Whatever Happened To: “Common-Sense Border Security and Immigration Reform”

I set forth a four part “Whatever Happened To…” in a recent write up, you can see it HERE . I’ve decided to delve deeper into each one, beginning with:

1. The Invasion of Illegals into America, and What to Do.

You can go to the link posted twice above for how I initially address the problem and the solution, so I will not cover that ground again. What I want to say here is that our border and invasion of illegals is NOT a new problem. And it will NOT go away just with talking about it.

The issue of illegals invading our (once???) Sovereign borders became a problem in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Eisenhower dealt with it head on, and of all the Presidents we’ve had since FDR, Eisenhower dealt with it the most complete, and closest to The Constitutional means of any of them.

BUT…like each of the four issues I dealt with in the introductory article ( HERE ) No one, not even Reagan, has done much to stop the invasion of illegals since…and that’s been over 60 years ago. As stated in my intro. article The solution IS simple– but not easy. It’s simple, and much less expensive than the do-nothing approach. SIMPLY build a TRUE Double Reinforced Security Fence along our ENTIRE border, and then augment with truly adequate manpower along our entire border. Simple.

But not easy… here are but a few of the obstacles we face:

  1. Liberals do NOT want to solve the problem UNTIL it blows up in THEIR face. It can be a bane to every community, county, city, state, and region it adversely affects…BUT until it adversely AND directly affects Liberals they will NOT care, and will NOT do anything to solve it.
  2. Liberals use the invasion of illegals as a form of cheap, to slave labor, They did this from 1830-1865, and they do it every time they can get away with it. Liberals sit on their high horses and with words pander to the masses/lower classes, while with their very actions hold them back, hold them down, and mean to KEEP them as a permanent working class that never rises above slave labor or poverty.
  3. Liberals want, and use them as votes. Bring them in. Enslave them to welfare, hard labor, throw them tidbits of entitlements, round them up at election time. Have them vote Liberal. Then shoe them back to the cheap, hard labor and poverty.
  4. Then, recently with the Marxist NY Liberal in Faux “Conservative” clothing we had a raging, sexist, racist, and outright degenerate, Trump, steal the TRUE Constitutional-Conservative position on border security and deportation of all the illegals thereby tainting the entire issue with is radical, racist Marxism.

So while we could, and should, DO something REAL and tangible…we merely talk, squabble, argue, and in the end do NOTHING.

All the while America is becoming more a Banana “Republic”, third world nation, regressive cesspool of crime, drugs, violence, lawlessness, poverty, and division.

The Liberals have won. Their divide and conquer tactics have won the day. We are NO longer “indivisible”, we NO longer have “Liberty and Justice FOR ALL”,  we are NO longer “United”…and soon we will NO longer be America.

Thanks Liberals.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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