2018 Thanksgiving Proclamation: A Call To Humility, Repentance, An Prayer

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The First Thanksgiving Observance

A Proclamation Signed in Script Type by George Washington Appearing in The Massachusetts Centinel of October 14, 1789

Since then America has fallen away so very far from her Christian and Biblical moorings. Today America is far more pagan and wicked than Christian and Biblical…and we are reaping the whirlwind of our poor, and selfish choices.

As I am reading and studying through The Bible I came across THIS, it is a full two chapters that I will post and highlight, then make comments on as it regards us today.

You may want to read only the highlighted parts now and read the rest later-

2 Chronicles 29 King James Version (KJV)

29 Hezekiah began to reign when he was five and twenty years old, and he reigned nine and twenty years in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Abijah, the daughter of Zechariah.

And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that David his father had done.

He in the first year of his reign, in the first month, opened the doors of the house of the Lord, and repaired them.

And he brought in the priests and the Levites, and gathered them together into the east street,

And said unto them, Hear me, ye Levites, sanctify now yourselves, and sanctify the house of the Lord God of your fathers, and carry forth the filthiness out of the holy place.

For our fathers have trespassed, and done that which was evil in the eyes of the Lord our God, and have forsaken him, and have turned away their faces from the habitation of the Lord, and turned their backs.

Also they have shut up the doors of the porch, and put out the lamps, and have not burned incense nor offered burnt offerings in the holy place unto the God of Israel.

Wherefore the wrath of the Lord was upon Judah and Jerusalem, and he hath delivered them to trouble, to astonishment, and to hissing, as ye see with your eyes.

For, lo, our fathers have fallen by the sword, and our sons and our daughters and our wives are in captivity for this.

10 Now it is in mine heart to make a covenant with the Lord God of Israel, that his fierce wrath may turn away from us.

11 My sons, be not now negligent: for the Lord hath chosen you to stand before him, to serve him, and that ye should minister unto him, and burn incense.

12 Then the Levites arose, Mahath the son of Amasai, and Joel the son of Azariah, of the sons of the Kohathites: and of the sons of Merari, Kish the son of Abdi, and Azariah the son of Jehalelel: and of the Gershonites; Joah the son of Zimmah, and Eden the son of Joah:

13 And of the sons of Elizaphan; Shimri, and Jeiel: and of the sons of Asaph; Zechariah, and Mattaniah:

14 And of the sons of Heman; Jehiel, and Shimei: and of the sons of Jeduthun; Shemaiah, and Uzziel.

15 And they gathered their brethren, and sanctified themselves, and came, according to the commandment of the king, by the words of the Lord, to cleanse the house of the Lord.

16 And the priests went into the inner part of the house of the Lord, to cleanse it, and brought out all the uncleanness that they found in the temple of the Lord into the court of the house of the Lord. And the Levites took it, to carry it out abroad into the brook Kidron.

17 Now they began on the first day of the first month to sanctify, and on the eighth day of the month came they to the porch of the Lord: so they sanctified the house of the Lord in eight days; and in the sixteenth day of the first month they made an end.

18 Then they went in to Hezekiah the king, and said, We have cleansed all the house of the Lord, and the altar of burnt offering, with all the vessels thereof, and the shewbread table, with all the vessels thereof.

19 Moreover all the vessels, which king Ahaz in his reign did cast away in his transgression, have we prepared and sanctified, and, behold, they are before the altar of the Lord.

20 Then Hezekiah the king rose early, and gathered the rulers of the city, and went up to the house of the Lord.

21 And they brought seven bullocks, and seven rams, and seven lambs, and seven he goats, for a sin offering for the kingdom, and for the sanctuary, and for Judah. And he commanded the priests the sons of Aaron to offer them on the altar of the Lord.

22 So they killed the bullocks, and the priests received the blood, and sprinkled it on the altar: likewise, when they had killed the rams, they sprinkled the blood upon the altar: they killed also the lambs, and they sprinkled the blood upon the altar.

23 And they brought forth the he goats for the sin offering before the king and the congregation; and they laid their hands upon them:

24 And the priests killed them, and they made reconciliation with their blood upon the altar, to make an atonement for all Israel: for the king commanded that the burnt offering and the sin offering should be made for all Israel.

25 And he set the Levites in the house of the Lord with cymbals, with psalteries, and with harps, according to the commandment of David, and of Gad the king’s seer, and Nathan the prophet: for so was the commandment of the Lord by his prophets.

26 And the Levites stood with the instruments of David, and the priests with the trumpets.

27 And Hezekiah commanded to offer the burnt offering upon the altar. And when the burnt offering began, the song of the Lord began also with the trumpets, and with the instruments ordained by David king of Israel.

28 And all the congregation worshipped, and the singers sang, and the trumpeters sounded: and all this continued until the burnt offering was finished.

29 And when they had made an end of offering, the king and all that were present with him bowed themselves, and worshipped.

30 Moreover Hezekiah the king and the princes commanded the Levites to sing praise unto the Lord with the words of David, and of Asaph the seer. And they sang praises with gladness, and they bowed their heads and worshipped.

31 Then Hezekiah answered and said, Now ye have consecrated yourselves unto the Lord, come near and bring sacrifices and thank offerings into the house of the Lord. And the congregation brought in sacrifices and thank offerings; and as many as were of a free heart burnt offerings.

32 And the number of the burnt offerings, which the congregation brought, was threescore and ten bullocks, an hundred rams, and two hundred lambs: all these were for a burnt offering to the Lord.

33 And the consecrated things were six hundred oxen and three thousand sheep.

34 But the priests were too few, so that they could not flay all the burnt offerings: wherefore their brethren the Levites did help them, till the work was ended, and until the other priests had sanctified themselves: for the Levites were more upright in heart to sanctify themselves than the priests.

35 And also the burnt offerings were in abundance, with the fat of the peace offerings, and the drink offerings for every burnt offering. So the service of the house of the Lord was set in order.

36 And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done suddenly.

2 Chronicles 30 King James Version (KJV)

30 And Hezekiah sent to all Israel and Judah, and wrote letters also to Ephraim and Manasseh, that they should come to the house of the Lordat Jerusalem, to keep the passover unto the Lord God of Israel.

For the king had taken counsel, and his princes, and all the congregation in Jerusalem, to keep the passover in the second month.

For they could not keep it at that time, because the priests had not sanctified themselves sufficiently, neither had the people gathered themselves together to Jerusalem.

And the thing pleased the king and all the congregation.

So they established a decree to make proclamation throughout all Israel, from Beersheba even to Dan, that they should come to keep the passover unto the Lord God of Israel at Jerusalem: for they had not done it of a long time in such sort as it was written.

So the posts went with the letters from the king and his princes throughout all Israel and Judah, and according to the commandment of the king, saying, Ye children of Israel, turn again unto the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, and he will return to the remnant of you, that are escaped out of the hand of the kings of Assyria.

And be not ye like your fathers, and like your brethren, which trespassed against the Lord God of their fathers, who therefore gave them up to desolation, as ye see.

Now be ye not stiffnecked, as your fathers were, but yield yourselves unto the Lord, and enter into his sanctuary, which he hath sanctified for ever: and serve the Lord your God, that the fierceness of his wrath may turn away from you.

For if ye turn again unto the Lord, your brethren and your children shall find compassion before them that lead them captive, so that they shall come again into this land: for the Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, if ye return unto him.

10 So the posts passed from city to city through the country of Ephraim and Manasseh even unto Zebulun: but they laughed them to scorn, and mocked them.

11 Nevertheless divers of Asher and Manasseh and of Zebulun humbled themselves, and came to Jerusalem.

12 Also in Judah the hand of God was to give them one heart to do the commandment of the king and of the princes, by the word of the Lord.

13 And there assembled at Jerusalem much people to keep the feast of unleavened bread in the second month, a very great congregation.

14 And they arose and took away the altars that were in Jerusalem, and all the altars for incense took they away, and cast them into the brook Kidron.

