Marxism Has DIRE Consequences

HUNT VALLEY, Md. (SBG) — New York’s health care worker vaccination mandate took effect Monday.

As a result of the mandate, the state said it could be looking to the National Guard and foreign medical professionals to help fill the voids of workers who face termination for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine — roughly 72,000* hospital workers and 16,000 nursing home workers, *now 83,000. Home care, hospice and adult care facilities face a vaccination deadline of Oct. 7. Workers terminated for refusing a vaccine will not be eligible for unemployment insurance unless they can provide a valid doctor-approved request for medical accommodation.


Here’s some personal stories on the matter-

Alison Mahony @realalimah
I got fired. Now I am free to say everything I really think and to make a real difference in people’s lives. I am looking for a lawyer to represent me in a wrongful dismissal case. I recorded the call where they fired me. I think I have a case.
There is going to be a lot of this! The tyranny will be exposed! Can’t wait for all the Doctor’s and Nurses to come forward!

Holly Ponti @hollyponti1
I’m a nurse and there is no d*mn way I’m getting the jab!
Tandi Sager @tandi_sager
My daughter is an RN First line responder. She has witnessed so many, who have died from blood clots to the heart. She will not get the jab either. They do test her 3 times a week. She is ok with that. She said she has just seen too many of those cases!
Melodie @melodiep12345
My daughter is an RN as well and works the COVID unit, she got COVID, but not from the hospital, she believes it was from her children’s daycare. She refuses to get the jab even before she had COVID, doctor prescribed ivermectin and she was fine.
Holly Ponti @hollyponti1
I had covid, was prescribed ivermectin, shortened and reduced symptoms.
Vincent @VincenzoCrypto1
This grocery/perishables truck driver aint getting the jab! Another trucker delivering 40 tons of food every single day to restock your local grocery store off the road if that day comes god forbid and many many more truckers in all industries wont. Trucker shortage is gonna 50x!

There is NO “Written Mandate!” Just ‘Sergeant Bumbles’ yelling from his pulpit! By law, our US Government Can Not, “MANDATE!” But Employers, out of ‘FEAR’ are idiotically FIRING THEIR LOYAL, DUTIFUL, DEPENDABLE, Employees!


More reports on the Mandates-

Liz Wheeler @Liz_Wheeler

Delta’s CEO says they’re ditching the vaxx mandate for employees… the first big company to DIRECTLY flout Biden’s dictate?!!! THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.


Jason @jason_fl33

Replying to

Delta also only airline to offer medical exemptions for masks. Got one for 3 year old on recent trip to Boston for his heart repair/surgery. They were incredibly accommodating to two parents already under a lot of stress.

Video EXPOSING The Lies!


Bernie’s Tweets @BernieSpofforth

Here’s my own experience with “Kid Covid”:

On May 13th, 2021 I went to the doctor for a completely unrelated issue, had pain in my right leg. They determine it’s blood clots. While doing all the x-rays, and cat scans they also gave me the covid tests and said I tested positive. I had NO fever. NO cough. NO shortness of breath. NO light-headedness. NOTHING that would make me think I was in any way, shape, or form sick.

The blood clots can easily be attributed to the fact that I have varicose veins and some of the medication I take has the possible side effect blood clots…I say this because even though blood clots ARE a very real and direct effect/symptom of covid, I had absolutely NO other indication whatsoever that I was sick.

BUT the Big Government/Pharma/MSM story is “Everything’s covid”!!! There has hardly been any mention of flu, bronchitis, bronchialitis, or pneumonia in almost 2 YEARS! They attribute EVERYTHING to covid…whether you have it or not.

That is my personal experience with “The Pandemic/Plague”.

If after all the articles I and countless others have written have not convinced you that the Government/Pharma/MSM drive story is a LIE…nothing will.

Because you have made up your mind that facts, evidence, and REAL science/medicine doesn’t matter to you…you are not a critical, independent thinker with common-sense…you are a sheep being led to the slaughter.

