The Consequences of Foolish Choices

Believe it or not we as the ultimate creation of God ARE created with Free Will.

WE can CHOOSE for ourselves whether we will even follow The Lord God of Heaven and Earth or not.

God gives us the choice to obey and follow HIM, or to reject, resist, and rebell.

Yes, We Have Free Will. But GOD Is Still Sovereign.

We choose as individuals, as families, as churches and denominations, we even choose as nations and civilisations. And just as Israel’s CHOICES led to their judgment, decline, and dispersion, so have America’s choices today. 

NO person, NO family, NO church or denomination, and NO nation or civilisation ever escapes the Judgment of God when they CHOOSE to violate HIS Word and HIS Will.

History is replete with nations that once were vast empires, but were brought to ruin and obscurity by the choices they made. The entire world in Noah’s day. The Tower of Babal. Assyria. Babylon, Syria, The Hittites, Egypt, Edom, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, Ottoman, Byzantine, The Holy Roman Empire, Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Russia/Soviet Union…America.

I will not go over all the ground again concerning when and where America started making very bad choices, in this link you can see a fuller, more detailed catalogue  of America’s sinful, Prideful choices HERE . With this article I will rather focus on the Choices America has made since 1962 and forward…even with this truncated version it is a sad indictment against America. 

America v. God.

On April 13, 1919 Madalyn Murray O’hair was born in Pittsburgh and was baptized a Presbyterian, though she said that she became an atheist early in life. She was raised in an upper-middle-class family until the 1929 stock market crash hit her family’s interests hard, and her father had to become an itinerant worker…

…O’Hair then joined the military and served as a cryptographer in the Women’s Army Corps during World War II. When she was stationed in Italy, she met and became involved with William Murray Jr, an officer. Both O’Hair and Murray were already married at the time.

The Army officer refused to divorce his wife to be with Madalyn because of his strict Roman Catholic upbringing which mandated that he couldn’t divorce. O’Hair had a son from the relationship, divorced her husband, and took the last name of Murray even though she never married the officer.

Perhaps the seeming hypocrisy of the married officer’s religion moved O’Hair closer to atheism…

…After the war, O’Hair earned her law degree from South Texas College of Law in 1952. She then joined the Socialist Workers Party because she was unhappy with the American government’s policies towards the Soviet Union, and even tried to emigrate to the U.S.S.R. in 1959 and 1960, but the country denied her son William citizenship…

Madalyn Murray O'Hair And Her Husband

Madalyn O’Hair, the “Most Hated Woman In America”, and her husband Richard display charters for the faux-church they established to undermine the tax exempt status of other churches.

At about the same time, William, then in junior high, attended a public school in Baltimore. It was here that O’Hair first made a name for herself. O’Hair was incensed that William had to say daily prayers while in school. She sued the school district for failing to adhere to the separation of church and state, and the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 1963, the court voted 8 to 1 to ban prayer in public schools. O’Hair proclaimed at the case that Americans had “an unalienable right to freedom from religion as well as freedom of religion.” She then appeared on the first episode of Phil Donahue’s talk show to publically discuss her views…

But why stop at prayer in schools? O’Hair wanted God out of everything. In 1964, Life magazine dubbed her the “Most Hated Woman in America.”…

…Being a focus of controversy suited her temperament. ”I love a good fight,” she said. ”I guess fighting God and God’s spokesmen is sort of the ultimate, isn’t it?”


A Brief Summation.

Born into a upper-middle class, nominal Christian/Religious home, had very shallow religious roots, questioned her parents about God, received no suitable answers, was immoral committing adultery, was a COMMUNIST, tried to emigrate to the Soviet Union, and within 2 years of failing to move to COMMUNIST Russia began her “fight against GOD”…a GOD she said didn’t exist. Effectively has God BANNED in America in Public Schools, and Public lands and buildings, and tried to have prayer banned at sporting events.

QUESTION: By her own admission she BRAGGED about “fighting against GOD“, WHY? IF there is no God then why fight against a non-existent entity? Why not fight against the tooth-fairy? or the Easter Bunny? From her own words, her own actions, and her entire life it is evident that she did NOT truly believe there was NO God.

No. She believed there was a God- and HATED Him.

Atheism is not really the belief that there is no God, but rather a person who HATES God, who blames God for all the evil that God either caused or allowed. This is the DIRECT result of being inoculated against a true personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ by exposure to shallow, lifeless, ritualistic religion. When one does not find their answers IN God, a God who they’re told is all-powerful, loving, and benevolent, they in bitterness reject and BLAME God for every inconvenience and evil.

Atheism is the HATING of God- NOT the honest belief that there is NO God. THIS is why it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to truly HAVE a daily, life giving relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ so that we CAN give answer to those that seek HIM.

The date that the case went to The Supreme Court: June 25, 1962.


The Immediate Results.

When you read what is wrote above, and then follow the 5 links to read and get a fuller understanding of the times- the moral, spiritual, cultural, and political condition of the times- one will find that even Madalyn Murray O’hair recognised and admitted that she was a big part of the upheaval and rebellion of the ’60’s and ’70’s.