15 Then they killed the passover on the fourteenth day of the second month: and the priests and the Levites were ashamed, and sanctified themselves, and brought in the burnt offerings into the house of the Lord.

16 And they stood in their place after their manner, according to the law of Moses the man of God: the priests sprinkled the blood, which they received of the hand of the Levites.

17 For there were many in the congregation that were not sanctified: therefore the Levites had the charge of the killing of the passovers for every one that was not clean, to sanctify them unto the Lord.

18 For a multitude of the people, even many of Ephraim, and Manasseh, Issachar, and Zebulun, had not cleansed themselves, yet did they eat the passover otherwise than it was written. But Hezekiah prayed for them, saying, The good Lord pardon every one

19 That prepareth his heart to seek God, the Lord God of his fathers, though he be not cleansed according to the purification of the sanctuary.

20 And the Lord hearkened to Hezekiah, and healed the people.

21 And the children of Israel that were present at Jerusalem kept the feast of unleavened bread seven days with great gladness: and the Levites and the priests praised the Lord day by day, singing with loud instruments unto the Lord.

22 And Hezekiah spake comfortably unto all the Levites that taught the good knowledge of the Lord: and they did eat throughout the feast seven days, offering peace offerings, and making confession to the Lord God of their fathers.

23 And the whole assembly took counsel to keep other seven days: and they kept other seven days with gladness.

24 For Hezekiah king of Judah did give to the congregation a thousand bullocks and seven thousand sheep; and the princes gave to the congregation a thousand bullocks and ten thousand sheep: and a great number of priests sanctified themselves.

25 And all the congregation of Judah, with the priests and the Levites, and all the congregation that came out of Israel, and the strangers that came out of the land of Israel, and that dwelt in Judah, rejoiced.

26 So there was great joy in Jerusalem: for since the time of Solomon the son of David king of Israel there was not the like in Jerusalem.

27 Then the priests the Levites arose and blessed the people: and their voice was heard, and their prayer came up to his holy dwelling place, even unto heaven.



  1. The Nation was backslid, FAR FROM The Lord God of The Bible, FAR FROM The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
  2. The Nation was steeped in sin: adultery, fornication, sodomy (homosexuality/lesbianism). pride, rebellion, lewdness, vulgarity, idolatry, paganism (witchcraft, sorcery, divination…), lies, fraud, and murder.
  3. BUT A NEW, GODLY KING/Leader arose.
  4. IMMEDIATELY there was a call to prayer, humility, sanctification (being separated from sin and sinful practices), repentance, and then to praise and worship of The ONE TRUE God.
  5. IMMEDIATELY they began to do it.
  6. The CLOSER the people got TO God the MORE of HIS blessing, protection, and provision they partook of.
  7. God heard and acted IMMEDIATELY upon the prayers of repentance and fogave and restored.
  8. Those who scorned and mocked God were left out, and given over to their sin and it’s oppression.



Currently America is, and long has been, mired in numbers 1 and 2.

We got only a BRIEF respite with Reagan. From Woodrow Wilson to Trump America has only become increasingly wicked, arrogant, rebellious, and pagan.

Only with Calvin Coolidge and Reagan (to LESSER extents with Eisnehower, and both Bushes) was America’s pell-mell race to paganism slowed.
We DESPERATELY NEED to DO what II Chronicles chpts. 29 and 30 say…QUICK. Or we’ll get the full brunt of Isaiah chpt. 1.


Sadly, NO.

I see THIS:

Isaiah 1:1-27 King James Version (KJV)

The vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz, which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.

The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.

Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.

Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.

6 From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.

Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.

And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city.

Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.

10 Hear the word of the Lord, ye rulers of Sodom; give ear unto the law of our God, ye people of Gomorrah.

11 To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices unto me? saith the Lord: I am full of the burnt offerings of rams, and the fat of fed beasts; and I delight not in the blood of bullocks, or of lambs, or of he goats.

12 When ye come to appear before me, who hath required this at your hand, to tread my courts?

13 Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me; the new moons and sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.

14 Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth: they are a trouble unto me; I am weary to bear them.

15 And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.

16 Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes; cease to do evil;

17 Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

21 How is the faithful city become an harlot! it was full of judgment; righteousness lodged in it; but now murderers.

22 Thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water:

23 Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.

24 Therefore saith the Lord, the Lord of hosts, the mighty One of Israel, Ah, I will ease me of mine adversaries, and avenge me of mine enemies:

25 And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely purge away thy dross, and take away all thy tin:

26 And I will restore thy judges as at the first, and thy counsellors as at the beginning: afterward thou shalt be called, The city of righteousness, the faithful city.

27 Zion shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness.


I see sin. Judgment. And DESOLATION for and upon America.

The ONLY good news is the soon return of The Lord Jesus Christ to catch HIS Bride away.





 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.



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This article is the outgrowth of an ongoing conversation with a co-worker, questions asked me or comments made to me by people at church, and from doing some investigation into Chris Pratt’s church, and talk of living with a woman he is NOT married to. 

There is a whole world of sinners, backslid, and religious WATCHING AND LISTENING to Christians. Just WHAT are we telling them with what we believe, say, do, accept in others, and how we live??? WHAT is our LIFE telling and showing the world around us?

Are we TRULY telling and showing God’s Word in and through our lives?

Or do they see a cheap reflection, a religious counterfeit of the world? 

We can either go to The Holy Scriptures for THE Answers we need…or to the world of man’s opinion…I choose to go to The Sacred Word of God.

Beware all who keep reading…this will NOT be sugar-coated “Prosperity Gospel”, NOR “The Self-Esteem Gospel”, NOR any other man-made Gospel, (Galatians 1:6-9).

Nope. This will be firmly rooted IN and founded UPON The Word of God, ALL of it…IN CONTEXT. 

You’ve been warned..follow ONLY if your heart burns for The Truth of God’s Holy, Eternal Word, the Bible.

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  The Church of Chris Pratt: ZOE CHURCH.




MATTHEW 7:13-23

Romans 1:16-32

Galatians 5:16-25

Ephesians 5:2-13

II Corinthians 6:14-7:1


Leviticus 18-20



“I read books by my Pastor, Chad Veach in Zoe Church LA,” he said in a home video posted in December. “I find his book Faith Forward Future to be very helpful!”
-Chris Pratt.

Zoe Church is an outgrowth of Hillsong, (more about Hillsong Later). I looked into Zoe Church’s Doctrinal Statement, it sounds, seems good…until this:

We believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God, fully inspired without error in the original manuscripts and the infallible rule of faith and practice.


That sounds very familiar…sounds a LOT like this:

We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly; we also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.


Sooo, Chris Pratt’s church’s view of The Holy Bible is NO DIFFERENT from The Mormon view, and the Mormon faith is a cult, it follows, OBVIOUSLY “another gospel”, “another spirit”, and “another Christ”, GALATIANS 1:6-9 .

Zoe Church is an outgrowth, a re-branding of Hillsong “church”…what is the problem with Hillsong? This:

This is important. We don’t believe that to partake in aspects of this community, to sit at this table, you have to fully understand, comprehend or be convicted by our doctrine… we can’t write off churches who have a different method of ecclesiology in this case, as if any way is “the way.” Our methods are always under construction. But right now, this is it. If we need to shift something down the road, so be it.

BUT…even though The Head Pastor of Hillsong has said they believe and support ONLY Biblical and Traditional marriage, this is what they actually practice:

“I became truthful with my church. I’m a part of Hillsong NYC. I’m one of their choir directors. I also sing on their worship team. They’ve been amazing as well,” Canfield told Playbill.com. “Nothing has changed there now that I’m completely out and with Reed. He sings in the choir as well. I found that being an honest person has actually come with a lot of benefits. People are more sincere with you, and you find out a lot more about other people when you become honest.”

“Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly, a gay couple featured on the current season of ‘Survivor;’ worship and sing in the choir at Hillsong New York; Mr. Canfield is a volunteer choir director at the church.”