Which is sad, but YOUR choice.  

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Pant Load of Lies: Pant One

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ATLANTA, GA—The CDC has issued new guidelines that specifically call out anyone relying on a functioning immune system as being anti-science.
“Does a ‘complex network of cells, and proteins that defends the body against infection’ sound scientific to you? Didn’t think so,” said CDC spokesman Jonathan Growsky. Science is doing what we say to do without question, not magically getting healthy while your body functions as designed. That’s just superstitious nonsense”
Growsky continued, “How can we expect the human body to keep track of every microbe it’s ever killed, and know how to kill it again quickly if it ever returns? It is as nonsensical as it sounds.”
The CDC no longer recommends worrying about your physical fitness level, eating a well-balanced diet, or taking vitamins as these are only important if you trust your immune system.
The media quickly began promoting the CDC’s new guidelines, calling the immune system a “far-right conspiracy theory” and “fringe anti-science treatment.”
Upon hearing this, many Americans packed on 50 pounds and picked up smoking to prove that they trust vaccines alone and are not science deniers who trust their body’s immune system.

The Babylon Bee

Pfizer Releases Brand New Drug ‘Pfizermectin’

Do you have Covid? Then ask your vet, I mean your doctor about Pfizer’s new drug, Pfizermectin.


Though the above is parody and satire it is NOT far removed from the truth.

REAL science- that which existed BEFORE March 20, 2020, and is now only believed by scientists, doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, nurses, researchers, and experts NOT on the payroll of government or pharma- is the TRUE examination, research, and reporting of “What IS”.

Today’s “Sciency Stuff” is NONE of that, it is the (moronic) ignoring of facts, evidence, and expert analysis that doesn’t fit the “Big Government-Pharma template, and reports the Fatal fairy-tale, of “What IF”.

Well, if you count yourself among honest seekers of Truth, and a critical, independent THINKER this is for YOU….all you Lib-Nut, Knuckle-walking, Drool-monkey Chowder-heads can go eat some more paste. Let’s look at REAL SCIENCE:

Mary Beth Pfeiffer @marybethpf

The campaign against ivermectin is a house of cards built upon contorted bits of information, exaggeration and falsehoods. Exhibit #1:

says Joe Rogan took “horse dewormer.”

No, Rogan obtained a legal prescription from a doctor. He got better. 1
The FDA campaign is designed to terrify. IVM “can cause toxic reactions”..“can really hurt you.”
TRUTH: 25 years of IVM use concluded: Ivermectin “continues to provide a high margin of safety for a growing number of indications.” (Read: Threat to Pharma?) 2


Drugs have side effects. Here’s A-to-F of the long list for aspirin. OF NOTE: Deaths related to remdesivir since April 2020: 500+ Deaths related to ivermectin SINCE 1992: 20 Source:

’s @VigiAccess drug database

@WHO’s @VigiAccess drug database For more on aspirin: SOURCE. 3
The campaign conflates animal & human IVM


. FDA says, “animal drugs are often highly concentrated.” Fair enough. But then, it says: “You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” Period. Even

@NIH is neutral; docs can use. 4

Many drugs are used off-label – 12% to 38% of office-scrips. Physicians “may prescribe an FDA-approved drug for indications that FDA has not reviewed for safety and effectiveness:”

A CDC alert reported a “five-fold increase” in IVM calls to poison control centers in July. But CDC also said LEGAL IVM scrips soared 24-FOLD since C19. PCC calls would be expected to rise, especially with the media anti-IVM messaging. 6
Here’s a random but interesting array of poison control inquiries. Grapes and chocolate are common reasons for calls.

