“Experts”. They Aint What They Use To Be.

I am a scientific Christian. Meaning that like the Apostle Thomas “The Doubter” I want to see, handle, and study the evidence first. I do NOT, and will NOT, just believe “anything” simply because someone, or group says something is “thus-and-so”. No. I want to examine the evidence thoroughly.

This was not something that only Thomas went through. Luke wrote about in Luke 1 and again in Acts 1 , Paul wrote of it in I Corinthians 15 and II Timothy 2:15, and Peter again wrote about this in II Peter 1 . Contrary to what the so-called “Word of Faith”/”Positive Confession”/”Prosperity” “gospel” heretics would have you think GOD is Infinitely BIGGER than our doubts and questions.

As we let them, our doubts, cause us to SEEK The Lord God ,HE WILL reveal HIS heart and mind. In short, God encourages seeking. God welcomes us coming to reason with Him . As in the cartoon above so-called “experts” couldn’t find their butt with both hands and a map! “Experts” now say Pluto is not a planet- even though Pluto HAS FIVE- YES! Count them- 5 MOONS! Every year “experts” delve into the “great mystery” of mankind and proclaim “men and women are different”…except sometimes.

Then there are times these same “experts” will tell you there are 78 genders!!! Though ALL these 70 EXTRA NON-genders are the vile imagination of Liberals and perverts, I know, I repeat myself…and there are actually ONLY TWO  genders scientifically, medically, historically, and plain logically- male and female- these depraved “experts” spew garbage more in keeping with Sodom and Gomorrah than actual reality. 

From an actual scientist who STILL has common-sense:

6,000 years of Binary Sexual Natural Selection says:






Science, properly applied, really gets the panties of Homosocialists in a bunch. That’s why they had to invent “uhhhh gender is social construct” as a sandy foundation to try and rebuild their world view upon. Natural Law has a fail-safe for cultures that abominate it.

Romans Chapter 1. Read The Field Manual.


How many Liberal “experts” does it take to be correct?

No one knows. It’s NEVER happened before.

Since Liberal “experts” pretend there are 78 genders, apparently waking up each morning, looking in their draws, and playing guess my sex, then HOW can anyone trust these knuckle-walking, tongue-dragging, slack-jawed Neanderthals on ANYTHING??


It’s NOT about “science”. It’s NOT about facts. It’s NOT about safety, NOR the environment. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL.

Again, PLEASE, someone explain to me how Liberals/”experts” are ALWAYS WRONG and yet there are people who STILL believe them?!!

Liberal “experts” are so wrong, so deluded, so incredibly STUPID that if they tripped and fell they’d MISS THE GROUND!!!!

I lived through all of the aboveforementioned Mythological scenarios that Liberal “experts” pass off as “Science”. WRONG EVERY SINGLE TIME. WHY DOES ANYONE LISTEN TO THESE BRAYING JACKASSES?!!

NO. There is NOT a chance. The evolutionist is as BIGLY a FAILURE as any other brain dead Liberal “expert”.

Why have so MANY quit thinking? Why have so MANY become mentally LAZY? Folks put more thought into a weekend road trip than they do into researching whether the patented non-sense, aka bull-crap, that Liberal “experts” blather about even makes sense let alone is TRUE! This is scary! When a people WILL believe any unfounded NON-SENSE as truth…and let the government be the arbiter of right and wrong…we are NO different than Nazi Germany or Communist Russia!

I and a handful of others have been like voices crying out in the wilderness, from the roof tops, and the street corner saying: “QUIT letting a big, Liberal, impersonal, cold, calculating government DICTATE to YOU what YOU will and will NOT think, say, and do! Take a good long look at where America, and society as a whole, has come from, and look around now. Is THIS an “improvement”??”

As for me I’d rather be alone and THINK, Pray, and Live as The Truth leads me than to spend one moment under the dictates of a lie.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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