“Hillsong has many campuses around the world, many in places where gay marriage is now legal, so this has been an ongoing dialogue trying to figure out how and where we, as part of the LGBT community, fit in. As a church family, we have been wading through these uncharted waters of shifting culture and social change,” Canfield and Kelly add in their statement.


Soooo….Chris Pratt goes to a “church” that only believes that “original manuscripts are the perfect, infallible Word of God”, openly embraces and promotes homosexuality despite their words of tepid, lukewarm protest.

What kind of effect has this had on Chris Pratt’s “christianity”? THIS:

Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger Making Plans To Move In Together As Romance Gets Serious.



There is ONLY ONE God, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, I John 5:7. There is ONLY ONE Word of God, The Bible. And there is ONLY ONE way to Heaven, SOURCE, SOURCE, SOURCE. And God’s Word was, has been, and IS protected, and STILL Holy, Inerrant, Infallible, Perfect, and Eternal in many translations:

Matthew 24:35 King James Version (KJV)

35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

God has NEVER changed one bit.

God’s Word has NEVER changed one bit.





A couple committing fornication, adultery, shacking-up is NOT to be celebrated, tolerated, embraced, or allowed in the Body of Christ.

Sodomy/homosexuality/lesbianism is NOT to be celebrated, tolerated, embraced, or allowed in the Body of Christ.

Watering down God’s Word is NOT to be celebrated, tolerated, embraced, or allowed in the Body of Christ.

Making The TRUE Gospel lukewarm and sugar-coated is NOT to be celebrated, tolerated, embraced, or allowed in the Body of Christ.

Women getting pregnant without and outside of marriage is NOT to be celebrated, tolerated, embraced, or allowed in the Body of Christ.

The Church has fallen so far FROM God’s Word that things God calls sin, wickedness, evil, and abomination the church world now tolerates, embraces, and champions!


Sin is still sin. PERIOD.

Let me close by addressing the title of this article.

  1. Hell will be FILLED with GOOD people.
  2. NO good person will EVER go to Heaven. For NONE is good, NONE is righteous, NO NOT ONE.
  3. NO evil person will EVER make it into Heaven.
  4. The ONLY ONES going to Heaven are those who have repented/turned FROM their sins TO the Lord Jesus Christ, have been washed in HIS Blood, are new creatures in Christ Jesus. PERIOD. SOURCESOURCE . SOURCE . SOURCE .


This does NOT mean hate the sinner.

This does NOT mean hate the child conceived in sin- fornication, adultery.

No. We do NOT hate.

We are NEVER to hate- EVER.

We ARE to reach out IN LOVE


and bring the lost, sinful, wicked, and wayward TO JESUS for forgiveness, salvation, healing, deliverance, love, and to get them set of THE BIBLICAL PATH TO HEAVEN.

I’m only 59 years old…but I remember when THIS was not necessary to have to say.

Everyone, even sinners, KNEW what sin was.

Now we have so-called “pastors” and “leaders” IN THE CHURCH tolerating, even embracing SIN- OPEN SIN!

God’s Word NOWHERE says Christians are tolerate sin and sinners. No.

We are to love them and through The Truth bring them TO Jesus.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Poppa Trump Loves Jr.

two men looking at each other



In the run-up to the election, Rudy Giuliani was made to shut up. But now, with Trump making excuses for possibly losing the House, officials are bracing for a legal assault.


On Friday night, current and former staffers of Donald Trump’s West Wing gathered at Dina Powell’s Manhattan apartment to celebrate Hope Hicks’s 30th birthday. The party also served as a send off for Hicks, who’s moving to Los Angeles to run communications for Fox News’s parent company, “New Fox.” Over cupcakes and wine, Jared KushnerIvanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Anthony Scaramucci reminisced about old times with Hicks’s mom, Caye, and her older sister. One person not present was Hicks’s ex-boyfriend, Rob Porter, much to the relief of Hicks’s parents, a Hicks friend said. [MY NOTES: Sure are a LOT of guilty people at this “party”.]

The party provided a brief respite from the news cycle on the eve of the midterms in which Republicans are projected to lose the House of Representatives, and perhaps governorships in red states Georgia and Florida. “Everyone is resigned to the outcome,” a former West Wing official said. Sources said Trump has been privately working to absolve himself of any blame if indeed a blue wave washes over Washington. “He’s happy with his crowds and the turnout and the excitement. He’ll be able to say it would have been worse without him,” the former official said.

The bigger threat for Trump than losing control of Congress is Robert Mueller’s looming report. Sources say Trump advisers are girding themselves for Mueller to deliver the results of his investigation to the Justice Department as early as Wednesday, although it’s more likely he’ll wait till later this month. Sources say besides the president, the ones with the most exposure are Roger Stone and Donald Trump Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” said another former West Wing official who testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The possible exposure would be that Mueller would demonstrate that Don Jr. perjured himself to investigators when he said he didn’t tell his father beforehand about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting to gather “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. (Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, declined to comment.)

One potential sign of how seriously Trumpworld is treating the Mueller threat has been the near total silence of Rudy Giuliani. A constant presence on cable news over the summer, Giuliani hasn’t been on television in weeks. “What the hell happened to Rudy?” a former White House official said when I asked about Giuliani’s whereabouts. According to three sources briefed on Trump’s legal team, Giuliani has been in Europe visiting consulting clients as well as preparing a report with Trump lawyers Marty and Jane Raskin that is designed to provide a counter-narrative to Mueller’s document. “They don’t know what Mueller has but they have a good idea and they’re going to rebut it,” one Republican close to Giuliani said. But another source said Trump instructed Giuliani to stay off television to avoid hurting Trump’s midterm message. “Trump’s thinking is, ‘I gave you a lot of rope and now you got a lot of rope marks around your neck,’” the source said. (The White House did not respond to a request for comment.)



Trump fears son Donald Jr may have “accidently” broken the law as Russia probe intensifies, say advisors

President’s eldest son under scrutiny for meeting Russian lawyer at Trump Tower to get ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton


In private, President Donald Trump spent much of the past week brooding, like he often does. He has been anxious about the Russia investigation‘s widening fallout, with his former campaign chairman now standing trial. And he has fretted that he is failing to accrue enough political credit for what he claims as triumphs.

At rare moments of introspection for the famously self-centred president, Mr Trump has also expressed to confidants lingering unease about how some in his orbit – including his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr – are ensnared in the Russia probe, in his assessment simply because of their connection to him.

Yet in public, President Trump is a man roaring…He is churning out false statements with greater frequency and attacking his perceived enemies with intensifying fury…

This portrait of President Trump behind the scenes is based on interviews with 14 administration officials, presidential friends and outside advisors to the White House, many of whom spoke only on the condition of anonymity to share candid assessments. 

Mr Trump appeared to stand in conflict with his own government when he blasted “the Russian hoax” just hours after his national security team joined together at the White House on Thursday in a rare show of force to warn that Russia is yet again trying to interfere in US elections…

The frequency of the president’s mistruths has picked up, as well. The Washington Post Fact Checker found last week that Trump has now made 4,229 false or misleading claims so far in his presidency – an average of nearly 7.6 such claims per day, and an increase of 978 in just two months…

…President Trump’s indignation with the Mueller investigation has long been evident, but it is boiling over with growing ferocity. He has tweeted the phrase “witch hunt” a combined 46 times in June and July, up from 29 times in April and May, and more and more he is calling out Mr Mueller by name. 

Still, Mr Trump has confided to friends and advisors that he is worried the Mueller probe could destroy the lives of what he calls “innocent and decent people” – namely Trump Jr, who is under scrutiny by Mr Mueller for his role in organising a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

As one advisor described the president’s thinking, he does not believe his son purposefully broke the law, but is fearful nonetheless that Trump Jr inadvertently may have wandered into legal jeopardy…



Donald Trump Jr. Expecting to Be Indicted by Mueller Soon

Last year, Donald Trump Jr. testified that he never informed his father of a meeting with Russian officials promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. It seemed hard to believe that the ne’er-do-well son would neglect to seek credit for his expected campaign coup from the father whose approval he so obviously craves. And now it seems that Robert Mueller has obtained proof that it is not in fact true. The Trump family lies all the time, of course, but doing it under oath is a crime.

