Quick Hit Redux: Part 5.

Memory Refresher.

The below was BEFORE Mueller had even released his Report!

Mueller Investigation:

89 Criminal Indictments

24 Criminal Convictions

5 Prison Sentences

All in under 2 years!

LEGAL TIP: I learned in my years as a defense lawyer that roughly 100% of the time the party who wants something hidden is the party who thinks it’s damaging to them; in other news, Devin Nunes says the Mueller Report should be “burned up” and McConnell says no one should read it…and Trump says it’s a “witch hunt”… [MY NOTES: There sure are a LOT of “witches” caught in this witch hunt.]

-Seth Abramson, Attorney, researcher, author.








Like many people I paid (and pay) close enough attention to what is going on, AND I do my own research, dig into multiple sources, utilise multiple points of view, and sift, read, study…and even without Mueller’s report or congressional, even without both impeachments, and now all these emails and records being made public…yes, without all of that, just by reading various independent news sites, what was reported daily on every news channel, and from Trump’s own Tweets, interviews, press conferences/releases, and words…I KNEW he was guilty. Guilty as sin.

The Mueller Report, Comey’s testifying, Mueller testifying, Michael Cohen’s testifying, et al only bolsters what was ALREADY known and knowable. I personally wrote at the least 30 articles on this. To anyone that paid attention, and is honest, Trump was, and IS guilty. “How guilty?” So guilty that he was impeached TWICE…and only a GUILTY GOP kept him in office!

To be brutally honest, I hate the fact that THIS STILL needs being addressed.

IF we had real and honest justice Trump would have been in prison back long ago…but, sadly, we do not have real and honest justice.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Quick Hit Redux: Part 4.

Exclusive: Michael Cohen joins the Raw Story podcast

Quick Hit Redux: Part 3.

Mitch McConnell dodges whether he’ll carry out any of Donald Trump’s demands

The G.O.P. : Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

It doesn’t sound like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell considers former President Donald Trump the leader of the Republican Party.

First, what Senorita Lindsey Graham said, Dr. Jekyll:

While Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News host Sean Hannity last month that the Republican Party can’t move forward without Donald Trump.

“I’ve always liked Liz Cheney, but she’s made a determination that the Republican Party can’t grow with President Trump,” Graham said. “I’ve determined we can’t grow without him.”

“[Trump] could make the Republican Party something that nobody else I know can make it,” Graham said in March. “He can make it bigger. He can make it stronger. He can make it more diverse. And he also could destroy it.

Turtle McConnell, Mr. Hyde, responded:

But when Fox asked McConnell about whether Trump will determine his agenda, McConnell made it clear the answer is NO.

“Well, he has his own agenda,” said McConnell’s dodge. “And my view is, we’re going to focus on this administration and the future, what they’re trying to do to the country and make it a referendum in the fall of ’22 on how people feel about this new government they narrowly elected while they continue the 50-50 Senate and a close score over in the House.”

Thus far, the GOP has committed itself to be the “party of no” instead of working with Democrats to pass legislation that even Trump was trying to make happen. Trump infamously wanted his own infrastructure package that he said was worth $2 trillion. Democrats at the time were eager to help make it happen, but the McConnell-run Senate at the time was a dead-end.

The anti-Trump group The Lincon Project, has trolled Trump directly, with ads showing McConnell pushing Trump out of the GOP and attempting to take over the Trump control over the party.



From 1976 to 2015 I was a Republican. BUT when Trump announced his run for the presidency, and then became the G.O.P. nominee… it was the G.O.P. that left me and countless other millions of real/Biblical Christians, and real/Constitutional Conservatives homeless…UNTIL… 



Millions have already made “The America’s Party” their new Christian and Conservative home… I work to the end that every single one of the 100,000,000 people who call themselves Conservatives move AWAY FROM the rotting, festering, dying G.O.P., and move TO “America’s Party“.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Quick Hit Redux: Part 2

When Will the ‘Experts’ Stop Pretending Natural Immunity Doesn’t Exist in Recovered COVID-19 Patients?