The Seeds of Upheaval

The seeds of this upheaval had been sown as far back as a hundred years prior when Liberals, Socialists, and Marxist infiltrated America’s colleges, universities, and press and began to undermine America’s Christian heritage and the blessing it engendered, and posit a revisionist history, and then began to say we needed “new ideas”, aka God-hating Marxism.

From the seats of higher “learning” this toxic waste spread infesting and killing all who embraced it. At the same time in reaction to churches praying, fasting, and seeking God all across America God began to pour out a mighty, National revival. These two competing and diametrically opposed streams spread. Socialism bringing death, tyranny, and slavery, while a vibrant, on fire church was bringing life, hope, and salvation.

Sadly sometime in the 1930’s the revival in America’s churches waned, and the venom of Socialism, with opposition weakened, spread even further giving rise to America’s 2nd Marxist President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Woodrow Wilson being the 1st). The decline nationally of a vibrant, active, revived church was mirrored with the rise of God-hating Socialism. From WWII to this very day there has not been a national revival/awakening. The church by and large was merely treading water…and daily losing ground to the daily spread of God-hating Socialism.

The 1950’s was where God-hating Socialism finally surpassed the Church in influence. In the early 1950’s the twin assault on the Church and Family in America was engaged, and thereby the assault on America’s heart and soul: 1)  A counterfeit for genuine revival in the form of the “prosperity”, “Word of Faith”, “charismatic” movement; 2) The advent of rock music, with the spirit of rebellion seen and heard in the “sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll” mantra. 

June 25, 1962: The Day America Chose God’s Judgment.

America was weak, anemic, lethargic, and compromised BEFORE June 25th, 1962,  BUT on that date when The United States Supreme Court wickedly decided that GOD was no longer welcome in America’s Public arena and Public Markets “The End of All Things” accelerated” to literal Ludicrous Speed.

The Vietnam War, the riots, protests, rebellion, drugs, runaway teens, illegitimate children, abortions,  and lawlessness exploded in the mid ’60’s- to mid ’70’s…the so-called “Hippie/Love Child/Peace” Movement was the final tearing away of America from her Christian roots and heritage. Since then the true Church of The Lord Jesus Christ has been so fragmented, so “on-its-heels”, in defense-circle-the-wagons mode. All the while Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Communism, and Atheism are pedal-to-the-metal full-bore full speed ahead. Reagan was an 8 year “speed bump” that for a time slowed America’s regression into Marxist tyranny. Since June 25th, 1962 we’ve seen:

  1. God Banned.
  2. Teen pregnancy skyrocket.
  3. Teen runaway skyrocket.
  4. Teen suicide skyrocket.
  5. Drunkenness/Drug use has skyrocketed.
  6. Satanism, The Occult, and Cults have exploded into the open.
  7. Racism sparked “protests” and riots literally exploded.
  8. Abortion on demand was ruled “legal”.
  9. Divorce made easier.
  10. Atheism, Humanism, and Evolution are FORCED on OUR kids in schools OUR tax dollars pay for.
  11. Prayer, Bible reading, Christian meetings/clubs are BANNED in schools.
  12. While even Satanist can have meetings and clubs before or after school.
  13. Sodomites (homosexuals, lesbians) parade their vile filth in public, even in our Public Schools in front of OUR kids.
  14. Gangs have taken over for broken families and fragmented churches in the rearing and upbringing of America’s kids into a life of hopelessness and crime.
  15. Inner-cities are given over to Liberalism/Crime.
  16. Sodomite (homosexual, lesbian) “marriage” was declared “legal” by the United States Supreme Court.
  17. General Motors and America’s health-care was commandeered by the Federal Government.
  18. Lastly, with the exception of Reagan, America has simultaneously moved steadily toward Marxism while oppressing and infiltrating the voices of Christianity and Conservatism.

Are The Current Consequences Final?

It is my observation of current events, recent happenings, and of History and The Bible that America has indeed PASSED The Point of NO Return. The nation as a whole does not possess the moral fiber, the will, to DO what is right anymore. Sadly, for far too many they don’t have enough knowledge of God and His Word to even recognise what The Right thing to DO is.

I was personal witness to this back in 1984. I was a Security Guard at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Fine Art, this particular day I was stationed in the European Religious art section of the gallery. A tour guide comes through with a group of 7th graders and is telling them about the various art pieces and the artists. One student asked about a picture of Christ on The Cross, his question was, “Who is that?” The guide said that was Jesus on The Cross. Another student asked, “WHY is he on the Cross?” Dumb silence.

They go to the next room and there is a picture of The Archangel Michael casting Satan into The Bottomless Pit. A student asked, “What’s that a picture of?” The guide said that was Michael The Archangel casting Satan into The Bottomless Pit. Another student asked, “WHY?” Folks, when an entire class in Jr. High knows absolutely NOTHING about Jesus Christ and Satan you have lost that generation…sadly, it’s only gotten worse since then. Can America recover from this? I do not see America ever recovering.  Globally things are shaping up quick, fast, and in a hurry for The Antichrist to take-over for 7 years. 

There IS Always Good News Though.

This world is rocketing toward Hell in a hurry…the ONLY Good news is for The Church, “…look up, lift up your heads; for your Redemption draweth nigh.” Jesus IS coming SOON.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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