Two days ago, Gabriel Sherman reported that White House officials are concerned about Donald Jr. “I’m very worried about Don Jr.,” a former West Wing official told Sherman, who fears Mueller will be able to prove perjury. Deep in a report about Trump’s 2020 campaign plans, Politico drops the news this morning that Trump Jr. “has told friends in recent weeks that he believes he could be indicted.”

If it’s what you’re saying, we love it.

The details of the expected indictment remain to be seen. But if Trump Jr. did lie under oath, the obvious question is why. He had a lawyer, who presumably informed him of the dangers of perjury. Why take the risk of perjury to deny having informed his father about a meeting with Russian officials if the contacts produced absolutely nothing?


When you read all that and find that “President” Trump Sr. has back in August been saying that he fears Don Jr. may have BROKEN THE LAW, albeit “accidentally”, and that he still rants (falsely) about a “witch hunt”…you have to wonder: Does Trump Sr. REALLY love his oldest son? OR is Trump Sr. tossing his eldest boy under the bus to save his own hide? 


Image result for thrown under the bus



New Report on Hush Payments Could Be Bad News for Trump

‘WSJ’ says he was directly involved at ‘nearly every step’ in arranging payments to women
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 9, 2018 1:50 PM CST



The Wall Street Journal is out with an investigative report on President Trump asserting that he played a direct role in arranging hush-money payments to women alleging affairs with him, despite two years of denials. Trump “was involved in or briefed on nearly every step of the agreements,” says the story, which is based on interviews with three dozen people, along with court documents and other records. It alleges that he [Trump] “directed deals in phone calls and meetings with his self-described fixer, Michael Cohen,” and that the US attorney’s office in Manhattan is gathering evidence about his role. According to the Journal, Trump met with friend David Pecker—a media executive who owns the National Enquirer—in Trump Tower in 2015, and asked Pecker what he could do to help the Trump campaign.

Pecker responded that he would essentially bury any scandalous stories that might emerge by buying them through the Enquirer. Within a year, Pecker had paid former Playboy model Karen McDougal $150,000. The deal with Stormy Daniels followed. The Journal says the allegations “raise the possibility” that Trump violated campaign-finance laws, though a law professor clarifies that prosecutors would have to prove that Trump “willfully skirted legal prohibitions on contributions from companies or from individuals in excess of $2,700,” per the Journal. Read the story in full here. (Pecker reportedly kept all the damning Trump stories in a safe.)


As a Born-Again, REAL Bible-believing, Bible-following Christian I do NOT see how ANYONE who IS A REAL Christian can support such a vile, odious, Liberal, lying, corrupt, sexual degenerate.

America IS under judgment, and Trump is part of the JUDGMENT…because he’s certainly NOT a blessing!

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Two Things: Does America Have The Time And The Will To Do The Right Thing(s) Anymore?


The departure of Attorney General Jeff Sessions creates instant uncertainty not only at the Justice Department but about the probe by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Pushed Out of Trump White House

President taps critic of special counsel’s Russia probe to oversee it, drawing Democrats’ disapproval



Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at the request of President Trump on Wednesday, immediately placing oversight of the special counsel’s Russia probe in the hands of an official who has been critical of the inquiry and suggested limiting it.

The move—one day after elections in which Republicans lost control of the House of Representatives but made gains in the Senate—follows months in which Mr. Trump regularly expressed displeasure with Mr. Sessions for recusing himself from the inquiry into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mr. Trump has described the nation’s top law enforcement officer as “DISGRACEFUL!”

Mr. Sessions made it clear in his resignation letter that Mr. Trump had asked him to step down, saying he was submitting his resignation “at your request.” The undated letter was written Wednesday, a Justice Department spokeswoman said.

MY NOTES: Trump’s every word and action is of a tin pot dictator and tyrant. Noticed how Trump ORDERED and DIRECTED Jim Acosta to be shut down and shut out during a press conference because Acosta dare ask a tough question.




Republican strategist and Trump friend Roger Stone said 2016 emails showing himself, Steve Bannon and Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle salivating over potential Wikileaks dirt on Hillary Clinton was just politics and not collusion.  [ME: LOL!]

The longtime Trump confidant once again changed his story about his connection to Wikileaks, Julian Assange and the 2016 presidential election, telling CNN Saturday he was simply following the apparently not fake news very closely. Stone said he had “no advance notice” of any Wikileaks information regarding Russian hackers or anyone stealing from the personal account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Stone said he believes he won’t be indicted by Robert Mueller’s investigation unless it’s a targeted political attack and that the information he tweeted and emailed about came from comedian and radio host Randy Credico or mainstream news outlets.

In October 2016, Stone tweeted several ominous messages claiming Clinton’s campaign “is done” and that he has “total confidence” Wikileaks founder and “hero” Julian Assange will help “lock her up.” …

Although Stone told news outlets in May he was “prepared” for a Mueller indictment, he now says he won’t face charges unless the investigation is a “political vendetta.” [ME: Right…but you and Trump KNOW vendettas.]

“I am prepared should that be the case,” Stone told “Meet The Press” earlier this year. “But I think it just demonstrates, again, this was supposed to be about Russian collusion, and it appears to be an effort to silence or punish the president’s supporters and his advocates.”

[MY NOTES: You IDIOT! Because it is about Russian Collusion/Conspiring it IS about Trump and his supporters, advisers! Putin was colluding/conspiring with YOU!!]


To close out let me posit several links and articles on the PAID FOR, but bungled attempt to smear Robert Mueller:

Now we know just how close Robert Mueller is to making his move against Donald Trump


The details are still pouring in this evening about an utterly absurd and astoundingly incompetent plot to frame Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The plot centered around trying to pay women to falsely accuse Mueller of sexual harassment, and the whole thing fell apart when the women exposed it to the media. Even as this strange story plays out, the most important detail here is who was allegedly behind it all.

The entire cartoon-villain level plot appears to trace back to a pair of pro-Trump political operatives, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, who are both close to Donald Trump. They’re both denying any involvement in this plot, and the FBI will have to sort it out. But the real story here is that this plot existed at all, and that it was being carried out right now, at this particular time.

There has been significant recent buzz in the mainstream media about how Robert Mueller was preparing to make his move on Donald Trump shortly after the midterm electionsNow we’re suddenly seeing this effort at taking Mueller down, so sloppy and amateur-hour in nature that it appears to have been thrown together in haste, apparently engineered by some of Trump’s close allies.

This doesn’t prove that Donald Trump was in on this plot. But these two pro-Trump shills are close enough to the Trump regime to have a sense of when Trump’s people think Robert Mueller is going to make his move. This new incident suggests that Mueller is preparing to take his big swing at Trump very soon, and Trump and his allies know it, and this was their last ditch effort at trying to derail it. Perhaps next time they can hire Wile E Coyote.


Special counsel Robert Mueller accuses opponents of offering women money to make ‘false claims’ about him

  • Special counsel Robert Mueller has referred to the FBI allegations that women were “offered money” to make “false claims” about him, a spokesman said Tuesday.
  • “When we learned last week of allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about the Special Counsel, we immediately referred the matter to the FBI for investigation,” spokesman Peter Carr says.
  • Mueller is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible coordination between the Kremlin and Trump’s campaign.



Donald Trump’s day from Hell


Donald Trump traveled to Pittsburgh today, where thousands of people showed up to protest against him, while Melania inexplicably followed him down the street with a covered food dish in her hands – and yet somehow this may not have been the worst thing that went wrong for him today. Welcome to Donald Trump’s ultimate day from Hell…

…There was a brief moment early today when Trump probably thought he was going to have a good day, as some of his own allies began insisting on social media that a sexual harassment scandal was about to unfold against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But then the real story came out: Trump’s allies allegedly tried to hire women to pretend Mueller harassed them, and the women responded by running to the media, and now Mueller has the FBI investigating Trump’s allies. But that was just the start of things going wrong for Trump.

