The REAL Problem of America

If you were to go back and read over each of the over 300 articles at Bible and Constitution News you would see an expansive array of topics dealt with in great detail, supported by verifiable evidence from reliable sources, often using as many a 30+ sources/links to substantiate each article, and never fewer than 5-7 cited sources.

The topics addressed in the 330+ articles range from our Founding Fathers to Biden, from Free Market/Private Sector Capitalism in a Constitutional Republic to the varying shades of Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, and Nazism/Fascism. You would see articles addressing issues from rioting to Treason, from the Marxism that IS “The Green Movement” to crippling taxation and spending, aka theft-n-bribes.

You would also see articles on The Rapture, the catching away of The Blood Bought Church by The Lord Jesus Christ, to a discussion on Man’s Free Will actually in harmony with God’s Sovereign will… This article will be more akin to the latter grouping…only will be go directly to The Gravest Problem facing America, and in truth, the entire world.

The Leading Sins of America

Though I will primarily address the sins of America, and dealing with America’s WORST SIN…this can easily be applied to the entire world. The Sins of America:

1) Abortion. Is among the most heinous, vile, and wretched sins of any people, anywhere, at any period of human existence. To wantonly, callously MURDER the innocent unborn is a wickedness spawned in Hell.

2) Sodomy/homosexuality/lesbianism. Though it in itself is not murder, many who are sodomites DO commit murder and suicide. John Wayne Gacy. Bob Berdella. Jeffery Dahmer. Harvey Milk…more sourcing HERE. Even without the rapes and murders they commit, The Lord God STILL calls sodomy an ABOMINATION.

3) The daily Liberal/Marxist assault on Liberty, including everything from un-Constitutional, oppressive taxation, to government spending/welfare that is nothing more than BRIBERY; the government micromanaging (to death) the Free-Market/Private Sector, including the abomination of the IRS, Obama-Care, and flushing BILLIONS of $$$ down the toilet in TARP, QE, Bail-outs, and propping-up the USELESS and Marxist Green “industries”/agenda.

4) The egregious Moral Decline that has seen crime skyrocket, in many instances crime “legalised” (abortion/murder, gambling, sodomy, smoking weed…), HS drop rate go up; school testing and grades in general drop, teen sex, pregnancy, and abortion escalate… 

But the underlying reason for ALL the above, and for every other problem facing America is…

America has forsaken, and rejected God.

In 1963 America’s Highest Court ruled that God was BANNED from ALL public schools, buildings, and lands, and included in this BANNING of God was the BANNING of prayer, The Bible, The Ten Commandments, Jesus…

Yes, America had had struggles before, and had been struggling mightily since 1912…BUT when we made it OFFICIAL and TOLD The Lord God of Heaven and Earth to BUZZ OFF…we as a Nation TOLD God, “We DON’T need you, NOR want you!”

No nation, people, society, empire, or tyrant has ever shaken their fist in the face of The Lord God and survive unpunished…NOT ONE: The Pre-Flood World. Babel. The Hittites. The Assyrians. The Syrians. The Babylonians. The Medo-Persians. Greece. Rome. Nazi Germany. America… 

And The “church” has either been 1) asleep, 2) complicit, 3) or so compromised that no one takes them seriously.

And The True, Blood-Bought, Biblical, Born-again Church of The Lord Jesus Christ was marginalised due to the phony/worldly church’s compromise and wickedness leading the world to throw the Baby (Real Church) out with the bath-water (worldly/fake) “church”.

There is a “church” emerging that the world IS taking to heart…the phony/worldly “church” of Oprah, Joel Osteen, Hillsong, Vineyard, Elevation, and the charlatans in the phony “Prosperity/Word of Faith” movements…this “church” is laying the groundwork for The Antichrist and THE False Prophet, and has been laying the groundwork since at least the 1870’s.

THE BIG Problem with the church is THIS fight, the fight to remain TRUE and STEADFAST TO God and HIS Word, OR to “adapt to the times”…

When people, some who even say they are Christians, take out all of the the preaching of living a righteous life, remove all of the seek God first, remove all of Jesus Christ’s calls to a holy life, and remove all of Jesus Christ pronouncements of judgment upon and warnings about hell, and remove all the parts that deal with a hunger and thirst after HIS righteousness… That is how we get a weenie, sissy, limp-wristed, phony-baloney counterfeit of the real Jesus.

I don’t believe in preaching anything or teaching anything soft.

I do not believe that anybody should go out of their way to make it hard either.

If you preach the WORD of God straight and true just like the WORD of God says it is it will be plenty hard enough.

The message of God’s Word is hard, because God doesn’t want to make it appear to be so easy that you could hold onto your sin, even live in your sin, and still go to heaven.

The very first message that Jesus Christ preached after HIS baptism and the Temptation in the wilderness was the message, REPENT, for the kingdom of God is at hand.

Preach it straight and true, or quit pretending.

When the church becomes like the world…the world has won…and the church ceases to BE the church. The Church needs to, MUST, standfast IN and ON Christ Jesus.

If we’ll simply preach it exactly as it’s written in the Bible it will do exactly what the Word of God is supposed to do, and that’s convict and reprove of sin, righteousness, and judgment. This is done by the Holy Ghost so as to root out the sin and to edify, comfort, and exhort all that is Christlike.

To say that we don’t want the Holy Ghost or the Holy Word of God to convict us of sin is the exact same thing as a Christian saying I don’t want to be like Jesus.

Think about that.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.

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