For those of us who have recovered from COVID-19, the failure of those making policy recommendations to acknowledge and account for the immunity developed naturally following a COVID-19 infection is beyond frustrating. At one point in an e-mail exchange, Dr. Anthony Fauci noted that because COVID-19 is an RNA virus, the development of natural immunity was probable. At the time, he also said this would need to be confirmed.

Several studies have now shown that this immunity exists. In November of 2020, The New York Times interviewed several researchers who explained, based on their findings, that natural immunity did indeed occur, and there were indications it may be long-lasting:

“That amount of [immune] memory would likely prevent the vast majority of people from getting hospitalized disease, severe disease, for many years,” said Shane Crotty, a virologist at the La Jolla Institute of Immunology who co-led the new study.

The findings are likely to come as a relief to experts worried that immunity to the virus might be short-lived, and that vaccines might have to be administered repeatedly to keep the pandemic under control.

This research finding followed the knowledge that COVID-19’s first cousin, SARS-CoV-1, elicited durable immunity for at least 17 years and provided protection against a new strain of the virus. Additionally, they found that individuals never infected or exposed to either SARS virus demonstrated an immune response to the N-protein in both viruses based on exposure to other betacoronaviruses that circulate, causing cold-like symptoms:

Thus, infection with betacoronaviruses induces multi-specific and long-lasting T cell immunity against the structural N protein. Understanding how pre-existing N- and ORF1-specific T cells that are present in the general population affect the susceptibility to and pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 infection is important for the management of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead of conducting studies to determine whether this was the case with COVID, the global health bureaucracy recommended draconian lockdowns and other mitigation methods. A logical deduction is that this type of T cell reactivity was widespread, given there were an extraordinary number of mild cases and positive tests in asymptomatic people. The lack of attention and study following these findings means we will never know.

Several recent studies have confirmed that recovered COVID-19 patients can expect long-term immunity. One current report states:

Many people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 will probably make antibodies against the virus for most of their lives. So, suggest researchers who have identified long-lived antibody-producing cells in the bone marrow of people who have recovered from COVID-191.

The study provides evidence that immunity triggered by SARS-CoV-2 infection will be extraordinarily long-lasting. Adding to the good news, “the implications are that vaccines will have the same durable effect”, says Menno van Zelm, an immunologist at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

While the researchers couch this with the caution that COVID-19 variants may blunt some protective effects, that remains to be seen. The Cleveland Clinic just released the most extensive study of natural and vaccinated immunity to COVID-19, which included 52,238 employees:

Specifically, of all infections during the study period, 99.3% occurred in participants who were not infected previously and remained unvaccinated. In contrast, only 0.7% of infections occurred in participants who were not previously infected but were currently vaccinated.

Importantly, not a single incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was observed in previously infected participants with or without vaccination.

With further statistical analysis, it was observed that the COVID-19 vaccination significantly reduced the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in previously uninfected participants but not in previously infected participants.

Although the study did not directly estimate the duration of protection from natural infection, it was observed that previously infected participants remained protected against COVID-19 for at least 10 months after the symptom onset or a positive test result.




More from the (so-called) “Experts”…


The “experts” have been wrong ALL along the way. We had Spring Break, and Sturgis 2020 AND 2021. We, sadly, all the rioting over the death of a repeated felon who was in and out of prison and jail…each time there were NO breakouts of “the dreaded” corona. NONE. NOT ONE.

Florida, Texas, South Dakota, and 6-7 other states FULLY REOPENED MONTHS ago, South Dakota NEVER did what the “experts” said they should do…NO breakouts, NO widespread pandemic, NOTHING! 

America needs to TELL these so-called “experts” to BUZZ OFF!

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Quick Hits Redux: Part 1

Since April 12th I have been- past tense- sick. While in my “down-time/can’t go anywhere-can’t do anything” mode I have had a LOT of articles get back logged in my news feed that I need to take care of.

Since they cover a rather wide range of topics from various sources, and different point-of-views I am resurrecting “Quick Hits”. This will be a flurry of articles with one, no more than three links it, as opposed to my usual 7-13 links.

New York DA office may have just ‘found their insider’ in the Trump Organization: former Mueller prosecutor


Closing Remarks.