Somewhere along the line we learned that Steve Bannon is once again cooperating with Robert Mueller, which is the last thing Donald Trump needs right now. Further, Mueller spent all his time asking Bannon about Roger Stone, which suggests that Stone is about a minute and a half away from getting indicted and arrested. Then this evening Kanye West declared “I’ve been used” and gave up on Trump.


Mueller Accusers Bumble Their Way Through a Comedic Press Conference


Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman failed to produce anything coherent in their attempts to label Robert Mueller a rapist. 

Ok. I’ve been covering this particular story over at my Patheos column, but let’s bring this one home, here.


So some of you may have been following the attempts to smear special counsel Robert Mueller by a couple of inept MAGA rubes, and I can tell you, there has been no end to the belly laughs I’ve enjoyed from the beginning.


There are insidious plots, and then there is this.

Truly, Jacob Wohl, a disgraced, would-be hedge fund manager, who at only 20 years old was banned from ever working in financial trading by the National Futures Association, after defrauding clients, is not the most reliable “mastermind” for such an ambitious plot.


His partner in this slapstick venture is Jack Burkman, a GOP lobbyist, radio host, and conspiracy theorist, who has previously called press conferences, with promises of “bombshell” reveals, on such matters as the murder of Seth Rich. The end result was a badly bungled affair, with a mystery caller, rather than the actual, promised witness at the event, and absolutely nothing to back up his claims.


The goal of Wohl and Burkman in this particular venture, it appears, was to not only discredit the media and the #MeToo movement (Wohl said his default position was to not believe the woman), but to also create the kind of chaos and ruin around special counsel Robert Mueller that was witnessed during the Brett Kavanaugh nightmare.


Even after the wonders of the internet had easily began to pick apart the claims, connecting Wohl to an entity called Surefire Intelligence, and then revealing that the alleged “international team members” for the organization were really just stock photos of celebrities (including actor Christopher Waltz, listed as “Simon Frink” on his Surefire Intelligence profile), they pushed on, claiming a Thursday press conference, with an actual “victim” was forthcoming.


There was a 45 minutes press conference, alright.



Wohl had earlier posted an image of himself with the alleged “victim,” her face obscured, as proof that she would be there.


But then, an image search turned up that this was an old photo of Wohl and a girlfriend…


Inside the Crazy Cabal Trying to Smear Robert Mueller

A Seth Rich conspiracy pusher and fringe online figures appear to be working behind the scenes.


One of the shadier characters in politics, along with a number of fringe internet figures, appears to be behind an attempt to pay women to accuse Special Counsel Robert Mueller of sexual assault.

The scheme became public on Tuesday when Mueller’s staff formally asked the FBI to launch an investigation into the matter. But for weeks it has been simmering below the surface, with numerous reporters having been tipped off by a woman who claimed she had been approached with promises of cash.

At the center of the scheme is publicity-hungry Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman, who has repeatedly dabbled in internet conspiracy theories in the past, including promoting the idea that murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was killed by deep-state government operatives…


Sooooo, why all the attempts to smear Mueller over what Trump has repeatedly labeled (falsely) as a “witch hunt” based on “fake news”???

Mayhaps this…

Mueller could soon roar back into the news


Image result for robert mueller


Mueller’s next move

And from CNN chief national correspondent John King:
Roger Stone is telling anyone who will listen that Robert Mueller has it wrong. Stone is saying he did not coordinate with WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign or try to pressure a friend into lying to the special counsel.
The Trump ally and veteran GOP dirty trickster made that case in a CNN interview the other day. He repeated it in what one friend described as “nervous energy” calls to friends and associates in recent days.
Stone believes the special counsel’s office will seek an indictment. CNN reporting details emails and other evidence that question whether Stone coordinated with WikiLeaks — and perhaps the Trump campaign — about Democratic emails hacked and released late in the 2016 campaign.
The new reporting on Stone raises a bigger issue that has some of the President’s friends and allies worried.
Mueller has been quiet for weeks. Justice Department guidelines urge prosecutors to be cautious in the 60 days or so before an election, so not to be seen as trying to influence voters. But with the election Tuesday, Trump-related investigations could climb back into the news. That includes the work of the special counsel and separate federal investigations in New York.
The worry on Team Trump is negative headlines coming at a time that is already pressure-packed. Democrats could capture the House. A wave of administration personnel turnover is about to unfold. And there are year-end pressures as Congress returns with big post-election spending issues and the President heads overseas.
Just the name “Mueller” makes the President angry, a Trump insider said in a weekend exchange. If the election goes poorly for the White House, this source suggested the President will be on edge, anyway. And if the investigations then roar back into the news, “I’m worried about a volcano.”
Robert Mueller


Has Mueller Subpoenaed the President?

A careful reading of court filings suggests the special counsel hasn’t been quiet. Far from it.


Nelson W. Cunningham has served as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York under Rudy Giuliani, general counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee under then-Chair Joe Biden, and general counsel of the White House Office of Administration under Bill Clinton.

These months before the midterm elections are tough ones for all of us Mueller-watchers. As we expected, he has gone quiet in deference to longstanding Justice Department policy that prosecutors should not take actions that might affect pending elections. Whatever he is doing, he is doing quietly and even further from the public eye than usual.

But thanks to some careful reporting by Politico, which I have analyzed from my perspective as a former prosecutor, we might have stumbled upon How Robert Mueller Is Spending His Midterms: secretly litigating against President Donald Trump for the right to throw him in the grand jury.

As a former prosecutor and Senate and White House aide, I predicted here last May that Mueller would promptly subpoena Trump and, like independent counsel Kenneth Starr back in 1998, bring a sitting president before his grand jury to round out and conclude his investigation. What Trump knew and when he knew it, and what exactly motivated his statements and actions, are central to Mueller’s inquiry on both Russian interference and obstruction of justice.

…The evidence lies in obscure docket entries at the clerk’s office for the D.C. Circuit. Thanks to Politico’s Josh Gerstein and Darren Samuelsohn, we know that on August 16 (the day after Giuliani said he was almost finished with his memorandum, remember), a sealed grand jury case was initiated in the D.C. federal district court before Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell. We know that on September 19, Howell issued a ruling and five days later one of the parties appealed to the D.C. Circuit. And, thanks to Politico’s reporting, we know that the special counsel’s office is involved (because the reporter overheard a conversation in the clerk’s office). We can further deduce that the special counsel prevailed in the district court and that the presumptive grand jury witness has frantically appealed that order and sought special treatment from the judges of the D.C. Circuit—often referred to as the “second-most important court in the land.”

Nothing about the docket sheets, however, discloses the identity of the witness. Politico asked many of the known attorneys for Mueller witnesses—including Jay Sekulow, another Trump lawyer—and each one denied knowledge of the identity of the witness. (What, of course, would we expect a lawyer to say when asked about a proceeding the court has ordered sealed?)

But for those of us who have been appellate lawyers, the brief docket entries tell a story. Here’s what we can glean:

  • The parties and the judges have moved with unusual alacrity. Parties normally have 30 days to appeal a lower court action. The witness here appealed just five days after losing in the district court—and three days later filed a motion before the appellate court to stay the district court’s order. That’s fast.
  • The appeals court itself responded with remarkable speed, too. One day after getting the witness’ motion, the court gave the special counsel just three days to respond—blindingly short as appellate proceedings go. The special counsel’s papers were filed October 1.
  • At this point an unspecified procedural flaw seems to have emerged, and on October 3, the appeals court dismissed the appeal. Just two days later, the lower court judge cured the flaw, the witness re-appealed, and by October 10 the witness was once again before appellate court. Thanks to very quick action of all the judges, less than one week was lost due to a flaw that, in other cases, could have taken weeks or months to resolve.
  • Back before the D.C. Circuit, this case’s very special handling continued. On October 10, the day the case returned to the court, the parties filed a motion for expedited handling, and within two days, the judges had granted their motion and set an accelerated briefing schedule. The witness was given just 11 days to file briefs; the special counsel (presumably) just two weeks to respond; and reply papers one week later, on November 14 (for those paying attention, that’s eight days after the midterm elections). Oral arguments are set for December 14.