On 8/25,

@AP corrected info on IVM calls to Mississippi poison control:
-2% of calls were for IVM.
Not 70% of calls for animal IVM. On 8/30,
@nytimes reported the gone-viral 70% figure. NYT didn’t correct, nor did @msdh

. This is how myths are born. 8




Many doctors have found ivermectin effective. Science supports their observations. Patients have told me they got better. Telling people to get sicker before treating is a recipe for suffering, disability and, sometimes, death. 9

Ivermectin has been taken by 1.3Billion people & has only 4k reported deaths. It’s safer than Tylenol. The reason why they call it horse dewormer is because the media is paid by big pharma. There’s no money to be made by Ivermectin its only 2cents to make…Follow the money


Global ivermectin adoption for COVID-19: 36%



The Battle for Humanity wages between Honest Seekers of Truth on the one side, and the paid off shills spewing lies…

Who YOU believe will decide your health, liberty, and life…choose wisely.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


“Free Stuff!!” Who doesn’t like Free Stuff?

CDC’s tally of people who *ACTUALLY, REALLY had “Kid Covid” -2,297,352. 

[*after subtracting the 90% that CDC admitted were NOT confirmed, but were mere speculation.]

2,297,352 is LESS THAN .9% of the entire U.S. population, [using the old pop. figure of 300,000,00. many estimate the U.S. population to be 350,000,000 now.]

CDC’s tally of ACTUAL/REAL deaths from “Kid Covid” AFTER making the adjustments that the CDC admits to but wont show in their own “official” tally (see the links provided above)- 69,471.

[69,471 is .2% of entire U.S. population.]

So, to recap,





And a mere .2% of ALL AMERICAN’S have died from “Kid Covid”!!!

OUR God-given, Constitutionally-codified rights are being TRAMPLED for something this PALTRY!!! CRIKEY!!

WHY?!! Follow the money…


LINKS TO VERIFY THIS: HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, AND HERE. Admittedly these are Liberal sources with an ax to grind, but they still bring to light DIRT that the Big Business world would rather you NOT see and know.

Let’s look at all them there “FREE” goodies that businesses are “GIVING AWAY” shall we?

1. “Free” Masks!

2. “Free” Screenings!

3. “Free” Vaccinations!

4. “Free” Vaccination Records/Passports, including “FREE” Digital Vaccination Records/Passports!

5. “Free” Sanitizer!

6. “Free” Sanitary hand wipes for those “eViL, FiLtHY” shopping carts!

7. Plus all the “Free” Signage everywhere to TELL us how to shop, breathe, and live!

8. Lastly, all the “Free” money the good, nice government gave to a lot of us 2-3 times!


NONE of this is free.

ALL of this costs. And costs BIGLY! The cost is YUGE!!


I know, YIKES!

Most folks have been “educated” to either NOT know, NOT care, or both on just “How Does The Gubmint Giving Away FREE Money COST ME anything?”

It’s like this, you genius you, follow me now…if you’re capable of following me…

1. The Government CAN NOT give away a penny that it does not TAKE from US, the tax payer, FIRST.

2. Then that “Free” money that you get has strings, no, make that CHAINS attached. You HAVE to to DO what the government TELLS you to do to get it, what the government TELLS you to do WITH it, and what the government TELLS you to keep the gravy train rolling.

3. Everything you spend that “Free” money on is TAXED- yes, the government is TAKING BACK that money that they TOOK from you in the first place, and was (only pretending) to “give you”.

4. Oh, and the COST of everything SKYROCKETS UP…because that “Free” money is worth LESS AND LESS. Example: in 1960 the cost of an NEW car was $2,752. TODAY you can NOT even get a somewhat decent older and used car for that!

5. And the “nice, ol’ gubmint” wants more and more control over YOU in order for you to continue to get all this “Free” Stuff.

You see, the government-pharma template ONLY makes sense…IF YOU QUIT THINKING.

But, HEY! Enjoy that “Free” Stuff.

In closing, let me post some relating memes.


This is ONLY ONE state!! IF the doctors and nurses refuse the J@b that says it AINT RIGHT!

And, lastly, I plan on a Meme’s ONLY article in the near future…stay tuned…

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.