In the last 7-10 days I’ve had several discussions with people who are either OCD about Trump (who isn’t president anymore) ,and either give Biden-Harris and The Dems a pass on everything (“at least he’s not Trump”), or outright applaud the Hard Left agenda the Biden-Harris coalition is pushing.

OR they are OCD about Biden-Harris and the Dems and shout down and attack those who say that “Trump IS out of office…he doesn’t matter anymore”…

EXCEPT that Trump and his goons from before November 3rd to right NOW has pushed repeatedly DISPROVEN, wack-a-doodle, idiotic conspiracy theories, they PLANNED/ORGANISED the January 6th, FAILED Trump Insurrection, engaged in murder, vandalism, assault, treason, trespassing, attempted murder, insurrection, sedition, and had Trump’s goons found Pelosi, McConnell, Pence, among others they would have tried to murder them too. There are even PHONY “patriots” who say “we need to move on” and let Trump and his goons get away with murder, vandalism, assault, treason, trespassing, attempted murder, insurrection, sedition!!!

THIS is utter insanity! It is a stupidity that beggars description! Our Founding Fathers would NOT put up with THIS! Back in 2015 they would have stepped in and said ‘NO MORE!”…and it would BE no more!

Biden, Harris, The Democrats, and ALL Liberals ARE evil. Yes. You’ll get no disagreement from me there.

BUT so Is Trump and ALL of his goons (Cruz, Rubio, Gaetz, McConnell…)!

And we have the resources and ability to watch and deal with BOTH sides to the FULL extent of The Constitution and The Law. Evil IS evil, period. Fight ALL evil. God and The Constitution do NOT allow for this INSANE “buffet-pick-and-choose” style of fighting only the evil we choose to.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Um, Do These “Experts” Get ANYTHING Right??

Those who already are doubting me on this article, I present THIS as “Exhibit A”:

Why Experts are Almost Always Wrong

No one, not even the experts, really knows what’s about to happen

This crystal ball won’t help you.

This crystal ball won’t help you. (lukesaagi)


Every time there’s a national disaster, a gigantic event, a shooting, a breakthrough, really any news at all, you can rely on television news to find an expert. Some of them know quite a lot about what happened, what will happen, and why. But when it comes to a lot of experts, they really have no idea what they’re talking about.

Blogger Eric Barker points out that political experts’ predicitons are only slightly better than a random guess, and way worse than a statistical model. In fact, so called experts were better at predicting events outside their own field. Barker points to a study from the 1980′s, when Philip Tetlock had 284 political “experts” make about a hundred predictions. The study is summarized in the book Everything Is Obvious* Once You Know the Answer:

For each of these predictions, Tetlock insisted that the experts specify which of two outcomes they expected and also assign a probability to their prediction. He did so in a way that confident predictions scored more points when correct, but also lost more points when mistaken. With those predictions in hand, he then sat back and waited for the events themselves to play out. Twenty years later, he published his results, and what he found was striking: Although the experts performed slightly better than random guessing, they did not perform as well as even a minimally sophisticated statistical model. Even more surprisingly, the experts did slightly better when operating outside their area of expertise than within it…

Another study found that “experts” who try to predict the outcome of Supreme Court cases weren’t that much better than a computer. The world saw evidence of that in their recent decision about health care, surprising nearly every “expert” out there.

But that’s politics. Other fields should be better, right? Nope. Technology is the same way. Another scientist analyzed the accuracy of technology-trend predictions. About eighty percent of them were wrong, regardless of whether those predictions were made by experts or not.

In 2005, Tetlock wrote a book about expert prediction called “Expert Political Judgment: How Good Is It? How Can We Know?” In it, he explains that not only are experts often wrong, but they’re nearly never called out on it. The New Yorker explains:

When they’re wrong, they’re rarely held accountable, and they rarely admit it, either. They insist that they were just off on timing, or blindsided by an improbable event, or almost right, or wrong for the right reasons. They have the same repertoire of self-justifications that everyone has, and are no more inclined than anyone else to revise their beliefs about the way the world works, or ought to work, just because they made a mistake.