At every level, this matter has commanded the immediate and close attention of the judges involvedsuggesting that no ordinary witness and no ordinary issue is involved. But is it the president? The docket sheets give one final—but compelling—clue. When the witness lost the first time in the circuit court (before the quick round trip to the district court), he petitioned, unusually, for rehearing en banc—meaning the witness thought the case was so important that it merited the very unusual action of convening all 10 of the D.C. Circuit judges to review the order. That is itself telling (this witness believes the case demands very special handling), but the order disposing of the petition is even more telling: Trump’s sole appointee to that court, Gregory Katsas, recused himself.


Soooo, what have we got?

We have The Attorney General “asked”, aka pressured, to resign by Trump.

We have a Trump lap-dog replacing him.

We have a paid for smear of the Special Counsel by Trump allies.

We have the Special Counsel moving significantly UP the Trump administration’s food chain…who’s higher than MANAFORT, BANNON, STONE, KUCHNER, FLYNN, SESSIONS???

We REAL Conservatives tried to warn you all…you didn’t listen then.

Will you listen NOW?

To answer the question in the article’s title: I think we neither have the time nor the will to do what is right as a nation anymore. Judgment awaits America…and full decline.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


“Only The BEST…EXTREME Vetting…” Part 3.


Extreme Vetting…ONLY The BEST People Part 1… Source .


Extreme Vetting…ONLY The Best: Part 2, OR… SOURCE .


The Kakistocracy of A’s, B’s, C’s: Or The Stupid Morons Defending Trump Source .


Pizza: The Kakistocracy Continues…UGH! Source .


Pizza: The Kakistocracy Continues…PART 2. Source .


Trump says he’s a “stable genius”.

Trump says he “has words, all the best words”.

Trump says “I know how to cut deals and get things done”.

Trump says “I’m the ONLY one who can fix it”.

Logic and reality say, “Yeah…right…”

And now the latest of our “Fearless Leader” hiring “ONLY THE VERY BEST”….


Trump directly attacks Fed Chairman Powell, saying ‘Obama had zero’ interest rates

  • President Donald Trump attacked Fed Chairman Powell by name in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

  • Trump accused Powell of endangering the U.S. economy by raising interest rates.

  • The U.S. president indicated that he sees the current performance of the economy as a competition between himself and President Barack Obama.


President Donald Trump directly accused Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell of endangering the U.S. economy by raising interest rates, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“I’m just saying this: I’m very unhappy with the Fed because Obama had zero interest rates,” Trump told the Journal on Tuesday. “Every time we do something great, he raises the interest rates.”

The president said Powell “almost looks like he’s happy raising interest rates,” but declined to elaborate, according to the Journal.

Trump acknowledged that the Fed is traditionally independent of political influence, the Journal reported, but he still pressed his attacks and appears to view the United States’ current economic performance as a competition between himself and President Barack Obama.

[MY NOTE: Equivocate much Trumpie??]



Trump on Fed Chief: ‘Maybe’ I Shouldn’t Have Hired Him

President goes after Jerome Powell and central bank for raising interest rates
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 24, 2018 8:31 AM CDT



Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell speaks at the annual meeting of the National Association for Business Economics on Oct. 2, 2018, in Boston.   (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


Still, Trump told the Journal that while it’s “too early to say,” he “maybe” isn’t so sure he should have nominated Powell…in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Trump called the Fed the “biggest risk” to the economy, due to the three times it’s raised interest rates this year; it will likely do so a fourth time in December. Trump lamented Powell “was supposed to be a low-interest-rate guy. It’s turned out that he’s not,” adding that Powell “almost looks like he’s happy” when he raises the rates. Trump also seemed irritated that during former President Obama’s tenure in the White House, interest rates hovered near zero. 



Image result for Former White House Lawyer Ty Cobb


Former White House Lawyer Ty Cobb Says Mueller Probe Isn’t ‘A Witch Hunt’

That assessment pits Cobb against his former boss, President Donald Trump.



Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb on Monday said he doesn’t buy President Donald Trump’s claim that the ongoing special counsel investigation is a “witch hunt.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe is investigating, among other things, whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to help its candidate win the 2016 presidential election.

Trump and his allies have repeatedly called the investigation a “witch hunt” and denied that there was collusion. The president has on a number of occasions floated the idea of firing Mueller.

Cobb, who stepped down from his post as White House lawyer in May, told host Gloria Borger at CNN’s CITIZEN Conference in New York on Monday that he rejects the president’s analysis of the probe. He also praised Mueller, who he said he has “respected” for decades.

“Bob Mueller is an American hero in my view,” Cobb said during a panel with Jack Quinn, who served as White House lawyer under former President Bill Clinton. “He was a very serious prosecutor. He and I first met in the mid-’80s when we were prosecuting different places, and I have respected him throughout.”

During his tenure at the White House, Cobb was the lead attorney dealing with requests from the special counsel. He repeatedly said Trump would eventually agree to meet with Mueller, though the president hasn’t always appeared willing to do so. 

Trump replaced Cobb with Emmet Flood, who represented President Clinton during his impeachment hearings


 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


The “Blind Ape Theory” Proven Right Yet Again

Related image

“The Blind Ape Theory”: Even a blind ape will hit something if it throws enough crap.

As applied here to Trump (and Co.) is that even Trump in his multitude of words, screeds, rants, and tirades is occasionally- usually accidentally- right.

But as all things with Trump even when he blindly stumbles onto the right side of an issue it is 1) usually for the WRONG reason, and/or 2) presented, and applied in the WRONG way.

Case in point: Illegals invading U.S. Sovereign territory. 

F-bombs and a storm-out by Trump’s top staff as tensions rise over border policies

An angry exchange between Trump officials over how to curtail rising border crossings points to a widening White House divide.

by Carol E. Lee, Julia Ainsley and Nicolle Wallace / 


Image: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and new National Security Adviser John Bolton

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s frustration over rising numbers of undocumented immigrants crossing into the U.S. is stoking tensions among his advisers as some White House officials push for a more aggressive policy that includes completely sealing the southern border, said four people familiar with the discussions.

The differences escalated into an angry, profanity-laced exchange on Thursday between White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton as a Honduran migrant caravan of roughly 4,000 people approached the U.S. border. The dispute was so heated, according to several people, that Kelly ended up storming out of the White House shortly afterward.

Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration, including family separation policies that involved holding children in cages, has been a centerpiece of his presidency and a core message ahead of the midterm elections. But his failure to secure funding for a promised wall along the border with Mexico, coupled with a renewed surge in border crossings, has tested his ability to make good on his promises.




Article IV

Section 4.

The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

So, on this ONE, LONE issue Trump IS RIGHT.

We DO need border security, deportation of ILLEGALS, in short, a Border Security Fence.

BUT…Trump does NOT arrive at this conclusion based solely on Constitutional means, rooted in Law and Order. No. Trump is a life-long racist and bigot, and a very stupid, arrogant one to boot. Hate and prejudice motivate Trump’s stupidity- NOT Law and Order, and certainly NOT The U.S. Constitution.


Related image

Related image


I proposed THIS back in late 1999, early 2000 before President George W. Bush and Congress passed law on this in 2006. (BTW, they were right in what they said and signed into law, WRONG on NOT following through on it.)


  2. FENCE HEIGHT 30 FT. .


Image result for Idiotic Trump

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


The Long Line Of Treason

Donald Trump.

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

The Train Of Abuses Keeps Getting Longer By The Day


Trump team’s contact with Mueller targets could taint findings

Legal experts say the president’s lawyers may be pushing ethical boundaries by communicating with people involved in the Mueller probe.

[MY NOTE: “may be”?? There is NO “may be”! Trump & Co. ARE guilty of obstruction of justice, witness tampering, bribery or threats- or both, perjury, fraud, conspiracy to steal an election, and treason.]



