Liberty v. Everything Else.

Not so long ago, at least it seems, most folk had a lot more in common than what they differed on.

It transcended race, creed, color, age, sex, nation of origin, status in society, and for the most part even political parties. Most everyone wanted what was genuinely best for America. We were all- mostly- true Patriots. There were different means and methods to achieve this goal, but we all truly wanted what was best for America. We loved our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Flag, Declaration of Independence, and our shared, unique history and heritage that made US Americans.

Yes, there have long been those in positions of power and influence that have waged a tug of war for the heart and soul of America, but still the most of us common folk simply loved America, her history and heritage, warts and all.

America has had it’s share of major problems. The problem was that there has long been a group who has a more tyrannical, “top-down”, ruling/elite class view of America, and life in general. This group, due to their affinity to view themselves as “above it all” have gathered themselves into a political party, this political party is guilty of:

  1. having slaves,
  2. defending slavery for over 100 years,
  3. seceding from The Union to KEEP slaves and slavery,
  4. fighting a WAR to KEEP slaves and slavery,
  5. after losing the war this Political Party formed the Ku Klux Klan as marauders to harass freed slaves and their Liberators,
  6. instituted poll taxes, Jim Crow Laws, separate-but-equal laws, segregation laws, and voted AGAINST EVERY Civil Rights law,
  7. instituted welfare, WIC, Food Stamps, and other entitlements NOT to “help” the down and out, BUT RATHER to bribe and buy votes and obedience, and then use threaten to take away these entitlements to get the poor and needy to do/behave as they, the Elite, wanted them to.
  8. and support/promote abortion in predominantly minority neighborhoods.

This was done by ONE Political Party: 



Sadly, since 1952 with “Moderate” Eisenhower (his VP was NIXON!) the G.O.P. has slowly, steadily moved to The Left to join their oppressive, tyrannical, Liberal opponent, The Democrat Party.

With Left leaning “Republicans” like Nixon, Ford, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins…and now the Hard Left, NY Liberal, Putin puppet Trump the Republican Party is hardly distinguishable from The Democrat Party.

My long held observation and proclamation has been, and still is, that America is PAST The Point of NO Return. The ONLY hope now is for all to repent and make themselves ready for the return of The Lord Jesus Christ to catch HIS Bride/Church away. Long gone are the days when a Reagan or a Coolidge could step up and correct things.

IF there is any hope, any time left whatsoever for America…then we MUST return to THIS post haste!

More sourcing: HERE , HERE , HERE , HERE .

I was raised by godly, church going, Biblical-Christian parents. I knew from childhood that America had warts, faults, severe wrongs. I also was raised that with God we could turn America back to The Right Path whenever she strayed…

BUT as I study God’s Word, particularly Biblical Prophecy, and then study current, recent events…I see that we are in the very LAST moments of time before the return of The Lord Jesus Christ to catch HIS Bride/Church out of here… and then Seven Years of Great Tribulation, The Wrath of God, and The Rise and (temporary) Rule of THE Antichrist…will ensue.

All the myriad of things happening ALL AT ONCE IN A “FLURRY OF FURY” are signs that things are winding down, and a distraction so those NOT looking to and for Jesus are too distracted to even think to look to Jesus as THE Answer. Be ready…for in an hour you think not so shall the coming of The Son of Man (Jesus) be.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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