Let’s just admit it. Liberals are STUPID.

IF you are Liberal reading this, great. You can read.

IF you understand this and agree with the Liberal “Logic” presented herein, then I have some ocean front property in western Kansas to sell you.

On July 27th I will be 62. For a short while I was a rather devout, Hard-Left Liberal. I even wrote my 20 page essay in 11th grade Western Civ class on “Why Being A Central Planning Collective” was a “good” idea. I was but a teen, and quite stupid in the ways of Reality, Liberty, prosperity, and personal accountability. But a mere year later upon my conversion to Biblical-Christianity I not only rejected the tyranny and oppression of Liberalism, I saw the Monumental and EPIC FAILURE it was, and still IS…EVERYWHERE.

And I mean EVERYWHERE. It is not just merely that Liberalism FAILS EPICALY ALL THE TIME because of “faulty implementation”. No Liberalism IS intrinsically a FAILURE, AND CAN DO NOTHING BUT FAIL. Witness by…

First, Liberals falsely want everyone to think “Liberals are compassionate. Conservatives are mean, hateful, and intolerant”…but, is this MYTH true?

Oh, by the way, freely giving voluntarily of one’s own money, time, and resources IS compassion and charity. Forcing EVERYONE via the power of Government to cough up their own money, time, and resources to The Government so they can “give” a small portion of it back to people who in NO way worked for it, do NOT deserve it, while pocketing the rest is both oppressive, and certainly NOT “charity”, NOR one bit “Compassionate”.

Where in The REAL World does Liberalism work? It ONLY “works” via force. NO free thinking, sane person thinks Liberalism is remotely good in anyway!

People do NOT freely CHOOSE tyranny! People do NOT freely CHOOSE oppression! People do NOT freely CHOOSE to be robbed of their money, time, and resources! Liberals MUST lie, and then, when in power enact their agenda by FORCE.

THIS wan’t that long ago…we should NOT forget THIS-

How does ANY right thinking person deliberately CHOOSE Liberalism?!!

Is the stupidity, and sheer evil of Liberalism becoming apparent yet?

And because HollyWeird is so Herd-Left Liberal they’re given a pass on being “filthy rich”…

Notice also that the tyranny of Liberalism, though aimed against Conservatism in general, REALLY HATES Christianity specifically.

Liberalism IS cold-blooded, ruthless, and evil. Lenin. Stalin. Hitler. Mussolini. Mao. FDR…

Is any of this getting through to you yet?

Folks, just how long must the world wait until Liberals come to their senses?!!

You are being conditioned to view “evil is good- good is evil” Isaiah 5:10-25.

Simply the brutal Truth-

There IS a Pattern.

THIS is an abomination!

THIS is Liberalism! God SAVE America!

Folks, Liberalism does NOT get any better…ever.

Stupid. Evil. Oppressive. Tyrannical. ALWAYS A FAILURE. Liberalism.

Getting ready to wind this up…there is ample evidence here to PROVE that Liberalism is as evil as it is stupid, and that Liberalism IS an abject FAILURE.



Liberalism is so intrinsically evil and stupid the ONLY place that Liberalism should exist is in a dusty wing of the Museum of Failures. Let out to roam freely at will is ever an invitation to chaos and tyranny…ALWAYS.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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