Trump & Co. are under investigation for:











SOooooo, what does Trump & Co. do??

Do they behave as INNOCENT people?

Do they let the investigation run its course as people INNOCENT of any wrong/crime?

Do they remain SILENT and do NOT say or do ANYTHING to interfere or meddle with the investigation? like those who are INNOCENT?

When they do speak or act they they do so with RESPECT and DEFERENCE to the Law Enforcement and Justice System investigating them? again, like INNOCENT people?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding “NO!”. 

What they DO engage in is the very type of activities that they are under investigation for!!



Rick Gates Sought Online Manipulation Plans From Israeli Intelligence Firm for Trump Campaign


Rick Gates, a top Trump campaign aide, expressed interest in an Israeli company’s proposal for a social media manipulation effort in 2016, documents and interviews show.CreditCreditDamon Winter/The New York Times


WASHINGTON — A top Trump campaign official requested proposals in 2016 from an Israeli company to create fake online identities, to use social media manipulation and to gather intelligence to help defeat Republican primary race opponents and Hillary Clinton, according to interviews and copies of the proposals.

The Trump campaign’s interest in the work began as Russians were escalating their effort to aid Donald J. Trump. Though the Israeli company’s pitches were narrower than Moscow’s interference campaign and appear unconnected, the documents show that a senior Trump aide saw the promise of a disruption effort to swing voters in Mr. Trump’s favor.

The campaign official, Rick Gates, sought one proposal to use bogus personas to target and sway 5,000 delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention by attacking Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Mr. Trump’s main opponent at the time. Another proposal describes opposition research and “complementary intelligence activities” about Mrs. Clinton and people close to her, according to copies of the proposals obtained by The New York Times and interviews with four people involved in creating the documents…


At least 8 Trump associates have already been found GUILTY or plead GUILTY in the Mueller investigation…



The past 48 hours in Mueller investigation news, explained

We’ve gotten news on Alfa Bank, Psy-Group, and Peter W. Smith — three long-simmering subplots of the Russia investigation.


New reports over the past two days have brought increased attention to three long-simmering subplots in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

First, the Wall Street Journal revealed new details about GOP operative Peter W. Smith’s quest to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers during the 2016 campaign — including that he raised at least $100,000 for the effort and then pitched in $50,000 of his own money. (Smith was found dead last year, and local authorities ruled his death a suicide.)

Second, the New Yorker revisited the question of mysterious online communications between a Russian bank and a domain tied to the Trump Organization. This topic came up during the campaign and was received skeptically, but now the New Yorker quotes experts who’ve reviewed the data and still suspect there’s something there.

Third, the New York Times revealed that an Israeli firm called Psy-Group pitched its “social media manipulation” services to Trump campaign aide Rick Gates in early 2016, but that Gates didn’t hire the firm. Mueller’s team has been investigating Psy-Group closely for months for reasons that are not entirely clear but seem to be about whether the firm did in fact do work on behalf of Trump’s campaign.

All three of these storylines could be quite consequential — or they could have relatively innocuous explanations. But as former Justice Department official Matthew Miller observed on Twitter, all this news should remind us of the staggering complexity of the Mueller investigation, and that there’s still so much we don’t know about what he’s found…


In closing, nothing that Trump has done, EVER, bears the earmarks of an innocent man. Crikey! He barely acts sane!!!

No. Everything about Trump wreaks of fraud, perjury, con, depravity, lies, corruption, deception, distraction, obstruction of justice, witness and evidence tampering…and TREASON.



 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Trump: The Politics of Distraction

Image result for smoke and mirrors


Smoke-n-mirrors (aka Horse-n-Pony, aka Tail-Wagging-The-Dog) tactics are not new to Trump and Co., BUT Trump Inc. has had a plethora of more reasons to utilize them than any 10 other corrupt frauds combined.

Case(s) in point:

  1. Trump’s NAFTA battle with Canada,
  2. Trump’s Border Security battle with Mexico,
  3. Trump’s war on the Media, calling them repeatedly “The Enemy”,
  4. Trump’s war against all 17 of America’s LE & Intel agencies,
  5. Trump’s battles with celebrities, athletes, the entire NFL,
  6. Trump’s smear campaign against Mueller and The FBI,
  7. Trump’s attacks alienating us from out ALLIES,
  8. Trump’s Tariff war on, well, everyone,
  9. and lastly for this list, Trump’s blathering about the Kavanaugh confirmation.

These are important in their proper context, BUT in the context that Trump is using it is nothing but SMOKE-N-MIRRORS to distract us.

“To distract us from what?” Oh, how about from THIS:

Trump revealed intelligence secrets to Russians in Oval Office: officials


North Korea says army must develop to be able to beat U.S.

Nick MacfieReuters


Truth squad: Has Iran said it wants to attack Israel?



The statement: “…why is it that we’re talking about Israel having to make a strike against Iran? It’s because Iran has announced they plan to strike Israel.
“They’ve stated, as recently as August just before President Ahmadinejad came to — to the U.N. General Assembly. He said that he wanted to eradicate Israel from the face of the Earth.
“He has said that if he has a nuclear weapon he will use it to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He will use it against the United States of America.”
The facts:
In 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during a meeting with protesting students at Iran’s Interior Ministry, quoted a remark from Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of Iran’s Islamic revolution, that Israel “must be wiped out from the map of the world.”
Ahmadinejad then said: “And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism,” according to a quote published by Iran’s state news outlet, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).


[NOTE: Some may argue that this is from 7 years ago…my response? Has Iran changed it’s mind or attitude/stance towards Israel and the U.S.? NO.]



Iran and North Korea: Dangerous partners in nuclear proliferation


Iran and North Korea: Dangerous partners in nuclear proliferation



Recall Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States formed a political commitment with Iran in Geneva on July 14, 2015. The third anniversary of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known as the Iran deal will be mid-July 2018. (The deal was neither a treaty nor signed.)

But now there is a new wrinkle concerning Iran: Tehran is an apparent partner in proliferation with North Korea. Iran can get around the “sunset provision” of refraining from a nuclear weapons breakout for 10 years after the commitment was made among the parties to the 2015 nuclear deal: Tehran would be able to purchase technology or knowledge related to building a nuclear weapon from Pyongyang and breakout far sooner.

Earlier this year, CIA Director Mike Pompeo told Fox News:

“As North Korea continues to improve its ability to do longer-range missiles and to put nuclear weapons on those missiles, it is very unlikely, if they get that capability, that they wouldn’t share it with lots of folks, and Iran would certainly be someone who would be willing to pay them for it.”

North Korea and Iran have a history of joint missile development dating back to the 1980s, and both countries have been linked to the same Pakistani nuclear physicist. As CNN reports:

“Iran currently possesses more ballistic missiles than any other country in the Middle East but remains dependent on foreign suppliers for missile development and production.”



North Korea threatens to unleash ‘unimaginable’ nuclear strike on U.S.

OCT 19, 2017 | 7:24 PM


North Korea issued another threat of nuclear annihilation against the U.S. on Thursday, vowing to unleash an “unimaginable strike at an unimaginable time.”

The warning comes as American military forces conduct ongoing joint naval exercises with South Korea — and as top U.S. officials warned the rogue regime’s nuclear capabilities are close to being perfected.



All of Trump’s Russia Ties, in 7 Charts


SO, YEAH, the nine things listed as distractions at the start are important in their own way and in their own context…BUT they are fodder for a multitude of distractions from the REAL BIG, BAD NEWS:


And that this treason has so compromised and weakened us that we may not be able to withstand the coming global onslaught…not to mention that the global economies are on verge of a COLLAPSE that will make 1929 look like a picnic in paradise.

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.


