“The Experts”: Wrong. Dead Wrong.

The Third Leading Cause of Death in America – PREVENTABLE Medical Errors – Emily Jerry Foundation

“When it comes to diseases we need to trust the experts, the medical doctors, epidemiologists, virologists, and other scientific experts. To question the ‘settled science consensus’ is foolish, and dangerous.”

-Today’s modern pol, pundit, and government sponsored/funded “scientist/doctor”. 

Really?? -Me.

I have researched and wrote about this before, there are two very different schools of science and medicine. One is the school of honest research, experimentation, evaluation, verification via duplication. It TAKES TIME. It examines WHAT IS, and discovers what it is, how it works, what is it for, is it SAFE, how does it work in THE REAL WORLD… This school has truly developed the modern marvels that save life, extend life, and make life easier and worth living.

The other school is the government funded and/or sponsored “experts” that take a predetermined outcome, and what they can find to “fit it” they keep, what does NOT fit their predetermined outcome is rejected, and even hid. The government sponsored “experts” will foist any amount of lies and propaganda as long as they keep getting the $$$$ from the government.

BUT… There is a BIG problem. The government sponsored slop artists that pose as “experts” are making 10,000’s of people sick, and KILLING over 250,000 people a year!

Medical errors 3rd leading cause of death, BMJ study finds - The San Diego Union-Tribune

This article will deal with true stories from eye-witnesses, and from the person themself…IF they are still alive. I will post a LOT of actual medical accounts and link to OVER 940 MORE… “The Experts” are KILLING us!

Note: Every single one of the actual, real accounts that follows, though ABSOLUTELY TRUE, STILL has one of these slopped on it!!!

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'ussuricat liked H LiBeRtYoPiNiOns @OpinionsMiOwn You had best be ready for what is coming. PFIZER'S OWN OWN DOCUMENTS STATE: BOTH INHALATION AND SKIN CONTACT WILL TRANSMIT WHATEVER IS IN THE VAX FROM THE VACCINATED TO THE UNVACCINATED tapnewswire.com/201/0/stay... tapnewswire.com/ 9:18 PM Apr 28, 2021. Twitter Web App'

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person

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May be a Twitter screenshot of 2 people and text that says 'Angela Nashville @Angelaisawake Karine says: NEVER AGAIN has been almost hours since getting the vaccine and am say NOT getting another vaccine Tan on this Fevers chills headaches vomiting kidney lhave wasn" going the freedom tha what much!!!! acts now hadi my life! heard word decision so here Alberta virus, news and got sucked anyone the vaccines saying definite COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests safety and effectiveness and then monitored closely. Source: World Health Organization Get Vaccine Info Karine Profile Pictures 4:15 PM Apr 26, 2021 Twitter Web App 51 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 81 Likes'

Sorry, but the below is a “Special Kind of Stupid”!


There were 2 groups on Facebook that had up to a quarter of a million people for victims and families of those who got the vaccine that weren’t as lucky… Facebook took the groups down. [MY NOTE: WHY? Why would Fascist Book take down groups reporting what actually happened?]

All the above accounts, plus a total of 948 just like them can be found HERE .

This is what a REAL Medical Expert says about ALL this:

THIS is the official CDC reporting site for adverse vax reactions. So far there have been reported OVER 86,000 adverse reactions like the ones mentioned above. Including OVER 3,100 DEATHS linked and reported as adverse reactions to the Le ‘Rona vax.

Be VERY CAREFUL about which “experts” you listen to…it could save your life.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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