Tetlock points out that while we’re terrible at predictions, experts fall into two “cognitive styles” when they’re making those predictions: foxes and hedgehogsThe Huffington Post summarizes:

Foxes know many things while hedgehogs know one big thing. Being deeply knowledgeable on one subject narrows one’s focus and increases confidence, but it also blurs dissenting views until they are no longer visible, thereby transforming data collection into bias confirmation and morphing self-deception into self-assurance. The world is a messy, complex, and contingent place with countless intervening variables and confounding factors, which foxes are comfortable with but hedgehogs are not. Low scorers in Tetlock’s study were “thinkers who ‘know one big thing,’ aggressively extend the explanatory reach of that one big thing into new domains, display bristly impatience with those who ‘do not get it,’ and express considerable confidence that they are already pretty proficient forecasters.” By contrast, says Tetlock, high scorers were “thinkers who know many small things (tricks of their trade), are skeptical of grand schemes, see explanation and prediction not as deductive exercises but rather as exercises in flexible ‘ad hocery’ that require sticking together diverse sources of information, and are rather diffident about their own forecasting prowess.”

But what about the 10,000 hours technique? Did you really just spend 10,000 hours in order to have only a slightly better than random chance at predicting the outcome of your chosen field?

Probably. Barker cites another book, Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else:

Extensive research in a wide range of fields shows that many people not only fail to become outstandingly good at what they do, no matter how many years they spend doing it, they frequently don’t even get any better than they were when they started.

In field after field, when it came to centrally important skillsstockbrokers recommending stocks, parole officers predicting recidivism, college admissions officials judging applicants—people with lots of experience were no better at their jobs than those with very little experience.

The moral here?

We really have no idea what’s going to happen… ever.


The above is from 2012…9 years ago.

“Has it got any better?”

FIRST, you did read ALL the above didn’t you??

Secondly, people are, well, people. We haven’t really changed since Eden. There truly is nothing new under the Sun.

Now, let’s look with a THINKING EYE toward today’s so-called “Experts”. 

Let me “set the stage” first. I’ll posit direct quotes, stats, evidence…from the direct back-and-forth with these “experts” and then apply LOGIC, REASON, AND CRITICAL THINKING, and see where things shake out at.


Author of Tell Your Children. Revolting. Have you ever had a man go away for business come back with a tan?

Alex Berenson
This, friends, is what you call a smoking gun. Not so much for Saint Fauci – just the entire community of virologists and scientists who insisted for a year that the China-GOF-2019 virus couldn’t possibly have come out of a lab, nosiree Bob.

“They did a hard flip midstream. The obvious question is why. To say they “studied the science” is complete BS.

It’s obvious: Daszak got to Fauci.

Fauci got to Andersen , et. al. to write the phony paper

This is impeachable news #FireFauci

Fauci FOIA emails show a man prioritizing protection of his institutions, & not a man interested in getting to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding COVID-19.

Bureaucrat gonna bureaucrat, even if that meant total chaos & an 18 month disinformation campaign from the “experts.”

It is pretty clear what happened here; Fauci panicked and tried to cover his @ss over the obvious; a leak from a lab he funded and supported that led to massive misinterpretation of data and an unbelievable overreaction that caused immeasurable damage and suffering

And this, Fauci, is their person who has been the “head” of the NIH for 35 years. Whatever expertise he supposedly possesses, it is located in his posterior.Misleading the public in this matter is reprehensible. These are NOT honest, well intended deceptions.

I have been to a wet market and seen its horrifying reality. When I first heard that COVID originated there, my thought was those markets could incubate anything. The more I learned, the more I questioned that premise. Worth a read:

Nicholas Wade

I’m a science writer and have worked on the staff of Nature, Science and, for many years, on the New York Times.

Origin of Covid — Following the Clues

Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at Wuhan?

We all knew it came out of a lab. You had to do your homework & piece things together yourself but we knew. One big clue was that the more they pushed up against the idea that it came from a lab, the more you knew that was the truth.