Inside “The Trump”: ICYMI

GOP’s Issa: Not a Shocker if Trump OKed Russia Meeting

‘Nobody’s going to be surprised’

By Polly Davis Doig,  Newser Staff
Posted Jul 29, 2018 7:32 AM CDT
Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., walks past members of the media on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018, in Washington.   (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


(NEWSER) – If it emerges that President Trump knew about Donald Trump Jr.’s much discussed meeting with Russians, you won’t be able to knock Rep. Darrell Issa over with a feather. In an interview with Fox News, via the Hill, Issa says that if the president is “proven to have not told the whole truth about the fact that campaigns look for dirt, and if someone offers it, you listen to them, nobody’s going to be surprised. There are some things in politics that you just take for granted.” When asked whether such a finding would have any impact, Issa was dismissive, saying, “businessmen listen to almost everyone who might be helpful, and … they make pragmatic decisions about how to make bad stories go away.” Per Mediaite, Issa put the bullseye on Michael Cohen, calling him “a turncoat lawyer, a lawyer who deserves to be disbarred for a number of his actions including recording his client clandestinely.”


“if the president is proven to have not told the whole truth about the fact that campaigns look for dirt, and if someone offers it, you listen to them, nobody’s going to be surprised. There are some things in politics that you just take for granted.”

Hmmm, so conspiring with a hostile nation, Russia, to steal an election for PRESIDENT, with the promise to LIFT/END sanctions on Russia, AND to make a $500,000,000,000 oil deal with Putin and the RUSSIAN Oligarchs, all together AKA Treason, is just “business as usual” to a Sentor?!!





and, SOURCE 5 .


Image result for Timeline on The Trump-Russia Lies


Let’s look at how this played out.



Spring 2014: A Kremlin-linked company that engages in influence operations, known as the Internet Research Agency, devised a strategy to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Its goal was to spread distrust toward candidates and the American political system.

June 16, 2015: Donald Trump announces candidacy for president.

July 2015: Hackers supported by the Russian government penetrate the Democratic National Committee’s network, stealing large volumes of data and maintaining access for about a year.

Mid 2015: Thousands of Kremlin-backed social media accounts begin to spread propaganda and disinformation, establishing a clear preference for Trump.

January 2016: Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime lawyer, emails Russian President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

March 19, 2016: The chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, John Podesta, falls victim to an email phishing scam. It is believed this is how a group of Russian hackers gained access to his email account.

Early March 2016: George Papadopoulos joins the Trump campaign as an adviser. While traveling in Italy in mid March, Papadopoulos meets a London-based professor whom Papadopoulos understood to have “substantial connections to Russian government officials.”

March 21, 2016: Trump identifies Papadopoulos and Carter Page as members of his foreign policy team, in an interview with the Washington Post.

March 24, 2016: Papadopoulos meets in London with the professor who introduces him to a female Russian national who Papadopoulos believes to be a relative of Putin with links to other senior Russian officials.

March 29, 2016: Trump taps Paul Manafort to manage the Republican National Convention.

March 31, 2016: Papadopoulos tells Trump, Jeff Sessions and other campaign members that he can use his Russian connections to arrange a meeting between Trump and Putin.

April 2016: Papadopoulos’ professor source tells the Trump adviser about a meeting with high-ranking Russian government officials in Moscow who have “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails.”

April 2016: Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak attends Trump’s foreign policy speech in Washington, where he meets Trump’s son-in-law and campaign adviser Jared Kushner.

May 2016: Donald Trump, Jr. meets with Alexander Torshin at National Rifle Association convention in Louisville. Torshin is a former senator and deputy head of Russia’s central bank.

Mid 2016: The Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency established a strategy of supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy and disparaging Hillary Clinton.

June 3, 2016: Trump, Jr. receives an email from Rob Goldstone, a business associate. Goldstone tells the younger Trump that Moscow supports his father’s candidacy, and says he has a connection to a Russian government official with incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton.

Goldstone tells Trump Jr.: “This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

The younger Trump replied that same day: “If it’s what you say I love it.”

June 7, 2016: Trump announced he would soon make a “major speech” on Clinton.

June 8, 2016: Russian intelligence officers launch DC Leaks, a website used to release stolen emails.

June 9, 2016: Trump, Jr., Manafort and Kushner meet with a Russian national and several others at Trump Tower, based on Goldstone’s promise to Trump Jr. that a “Russian government attorney” would deliver damaging information about Clinton. Several shifting accounts of the meeting were later offered…



Related image



Below is a timeline of the shifting responses that the president’s lawyers and press secretary gave when describing the president’s role in drafting Donald Trump Jr.’s statement to the New York Times:

July 8, 2017 — The New York Times reports on the Trump campaign meeting with Veselnitskaya, who was described by the paper as “a Russian lawyer who has connections to the Kremlin.” Donald Trump Jr., in a statement to the Times, downplays the meeting, saying that the participants “primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children.” The statement makes no mention that he was promised damaging information about Clinton.

July 9, 2017 — In a second story, the Times reports that Donald Trump Jr. was “promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton before agreeing to meet with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign.” The president’s son issued a second statement that, in part, read: “[T]he woman stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Mrs. Clinton,” Trump Jr.’s statement read. “Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. No details or supporting information was provided or even offered.”

July 11, 2017 – The New York Times reports that “the president signed off” on Donald Trump Jr.’s initial statement to the Times “that was so incomplete that it required day after day of follow-up statements.” The president’s son on the same day tweets images of the email chain about that June 9, 2016, meeting, disclosing his interest in obtaining incriminating information on Clinton from the “Russian government lawyer.” (See our story, “Donald Trump Jr.’s Evolving Statements.”)

July 12, 2017 – On CNN’s “New Day,” Sekulow denies that the president had any involvement in drafting Donald Trump Jr.’s incomplete and misleading first statement to the New York Times. “I wasn’t involved in the statement drafting at all, nor was the president,” Sekulow says.

Sekulow says something similar on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “The president didn’t sign off on anything,” he says. “He was coming back from the G-20. The statement that was released on Saturday was released by Donald Trump Jr., I’m sure in consultation with his lawyers. The president wasn’t involved in that.”

July 16, 2017 – On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sekulow repeats that the president was not involved in drafting Donald Trump Jr.’s initial response to the Times. “I do want to be clear that the president was not involved in the drafting of the statement and did not issue the statement,” Sekulow says. “It came from Donald Trump Jr. So that’s what I can tell you because that’s what we know.”

July 31, 2017 – The Washington Post reports that the president “personally dictated a statement in which Trump Jr. said that he and the Russian lawyer had ‘primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children’ when they met in June 2016, according to multiple people with knowledge of the deliberations.”

Aug. 1, 2017 – White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders denies that the president “personally dictated” the statement to the Times, but confirms for the first time that the president was involved in drafting the statement. “The president weighed in, as any father would, based on the limited information that he had,” she says. “He certainly didn’t dictate, but like I said, he weighed in, offered suggestions like any father would do.”

Jan. 29, 2018 – In a letter to special counsel Mueller, Dowd and Sekulow write that the president did dictate the letter to the New York Times – contradicting the White House press secretary. They write, “You have received all of the notes, communications and testimony indicating that the President dictated a short but accurate response to the New York Timesarticle on behalf of his son, Donald Trump, Jr.”

June 2, 2018 — The New York Times publishes a copy of the letter from Trump’s attorneys to Mueller. Dowd is no longer working as one of Trump’s attorneys; Sekulow remains on Trump’s legal team.

June 3, 2018 — Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has joined the Trump legal team, says that Sekulow was “uninformed” when he said that the president wasn’t involved in drafting his son’s initial statement to the Times. “I think he was uninformed at the time just like I was when I came into the case,” Giuliani said.

June 4, 2018 — Sanders, the president’s press secretary, declines to answer questions about the contradiction between the January letter and her statement in August that the president “certainly didn’t dictate” his son’s letter. “I’m not going to respond to a letter from the president’s outside counsel,” Sanders says. “We’ve purposely walled off, and I would refer you to them for comment.”



Sooooo, we can suspend reality, evidence, witnesses, and confessions of guilt and believe Trump & Co. , OR believe reality, evidence, witnesses, and the confessions of guilt.



Image result for Timeline on The Trump-Russia Lies



 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer.