Quick Hits Redux: Part 1

Since April 12th I have been- past tense- sick. While in my “down-time/can’t go anywhere-can’t do anything” mode I have had a LOT of articles get back logged in my news feed that I need to take care of.

Since they cover a rather wide range of topics from various sources, and different point-of-views I am resurrecting “Quick Hits”. This will be a flurry of articles with one, no more than three links it, as opposed to my usual 7-13 links.

New York DA office may have just ‘found their insider’ in the Trump Organization: former Mueller prosecutor


Closing Remarks.

In the last 7-10 days I’ve had several discussions with people who are either OCD about Trump (who isn’t president anymore) ,and either give Biden-Harris and The Dems a pass on everything (“at least he’s not Trump”), or outright applaud the Hard Left agenda the Biden-Harris coalition is pushing.

OR they are OCD about Biden-Harris and the Dems and shout down and attack those who say that “Trump IS out of office…he doesn’t matter anymore”…

EXCEPT that Trump and his goons from before November 3rd to right NOW has pushed repeatedly DISPROVEN, wack-a-doodle, idiotic conspiracy theories, they PLANNED/ORGANISED the January 6th, FAILED Trump Insurrection, engaged in murder, vandalism, assault, treason, trespassing, attempted murder, insurrection, sedition, and had Trump’s goons found Pelosi, McConnell, Pence, among others they would have tried to murder them too. There are even PHONY “patriots” who say “we need to move on” and let Trump and his goons get away with murder, vandalism, assault, treason, trespassing, attempted murder, insurrection, sedition!!!

THIS is utter insanity! It is a stupidity that beggars description! Our Founding Fathers would NOT put up with THIS! Back in 2015 they would have stepped in and said ‘NO MORE!”…and it would BE no more!

Biden, Harris, The Democrats, and ALL Liberals ARE evil. Yes. You’ll get no disagreement from me there.

BUT so Is Trump and ALL of his goons (Cruz, Rubio, Gaetz, McConnell…)!

And we have the resources and ability to watch and deal with BOTH sides to the FULL extent of The Constitution and The Law. Evil IS evil, period. Fight ALL evil. God and The Constitution do NOT allow for this INSANE “buffet-pick-and-choose” style of fighting only the evil we choose to.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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