***News Flash! There Exists History BEFORE January 6th, 2021

Donnie “Hitler Salute” Trump

On January 6th, 2021 America did not simply “wake up” to a nightmarish, Marxist tyranny.


This has been over a century long process with many Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Greenies, Marxists, and other would-be tyrants setting the stage for one Joseph Biden to inherit.

Those who want to always and only focus on “who is in office/power” now, you may be correct in what you are saying about the current office holder, but if you neglect, reject, and refuse to even consider the groundwork of Liberalism/Marxism that was laid by many others dating back at least to 1912, and even refuse to acknowledge and deal with who was in office just recently…you are NOT truly addressing the problem, but merely looking at ONE current symptom of a long existing moral, cultural, and societal cancer.

The moral, cultural, and societal cancer America is steeped deeply in did NOT simply “magically happen” on January 6th, 2021. 

Government Acts of Tyranny that happened over 100 YEARS ago that America is STILL paying YUGELY for, and suffering from. 

1. On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant designated Yellowstone as the first national park in the United States and the world. Sounds ok, UNTIL you see that once the government takes something they rarely give it back, rarely allow the nation’s natural resources there to be developed, and usually they want MORE AND MORE. Though this sounds good. I mean, everyone likes a park…BUT when the nation, “We The People”, NEED the resources on- or under- that land we are told NO. This creates a crisis, it creates “shortages” that need NOT exist, and wouldn’t exist in a strict Constitutional Republic.

2. Just HOW BAD did the Governments lust for land get? Teddy Roosevelt: As President from 1901 to 1909, he signed legislation establishing five new national parks: Crater Lake, Oregon; Wind Cave, South Dakota; Sullys Hill, North Dakota (later re-designated a game preserve); Mesa Verde, Colorado; and Platt, Oklahoma (now part of Chickasaw National Recreation Area). However another Roosevelt enactment had a broader effect: the Antiquities Act of June 8, 1906. The Antiquities Act enabled President Roosevelt and succeeding Presidents to proclaim historic landmarks, historic or prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest in federal ownership as national monuments. ONCE a government is allowed to get away with a land grab, it will NOT stop until it is MADE TO by “We The People”. And “We The People” MUST jump through hoops to get PERMISSION to use the land AND the resources therein. IF the lands were privately held lands, or lands not owned by anyone, including and especially government, THEN the lands COULD be developed, and the resources therein used as needed. 

3. Woodrow Wilson to LBJ, 1912 to 1969: The Federal Reserve Bank, The IRS, The Income Tax, The League/United Nations, Welfare, the alphabet soup Government programs, the Interstate HW program, Government enforced Minimum Wage, Price and Wage Freezes, God is BANNED, taxes begin to skyrocket to FUND ALL the “New Deal/Great Society” programs, National deficits and debt exploded, the bungling of the Korean and Vietnam wars…

4. Nixon to Clinton, 1969 to 2000: Wage and Price Freezes, Watergate, Baby Murder “made legal”, the creation of the Department of “Education”, taxes and spending continue to escalate to pay for all the ever increasing number, and ever growing government programs, U.S. nuclear missile, rocket, and bomb technology given to/stolen by China and North Korea, and Impeachment began against TWO Presidents, one resigns, the other is Impeached but then acquitted.

5. George W. Bush to Trump, 2000 to 2020: TARP, Government buy-outs, Government taking over/running GM, MOPAR; nationalising real estate, the Tech and Real Estate “bubbles”, the bungling of the war against Islamic Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, Sodomite “marriage” made “legal”, taxes and spending- of course- continue to skyrocket, Obama-Care, the increased attacks on our God-given, Constitutionally-Codified rights, particularly the 1st and 2nd Amendments; lies, tirades, and conspiracy theories made a 24/7/365 cottage industry, the alienating of America’s allies while cozying up to America’s enemies; treason committed at the highest office REPEATEDLY with Russia, China, N. Korea, various Muslim nations,  and Ukraine; the outright LIES and FRAUD regarding a puny, weak virus, aka, “Kid Covid”, the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve Bank printing WORTHLESS money to prop up the Marxist “Green Businesses/ Green Agenda” and the January 6th, 2021 Trump-led/fed Insurrection.

6. Trump/Biden, from 2015 to the present: The UN-CONSTITUTIONAL lockdowns of The Private Sector/Free Market, the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL “social distancing” mandates, the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL mask mandates, the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL “essential worker” mandates, the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL vaccine mandates, the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL vaccine passport mandates; taxes and spending explode with a Nuclear War ferocity; the mandate induced crisis of shortages of goods and services ALL because of Government UN-CONSTITUTIONALLY meddling in the PRIVATE SECTOR/FREE MARKET, the UN-CONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve Bank printing WORTHLESS money to prop up government sanctioned businesses…

So, go ahead. Focus ONLY on what has happened since January 6th, 2021. Focus ONLY on who is in power/office now…and YOU will NOT solve ONE of America’s deeply rooted ills.

Whatever may be “corrected” by such a narrow, and destructive focus will ONLY be undone by another Liberal…IF anything is “corrected” by such a narrow focus. “Get rid” of Biden- and get Harris or Pelosi. Get rid of one tax- get 10 other taxes that are worse and bigger.


What is desperately needed, and HAS BEEN NEEDED FOR DECADES is a wholesale removal of ALL Liberal policies and programs…PERIOD. And a swift and full return to strict Constitutional governance.

The focus only on the here-n-now is a “can’t see the forest because of the trees” approach that IS doomed to failure.

What I truly fear as a Biblical-Christian and a Constitutional-Conservative is that America NO longer has the WILL, NOR the TIME to (truly) correct itself…my observation has long ago led me to the view that ONLY the SOON return of The Lord Jesus Christ to catch away HIS Church/Bride.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


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