“They” sat on info that could have aided a faster solution to save lives. Would not be a long leap to charge the ghouls, especially Fauci for involuntary manslaughter.

A researcher wrote to Fauci with a hypothesis that elements of the virus didn’t match what he and his colleagues thought was evolutionary. He said they would do more work That scientist and his colleagues later published an article stating that the virus was natural in origin.
Their hypothesis was proved incorrect by the data, and they stated that in the article.
People are running around claiming that the email from Kristian Anderson was proof (even though it was not), because it confirms their prior beliefs.
@K_G_Andersen opined two months later (March 2020) that the virus was not genetically engineered. I exposed his opinion as merely a belief. (A belief is NOT KNOWLEDGE!)This is how to expose the argument from authority!The WHO cites Andersen to attack lab-creation of the virus. Smh

Alex Berenson

The greatest thing about this interview is that halfway through Fauci starts defending himself on the gain-of-function question (oh, the science changed, we got more data, I dint do nuffin wrong) – a question she has no idea exists and didn’t ask. WITH VIDEO.

If I have to listen to Fauci explain one more time how our understanding changes with time… as if we don’t all know that already. The whole point is that his understanding didn’t change, he just lied even when he knew better.

Per Fauci in Jan 2021, “double masking makes common sense”. The Fauci followers started double masking even though there was no “science” behind it. He just made it up. [My Note: And then laughed and laughed as he watched countless millions follow his every idiotic utterance!]

“Trust the science”. The science is ever changing but trust it. 

[My Notes: NOT so much that the science is changing on this. From all that we know this is not really that mysterious. What HAS muddied the discourse up from the beginning are the so-called “Experts”. There are two major groups for sourcing on ALL issues. The one’s on the dole from the government or a business/group that has something to gain and/or hide. The other is independent, critical thinking, ask questions and let the evidence say WHAT IT ACTUALLY SAYS. Fauci is on the government dole, AND personally invested and tied to businesses and people IN the virology and vax fields…Fauci is NOT to be trusted any further than you can spit in a F5 Tornado! Period.]

Science doesn’t change the size of virus particles. For years (as recently as last May) the CDC said masks do not reduce the spread of influenza. The coronavirus particles are even smaller than the flu. That’s why Fauci originally said only the sick should wear masks.

Alex Berenson

1/ Wowowow. The government (USG) planned to have the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) – an INDEPENDENT group – examine the origins of #SARSCoV2. How do I know? Fauci told a top  @CDCgov official about it in Feb. 2020. That NAS inquiry never happened, though.

Gee, I wonder why.

2/ Also, please note how Fauci distances himself from any questions about the origin in this note: “this is not my area of expertise and so I have backed off…” I guess in the 12 days since he emailed Auchincloss the gain of function paper he forgot all about it!

Also, having a group of “evolutionary biologists” study viral origins predetermines the conclusion, n’est-ce pas? #FauciLiedPeopleDied

Trust the science. Verify the scientist! (The longer they have worked for the government, the less they should be trusted!)

Hey @RandPaul , next time you have Fauci under oath, ask him what happened to the official federal investigation  @theNASEM was supposed to run on the origins of #sarscov2 – and why he instead worked in secret with other scientists to discourage examination of the lab leak theory.

Because that was clearly the (successful) intent of the paper that  @K_G_Andersen and others published in @naturemedicine (with the hidden backing of Fauci, his boss Francis Collins, and Sir Jeremy James Farrar of the Wellcome Trust).

Alex Berenson

Real Scientists vs. Fauci & Kristian G. Andersen.

Fauci “The Fraud” is on the right…j/s…

I’ll close with this quote from a doctor NOT on the Government dole-

LIE: We don’t know much about coronavirus. 

This is one of the media’s [My Note: and government’s] favorite lies. It is much scarier if it is unknown. We know that coronavirus is a zoonotic disease. In other words, it’s natural hosts are birds and animals as opposed to humans. We vaccinate domestic animals for them. We know that four forms cause colds every year. We know it mutates and evolves just like the flu. We know it sometimes becomes deadly as it has in SARS and MERS. We have done medical studies on coronavirus as a coexisting illness in patients in the past.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.