Common-Sense vs. “The Experts”

Terms of Discussion/Rules of Engagement.

  1. NOT everyone hailed as an “expert” actually IS an expert, 
  2. NOT everyone hailed as an “expert” is even remotely right,
  3. NOT everyone that truly IS an Expert is wrong.
  4. The Common-Sense used throughout this discussion is a Bible-based Common-Sense; even Liberal wack-a-doodles feign to have “common-sense”,
  5. ONLY reliable FACTS (evidence, research…) from verifiable sources will be used to both refute the so-called “experts” and to validate the Common-Sense used herein.

How I will present this is to go through my extensive portfolio of articles, research, memes, data, and then simply let y’all see, read and decide for yourself. Let’s start shall we?

The first one is a common-sense look at the hyped paranoia of the so-called “experts” Le ‘Rona testing:

When Truth and Humor meet together “experts” are at a loss:

The “experts” will continue to try ideas that always and Epically FAIL…usually with the “rationale” that “we can do socialism better than they did”-

But just because it has ALWAYS FAILED before doesn’t mean it will fail with us-

Sources that OBLITERATE the below so-called “expert” are: HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE , and HERE …and here is “The World’s Champion Expert”-

“Yeah, but Brother Larry, the folks you mock as ‘so-called experts’ at least are close to the mark, right?” Um, NO. Not at all.

A well read, well studied Patriot says, and I agree:


JM Janice Barlow

Ok I’m going to say it. The COVID shots don’t work. The labs are trying to be reactive instead of proactive.

If I get COVID, I’m going to take Ivermectin and a Z-pack and just chill. Because putting more ineffective shots in a person when the first ones are proven to:

Cause blood clots, or
Put people in the hospital with COVID because the protection was ineffective, causes severe rashes and boils to break out all over the body, causes severe bruising to breakout all over the body, and, NOT least of has already KILLED over 2,500 people…
makes no sense. When something fails, I’m not going to put my arm out there to be an experiment.


NOT ONE of ANY of the Le ‘Rona shots is FDA Approved.


What we KNOW:
They are NOT approved- you need to sign a waiver when getting one.

They ARE dangerous to MANY- giving many the disease they thought they’d be safe from; CAUSE severe rashes in many more; CAUSE fevers, heart, liver, and other serious problems; CAUSE blood clots; have already KILLED 2,500+.

What we do NOT know:
IF they even work.


May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'things you believe in when you're ignorant and gullible.... 500,000 PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM THE CORONAVIRUS'

The Twin Drum Beats of Tyranny, Both Being Hyped By So-called Liberal “experts”, of Le ‘Rona & Global Warming are ALL excuses for THIS-

Common-Sense use to be respected-


In the spirit and wisdom of America’s Founders-

“So, WHY are these so-called ‘experts’ ALWAYS so completely WRONG then?” The bottom line reason is BECAUSE they reject God, Truth, Historical evidence/testimony, and substitute their vain imaginations wrapped up in high sounding speech. Romans 1:6-32. I mean, these ARE the same people who can look at all of creation from quasars to quarks and all THEY see is a COSMIC, RANDOM ACCIDENT!

Scientism fact of the day…

After the great nothing exploded billions of years ago and created everything, the first life made itself from non life, which then became pond scum, and after billions and billions of years of undirected chemical mutations, that pond scum gave rise to the most advanced machine on the planet…. YOU!!! 🤣
From  Melvin Phillips

I just love the dark matter thing. There’s this stuff that you can’t see, hear or otherwise detect, but, since it’s necessary for the scientific model of the universe to work, it MUST exist!

And they claim scientism isn’t a religion….🤣


Craig Durham:
Or the unending search for ‘fundamental’ particles, requiring the construction of ever-larger machines and the consumption of vast quantities of government fiat currency.
If Orwell had foreseen subatomic research, he would have had the three great superstates of ‘1984’ perpetually engaged in pseudoscientific pursuits, with ‘killer’ diseases as the source of controlling fear. Pseudoscience consumes ‘excess’ production far more efficiently than does constant war, and is far easier to justify.

JM Janice Barlow :

Atheists’ foundation is materialism. It consists of mass and energy — and nothing else. Easiest thing ever to refute. With: INFORMATION.

Information is neither mass nor energy. If you have a CD loaded with music, that’s information. If you erase the CD, the information is gone. You still have the CD (mass) and you can still try to play it in a CD player (which requires energy) but it’s blank. The information has been erased.

God is the Intelligent Designer. For life, he coded the DNA, which is information. Even if it all existed without God, it couldn’t function without the CODE.



Instead, today’s Liberal has as much Common-Sense as THIS-

When “the church” follows THE WORLD’s lead and embraces WORLDLY ideas and views like “theistic evolution”, “social justice”, “it’s (always) someone else’s fault that you don’t have what you want”, “there are no absolutes (EXCEPT for that one)”, “you need to change to reach the people”, “The earth IS a fragile ecosytem that man has assaulted via ‘global warming’ “, “compassion is TAKING from those who WORKED FOR IT and giving it to those who REFUSE TO WORK”…well…this is what happens-

May be an image of text that says 'A church that resembles the world is of no use to the world. -Dustin Benge'

Per usual, The Liberal “thought” is on THE LEFT-

THINK! It’s not illegal…yet!

“But…but…don’t Liberals and other assorted pagans have good ideas and reasoning?” NO.

Real Reality, Real Common-Sense, Real Faith-



Even though ungodly thinkers base reason on bare claims and use bare claims freely, they still demand absolute proof from anyone who disagrees with them.

They have no proof for their belief system, but they say they won’t believe anything without proof. However, disbelievers demand proof insincerely since they don’t want proof.
They have proof. God speaks to them. He speaks to them through His creation. He shows them nothing creates itself. Everything goes the other way. No energy creates itself. No matter creates itself. No life creates itself. No information creates itself. And God intervenes repeatedly in the course of nature and human events. They ignore God’s hand and refuse to see it. God speaks to ungodly thinkers through those who speak by the Spirit of God.

God speaks to them through intuition. They know. However, they ignore God. They know better, but they refuse to acknowledge Christ. They suppress the truth in their deceitful trickery. They play mind games with the Holy Spirit. If they wanted proof, they would examine proof when God provides it.

Therefore, they’re guilty of axiomatic-thinking fallacies, special-pleading fallacies, and refusing to look at the evidence.
(end quote)


When a person abandons all reason to try and then reason with them is akin to applying medicine to a DEAD PERSON. 


Words and Observations from an actual on the spot medical professional-

MY personal observations over the last 14 months-

Since March of 2020 I have drove by three hospitals, and five different medical clinics on a daily basis to go to work. I do not see the parking lots full, ever. Since March of 2020 I have personally been in the emergency room three times, and in a medical clinic three times… They were practically empty, with just a handful, and I mean a handful besides me there were maybe five other people there at ER, or medical clinic. In every way and on everyday the so-called experts have lied and are continuing to lie to us. This is not, nor has it ever been about safety or health. This is about government control…I am reporting only what I have seen. There are countless stories like this, and usually the people that are on the other side of the fence talking about “emergency rooms are overflowing” and “they’re putting people out in the hallways of the hospital” are later proven to be lies. And the media’s had to retract them. Usually it goes like this: “big scary story all over the place”. When it is proven to be nothing but lies then they have a one or two sentence retraction somewhere that’s buried underneath all the other so-called news. Along with all the other things that the so-called experts have said that later on was proven to be lies I want to be honest I don’t believe anything they so-called experts say at all. They have made a habit of lying and then lying about their lies. I am sorry, but I have this nasty habit of not believing Liars.

Dear Liberal, I quote extensively from doctors, epidemiologist, neurologist, other medical and scientific experts including from the CDC and from the World Health Organization… But you’re not going to check any of it out, is that correct?


The BIG problem with Liberalism in general is it is emotional based, and presented and defended via emotions. Why? Because they have NO facts. History, Common-Sense, reality, and God is NOT on the side of Liberalism.

I WILL use the full capacity of my persuasive abilities to get a point across…BUT in the end each must needs decide for themselves-

The “Conservatives” who railed against the loud mouthed Marxist when he attacked God-given gun rights are now silent that it is a quieter Marxist attacking God-given gun rights.

THINK…and pray…

Liberals have some funny “games”-

Yeah….pretty much-

Liberal IS Liberal. Wrong IS Wrong.

Other than God’s Holy Word, my answer is-

Source .

WHY do so many listen to non-proven, unprovable BLATHER, when there is generations of PROVEN REAL Science available to discount the Leftist fear-mongering?

And the ‘jab’…don’t forget the ‘jab’…

Again, on The LEFT is a whole-sale LACK od Common-Sense, and on The RIGHT is both Common-Sense  and it’s attendant blessings-

The ungodly, Liberal move away from Liberty into Socialism was foretold-


Fact-checking the fact-check:

No covid vaccine is FDA approved. All are classified as experimental and are administered under emergency authorization. AND you MUST sign a waiver sating that when you get sick or die you wont hold the UNPROVEN, UNTESTED, NON-APPROVED Vaccine makers, “doctors”, and hospitals and clinics accountable,

Think about how a vaccine could be tested for effectiveness. The only ethical way is to administer the vaccine to test subjects who are then monitored to see if the incidence of a particular disease among them is noticeably less than in the population as a whole. That takes a minimum of several months after the vaccine has been developed and enough produced for the test. To characterize how long immunity can be expected to last takes years. 


Though Liberalism attacks ALL of our God-given Rights and Liberties the one they simply MUST abolish are our God-Given gun rights. IF they succeed there then nothing else will stop them, think Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Mussolini.

And in case you have a really mentally and morally challenged Liberal, use THIS-


Their predictions are ALWAYS WRONG. So…WHY does ANYONE believe them?

Because THIS is all The Left has-

Liberalism in a NUT shell…and I mean NUT-

2020…see any difference??

The Federal Reserve, IRS, and The Income Tax are ALL Marxist Machinations of The Democrat Party.


Thomas Sowell, a fount of common-sense, wisdom, and liberty-

I.E. liberalism is emotion based, and can only be presented and defended via emotion with wholly out of context “facts”.

ALL our problems are laid at THIS “door step”-

THINK! The government has NO money, NO funds whatsoever that they do not FIRST confiscate from those who earned it to “give” to those who deserve NONE OF IT, and refuse to work!

Again, America’s problems begin HERE-

99.99% of all legal, U.S. citizens do NOT even know what our own Constitution and Constitutional Laws say!

THIS is the level of STUPID we deal with-

Regardless of Party affiliation, Liberalism IS Hypocritical-

When man rejects GOD then what man calls wisdom is actually FOOLISHNESS-

Em, to a Liberal all things that pertain to common-sense are a mystery-

No need to worry. THIS is a calm and quiet Marxist-

MY Answer to calm or screamy Marxism is the same- LOGIC-

BELOW sounds descriptive of everyone in the two major Party’s-

ALL of Scripture, ALL of History, ALL of true/actual Science says there is ONLY two sexes, man and woman. THIS is confusion and an Abomination-

Wrong. It means that not everyone is a delusional Sodom-Gomorrah depraved whiner.

Right IS Right even if all disapprove. Wrong IS Wrong even if all approve.

This at one time was simple Common-Sense-

Morons who have either NO knowledge of actual History (or even recent events), OR they have the Liberal white-washed REVISIONIST “History” simply have NO idea how stupid and dangerous they sound and are-

Slow down. THINK…



Lest we forget…the GOP’s Marxist was really chummy with Putin-

THE Foundation of ALL Common-Sense is Truth-

Yes. Because we all “know” how the ANNUAL “jab” against flu has worked “so well”-


IF EVERY single one of the over 100,000,000 people who say they’re Conservative would vote for Thomas Hoefling and America’s Party We WOULD win.

Once again THINK-

Ponder THIS. We have what we have because enough people CHOSE it!

AND furthermore-





Liberalism, when you want the destruction of an H-Bomb and want it to be permanent. Common-Sense dictates the ending of Liberal influence…BUT Liberals do NOT have Common-Sense.

Again, whatever happened to Common-Sense?

Ill-informed, misinformed, and plain stupid decisions have the same consequences-

Folks, Liberalism is simply the codification of STUPIDITY and TYRANNY in “law”. Liberalism has NO Common-Sense whatsoever!

Both ideas spring from the sewage of Liberalism-

Sooo, why don’t we?!!

You can drag a Liberal out a burning building and they will punch in the face and say there is no fire even though they admit to seeing the flames-

Think about it. Liberalism really IS just this STUPID-

Liberals pretend to encourage research…BUT…well, see below-

Ya got that right tell ya what.

*Now over 14 months. But that was the plan all along…Liberals were desperately looking for ANY reason to employ Draconian/Marxist measures-

“Dagnabit! Now this here is the very kind of logic we Liberals HATE! Quit thinking! OBEY!”

Hey, Anyone remember THIS? Yes, even a blind ape on PCP will hit something if it flings enough poop…


FB “Fact-Checkers” is a stupid, sad, ignorant, Leftist joke! The CDC admitted that 94% of those they FORMERLY claimed “died” of Coronavirus had as many 2-3 OTHER SERIOUS, LIFE-THREATENING illnesses, many about to die anyway. So, DO THE MATH! IF 94% of the stated numbers are WRONG…then ONLY 6% are right.

