels who cowered before Trump (and Trump’s master, Putin) and defended-N-deflected for Trump…even to this moment.

Those of us who have PAID ATTENTION and/or dug around KNEW that Trump was a vile, treacherous, traitor from early on, as early as 1977!!

A Pathological, Congenital Liar From Day 1

Look at Trump’s face, particularly his eyes…he is such a habitual, full-blown LIAR that he has the ability to seem sincere when telling one of his BIGLIEST LIES ever!!

Most of us in the REAL Constitutional-Conservative camp have lost a LOT of friends, even family, over our exposing Trump for who and what he REALLY IS.

BUT…here’s the deal, WE “NeverTrumpers” were dyed-in-the-wool” Conservatives on June 15th, 2015, and we have NOT changed ONE principle, view, or belief. NOT ONE. We were: Pro-life/abortion abolitionists pro-2nd Amendment Pro-Liberty Pro-Free-Markets Pro-Private Sector Pro-Tax Cuts Pro-Spending Cuts Pro-Family Pro-Morals Pro-Rule of Law and Pro-Constitution/Bill of Rights, see HERE & HERE .


It is because we are unflinching Constitutional-Conservatives, and most of us Biblical-Christians as well, that we would NOT, and COULD NOT support someone as far Left as NY Liberal Little Donnie El Trampo.

When “The Great Sifting” started June 16th, 2015 people that I’ve known for 53 years- considered them rational thinkers, rock-solid Constitutional-Conservatives, and many to be sound and solid Christians- for a plethora of reasons they threw their values, principles, and beliefs away, throwing their credibility completely away, and some threw their morals away to support, defend-n-deflect for, vote for, and even fight for someone who thinks they are stupid, who is a greedy, corrupt, wretched liar, fraud, con, pervert, and traitor, Little Donnie El Trampo.

No matter what wickedness and treason Little Donnie would commit- they were lockstep and knee jerk supporters of their “chosen one”. The shallow, fringe, and compromised “christian community” threw their support to Little Donnie. For the most part it was the phony baloney, heretical, and blasphemous crowd from the so-called “word of faith”, “prosperity gospel”, “kingdom now”, and other very shallow and fringe groups that fell for the delusion that IS Little Donnie El Trampo.

Those of us who DID NOT change our principles, values, views, morals, and beliefs were, and are, aghast at our friends and family who DID SO to bow the knee to Little Donnie.

What has really hurt, and hurt deeply, was the way our friends and family attacked US. Instead of attacking the actual daily barrage of crass wickedness, evil, lies and treason committed with each breath that Little Donnie took…our family and friends attacked US for exposing the evil, and not bowing our knee with them to their fake god. BUT let THIS be known:

Right is ALWAYS Right, ALL the time, for every person, of every culture, in any time period..PERIOD.

Wrong is ALWAYS Wrong, ALL the time, for every person, of every culture, in any time period..PERIOD.

Truth IS Truth. ALL The Time. And, YES, it is Absolute, Unflinching, Immutable, and Infallible.

It is never right to think, believe, say, do, or BE wrong.

It is never wrong to think, believe, say, do, or BE right.

What is Right oftentimes is NOT popular.

What is popular is oftentimes NOT Right.

God meant EXACTLY what HE said IN The Bible. IF it uses symbolism, or you can’t figure out a certain passage, The Rest of The Bible WILL explain it.

God’s Word MUST ALWAYS be read and taken IN CONTEXT. A verse IN CONTEXT with the verses before and after it. A passage IN CONTEXT with the entire chapter. A chapter IN CONTEXT with the entire book. And each book IN CONTEXT with the ENTIRETY of The Whole Bible. Which means you need to get past the hand-full of favorite, out-of-context verses and actually READ/STUDY the Whole Bible from cover to cover.


STOP the willy-nilly loose constructionist, “words can mean anything” crap! NOW.

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BUT if you don’t…

If you choose to play loose and free with truth, facts, evidence, eye witness accounts, expert testimony, and even if you see and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and STILL live in your fantasy, make-it-up-as-we-go-along “Land of Alternative Facts” then that’s on YOU.

Do NOT expect us to follow you ONE step into your delusion.


And, IF we were EVER really friends to begin with would you please stop bashing us because we did not follow you into the shallow, phony world of “Trump-Liberal Land”. You think Trump is a Christian, a Conservative, a Hero…”whatever”… We do NOT. We have a plethora of valid and verifiable reasons from reliable sources…you? Not so much.

Now usually I am this straight-forward about Trump, Obama, Biden, Hillary, McConnell, Cruz, Hawley, Pelosi or some other Lib-Nut…and now I’m aiming “both barrels” of truth right at you, the friend or family member that is caught up on the web of lies, fraud, delusion, and corruption.

KNOW THIS: I love you all. I even love Trump. It is love the compels me to speak the Truth to you in love.  IF we can be friends and disagree- fine. BUT I am NOT going to throw away my principles and core-beliefs for anyone. If that means good-bye to you, then good-bye.

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-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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