Da Doo Le ‘Rona

Setting The Record Straight.

Like a beloved hero in a comic book, you may think they’re dead…but they “pop up” later on very much alive. Only with “this topic” it is not so beloved, nor is it heroic.

Actually it’s more like some mutated, hybrid vampire, werewolf, zombie mix…just when you think you have seen, spoken, or written the authoritative word on it, along comes some zombie brains-of-mush “expert” who raises the “settled” debate back to life…or at the least  tries to beat the dead horse argument they hold across the finish line with a different “whip” of an argument…

YAY.  **Cue eye-roll.

What IS “this topic”? The coronavirus.

It’s been a year…if what the doomsday prophets were wringing their hands over were true- IF–  shouldn’t all of us non-maskers be dead? Shouldn’t every hospital, clinic, and temporary/emergency shelter be full and running over with the sickly and dead??

Shouldn’t there be daily video of overflowing hospitals, clinics, and temporary/emergency shelters to support the “experts” claims that this indeed IS happening?

In the last 14 months I have DAILY driven by 3 hospitals, and 6 clinics. I have even been TO ER three times in the last 14 months. EMPTY. Hardly anyone there. NO overcrowding anywhere at all. Ever. Period. I daily scour the news. NO real, “on the scene” video reports of this so-called “pandemic”. 

WHAT I do see and hear are people who get PAID (or bullied) into parroting the popular Leftists talking points in the media, academia, and from Liberals in government.

A Quick Look- AGAIN- At Anthony “The Fraud” Fauci.

Memes First-

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Fauci “The Fraud” has been not “just a little wrong”, nor has this quack been wrong “only recently”.


In the above links you’ll see he’s been Mega-Uber Wrong dating back to the 1980’s!! AND that Fauci “The Fraud” HAS been called a fraud, fake, and quack by others who ARE real, and proven experts.

Here is video from March 8th, 2020, BEFORE Fauci got his kick-back and made a 180 degree, 100% change on “the safety message”:

Here we see and hear the Fraud, “Dr.” Anthony Fauci say EMPHATICALLY we do NOT need to wear a mask.

A mere 12 days later, March 20th, 2020, is when Fauci “The Fraud” got paid and changed to “We’se gotta wear maskes or we all gonna die!!!”

Now the idiotic FRAUD is saying we should wear MULTIPLE MASKS!!

BUT WAIT…there’s more.

This moronic FRAUD is saying, “Hey! Maybe 6 feet apart is ‘too much’, maybe we only ‘need’ to be 3 feet apart.” Really?

And what science is behind this? What great scientific mind is behind “social(ist) distancing? The idea is the “brain(dead) child” of a mere 15 YEAR OLD KID!!

BUUTTT that is still not all…supposedly if we got the “Le ‘Rona Jab” we wouldn’t have to wear a mask any more, (NOT that I wear a mask anyway)…BUT NOW Fauci “The Fraud” says that even if we get the jab we STILL HAVE to wear a mask!

This so-called “expert” is an UN-Elected, Leftist, Moronic, Incompetent, Bumbling FRAUD who is DICTATING what over 350,000,000 people in the U.S. can and can NOT do, where we can, and can NOT go, micromanaging the “essential” businesses HE deems worthy of being open at all, and keeping other businesses and churches CLOSED!

OVER 800 small businesses A DAY CLOSE due to GOVERNMENT regulations over the so-called “threat” of “Le ‘Rona”!! And the big boys of business are reeling too, filing bankruptcy left and right.

In just the Kansas City metro area ALONE almost 500 have PERMANENTLY CLOSED!

Nationwide 60% of all business closed due to government regulation related to “Le ‘Rona” are PERMANENT CLOSINGS!

In just the fashion/clothing retail market alone OVER 11,000 BUSINESSES CLOSE!

Fauci “The Fraud” is NOT an expert. He has been egregiously WRONG- and corrupt- since the 1980’s!!

WHY does anyone listen to this jerk?!!

Now for the posting of topic appropriate memes, with some commentary-

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Daddy's Vaccine Research

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Sad. This person couldn’t tell the difference from a military ran, non-approved “vax” in a TENT from REAL medicine at a REAL clinic from REAL Doctors-

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May be an image of text that says '8287 URGENT CARE 7813 OFFICE VISITS 379 ANAPHYLAXIS'

May be an image of text that says '435 BELL'S PALSY Heart Attacks 479 Miscarriages 81 Severe Allergic Reaction 2815 Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet 309'


Are YOU going to continue to listen to the so-called “experts” who are on the government dole? OR are you going to start thinking for yourself? Do your own research? And come to your own informed decision?


Think! It’s NOT illegal…yet…

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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