Stupid, Fascist FB “fact-checkers”!!!


Here it is again, with a ‘zoom’ on the detail-

But there’s MORE-

May be an image of text that says 'Public school teachers explaining why schools should stay closed because of a virus that has a survival rate of 99% @bainglibertarian'

The Babylon Bee is a Conservative parody site, in the below they showcase what passes for Liberal “common-sense”-

Quit being Logical!

IF Liberals had ANY common-sense whatsoever then THIS would let them KNOW that the entire Le ‘Rona thing is a SCAM/Scare Tactic to bully the world into compliance!


Add Sweden and our own South Dakota, Texas, Georgia, and Florida to the below:

Again, IF Liberals had a modicum of reason about them they simply would NOT BE Liberals.

ANYONE who disagrees and argues with the below is simply an irrational Liberal-

“But, but…defund the police…self police…Um, Liberalism is cool…”

Is there ANY common-sense on ANY Liberal view…at all??


From Patrick Henry and America’s Founders to Ayn Rand and a smattering of others today THIS was, and still IS, Common-Sense:

Because Liberalism IS emotional based, sans reason and logic-

Sadly, in both instances the black is the criminal. Bet you either forgot, or never knew about the little boy. Liberal “logic” has NO defense for this.

Family of 5-year-old boy shot and killed by a neighbor: ‘We shouldn’t even be here’

The boy’s father had dinner with the killer the night before.



Mostly: “It isn’t any of your business why I need or want a gun.”


This is NOT a “pandemic”. This is NOT an “accident”. The Left REALLY IS trumpeting a “virus” with a 99.98% SURVIVAL RATE as the reason to employ Global Marxism.

Really think about this one….then ask yourself…WHY for one second you’d believe all of the BS the media & the government is shoving down our throats!!! What is wrong with you people… wake up!!!

Liars are gonna lie…



Yes. Yes we have sadly.

And in other news that Common-Sense challenged Liberals ignore-



Yo, wese open ta 11 pm now, but ya’s still gotta watch out for that “2nd Shift Variant”, capiche?

Truth, like common-sense, is lost on Liberals-

Here in the U.S. our “CDC” says that it’s 94% reported Le ‘Rona fatalities are NOT due to Le ‘Rona, Italy says it is as high as 99%!!!

So deadly that “only” 99.98% survive-

Meanwhile back at the “outhouse” of Liberal “Logic-

What Liberals call “science” is more akin to voodoo meets water-witching.

Let me officially go on the record and say, “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA”

A brief list of each time Liberals were COMPLETELY WRONG-

Every year, TB kills more people around the world than anything else. We have never shut down the world, nor do you even hear anything about it.


Before The Liberal Fascists began their global promulgation of lies THIS too was once common-knowledge and common-sense-

Doctor does NOT= right. Doctor doesn’t even =good sometimes.

Liberal “Common-Sense” makes NO sense!!

Even The New York Times HAD to print The Truth-

The Liberals are LYING. Common-Sense refutes them.

Here is the link to the research, HERE .

Even the U.S. Surgeon General refutes the Liberal LUNACY!

Starting to wrap things up and head to a BIG Finish!


WHY can’t Liberals grasp simple logic and history?

We’re coming into the home stretch now…

Liberalism costs. Liberalism costs LOTS of money. Liberalism costs LOSS OF LIBERTY.


The True Church of The Lord Jesus Christ had BETTER wise up and take heed to THIS-

God does NOT play, Romans 1:16-32

The sad TRUTH about modern era “Christianity” is that they would stone John The Baptist and Crucify Jesus for what they preached!

The sad TRUTH is even MOST of The Church doesn’t really want TRUTH-

God’s Word is NOT “opinion”. It is NOT a buffet. God’s Word is The Eternal, Infallible, Inerrant Word/TRUTH of Almighty God.

God’s Word says precisely what HE means. When we take God’s Word and use it as THE Only, and Sole Standard of Right and Wrong We ARE then to JUDGE every thought, word, or deed BY God’s Word- John 7:24

There IS A Remnant-

God’s TRUE Armageddon WILL far surpass all that Hollywood can imagine!

WHAT happened to America? LIBERALISM.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Sheriff Clarke Fan Club 3d What Happened To America?? AMERICANS IN 1944 FACING ALMOST CERTAIN DEATH PD29-4 AMERICANS IN 2020 FACING A 99.9% SURVIVAL RATE'

Folks, we had better BE ready!

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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